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  1. I think it does too, which would explain why the wiki had it listed as Western, but we received a strong request to change this by the spriter themselves. It's not unheard of that the site has small errors of this kind that spriters correct using the wiki though in my experience these have been credit errors that was then later fixed. Either way, seeing as Odeen was the one that made them and she says they're Easterns, I take it that TJ just hasn't gotten around to updating the encyclopedia, but you're welcome to continue the discussion with her.
  2. The Gilded Bloodscale is definitely an Eastern, this was confirmed by Odeen herself which is why the listing was changed on the wiki.
  3. Just to clarify because it isn't specified on the post or the fine print, and I know you've mentioned before that the rules for Dragon sprites don't apply to event sprites; can users still submit traced work for this event? I'm asking this as a genuine question at this point, as it would open up the submissions very wide to all kinds of wonderful artwork, albeit technically unoriginal (I'm seeing players commenting that they have ideas but lack spriting experience to make it a reality).
  4. HAVE: 3G Winter Magi, egg code "Jzprk" (Jurassic Park) Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/f5873ef021a039864e5beb0cd752e18b HAVE: 2G Aegis, egg code "PaNaN" Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/d9efb9fb57ffe3e3a35debaf0ba63f15 WANT: Offers (2G Thuweds or SA are auto)
  5. Does anyone know what makes your scroll trophy/badge change colour? I started with a blue and now it's changed to purple.
  6. HAVE: 2G Garland x Silver Shimmerscale WANT: 2G Thuwed, 2G SA or Neglected Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  7. Just like Elemental Affinities, you need to actually check the dragon's article in order to see the full picture/scope of information. The Bluna article is very clear to list Amphiptere as the primary morphology. The parent category to morphologies now contains the same warning as affinities. From what I can read though, this is only half the problem of what this thread is attempting to address seeing as many are finding Encyclopedia-classified sea serpents not counting, and TJ himself stating earlier that he did indeed find an error.
  8. Hi all! In preparations for the festive event/release to come, I thought I would share some common tips and messages in hopes that will help or inspire the community to coming forward with whatever information they have to contribute. You don't need to be an admin to edit- anyone can do it! Most pages are even available to edit by those who don't have Wikia accounts. "Admins" on wikis are just experienced editors with access to maintenance related tasks. Have some new event or dragon info to add but unsure where? Consider this page to be your dumping grounds. Add it in anywhere w
  9. Thanks for advising, will be contacting the artists now to get these added
  10. At this stage it's just myself as others have fallen inactive. Was there a particular SA that's public and not yet on the wiki?
  11. Brilliant, and well done on the successful turn Will update the wiki as soon as I can with these.
  12. Looking like a lot of fun! Can't wait for the new dragon release now
  13. Didn't realise it got released, thanks for letting us know! I'll flick a message now to JOTB- checking in with the spriter is also helpful if they have other alt sprites of this dragon that they'd like to have shown (for example the Grave Dragon). Edit: Response received and sprite added- thanks everyone!
  14. Yeah I think I jumped on the boat too quick because I was a day late and freaking out that no one had updated the wiki, and I could see all the posts about it and images in people's signatures so I scrambled to get everything on the page then went to sleep
  15. You're right Fuzz in that it doesn't have to abide, and that it would most definitely be a shame- that's why we're happy to comply with requests. But demands are different to requests, and I just wanted to make that distinction clear because of the nature between the two sites, I want to make sure respect remains both ways so we can avoid the battles the wiki had in the past. But you're right in that purpledragonclaw is happy to keep this in mind moving forward, the breed's info is all off the wiki (the image was deleted with a message left behind so others don't re-upload either by mistake) s
  16. The message was not to "poop" on you and I apologise that you interpreted it that way. It's difficult because wikis being collaborative projects means it works very different to how things would on this forum. For example, a wiki admin is not "in charge"- they are just a user trusted with additional tools to protect and guide the wiki as well as mentor others. The message was more for the forum moderator who may not be aware that the DC Wiki does not have to abide by DC's rules, so we as editors appreciate a respectful request to remove something and we likewise reciprocate the res
  17. Ah, I was not aware that the image had been banned from the forums (I'm in Australia time), as far as I had seen it was being posted everywhere and in people's signatures so figured it should be up on CBR so people knew what others were posting around. No one can delete page history, but I can delete the sprite itself from the wiki's image database. Apologies for my confusion! Edit: For the person who did edit it, please remember that mods here do not have "modly authority" on the wiki- the wiki is just a collaborative project by fans and doesn't have to abide by DC Forum rules (th
  18. I know someone already replied to this, but the page has been updated (Edit: for any reading, please don't forget anyone can edit the wiki, it's a collaborative project!)
  19. The wiki will soon be hosting all the event images on the Currently Being Released page, so people can see what they looked like in their green versions and now their true colours! For event spriters who want to explain their eggs but don't see their info added to the wiki, please PM me and I can add this in for you! Thanks again all for your patience, and special thanks to those who have been helping the wiki during this busy period.
  20. Has it been confirmed (until now at least) that it's 54 in total?
  21. While the conversation has been moved to PMs, I would like to make a formal note for everyone moving forward: any and all wiki categories are not active listings of anything. Please treat the wiki like a library, with categories being a collection of books on a particular subject to make browsing for information easier. The personnel categories in particular were never made to represent an active listing of members on the forum, nor will they be treated as so in the future either as no category on the wiki is treated in this way. If you are browsing a category and are confused by an article or
  22. Everything updated up to this post- thank you to all who are still participating and joining, your lineages are looking so beautiful. When I started this project, I never would have imagined some of the ideas I've seen members come up with; you guys are so creative, it's inspiring! ** Quick post/update/announcement for everyone ** Apologies for the lack of presence as well as management of the lineage, but real life obligations have caught up with me. I've left a note on the OP as well, but I will be back and active in April this year. Until then members are more than w
  23. I feel like this situation is similar to the "wiki admin" titleship confusion that happened some time ago- on forums and websites, admins are "in charge", but on wikis they are simply trusted experienced editors who help guide others and foster community. That's how wiki, and Wikia's, principles work, and similarly categories work for a specific purpose on wikis and if people misunderstand that, it's not something we can just change because it's structural to all wikis. Categories are like subject sections in a library; they help group similar articles together so those interested
  24. Please see the discussion on the talk page for why it wasn't moved and why it will eventually be moved. Please keep in mind that the wiki's categories should not be used to track active personnel; this is what the forum is for. Wiki categories are umbrella terms that encompass general subjects, and are used for filing purposes, not educational ones. The articles themselves are educational, and you can find on Sock's page that they are no longer an active moderator.
  25. Very well said, not much else I can add to it really as it echoes my sentiments to the dot. I don't like commenting on situations like these, but to see one side be able to get both while another can only have one is unfair; either both sides get both, or both stick with one.