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    Wish List:

    CB only:
    New releases.

    Breeding projects:
    * male tsunami x female blusang checkers
    * male terrae x female black checkers
    * tsunami x holiday checkers

    Tsunami pairings I need:
    x Holly
    x Alt Sweetling
    x 2017 Valentine x2

    Holidays needed:
    *2nd gen Holly x Tsunami
    *2nd gen Witchlights x 4 (Oct 2017)
    *2nd gen Snow Dragon x Tsunami x 2 (Dec 2017)
    *2nd gen Snow Dragon x 8-10 (2-3 to freeze)
    *2nd gen 2017 Valentines x Tsunami (Feb 2018)
    *2nd gen 2017 Valentines x 12 (2 to freeze)

    3rd gen checkers from:
    *Caligene (holiday only - October 2017)
    *Aegis (holiday only - December 2017)
    *Mutamore (both - February 2018)
    *Witchlight (both - October 2018)
    *Snow Dragon (both - December 2018)
    *2017 Valentine (both - February 2019)

    ***I SUPPORT IOU'S***

    Big thank you for all who have contributed to my signature!

    Chickens in my sig done by:
    *Silvers by Sandface
    *Elemental by Fiona
    *Rainbow by TJ09
    *GON/Ice by Seiti
    *Thunder/Magma by Valkiepoo
    *Ninja/ND by me
    *Holly by FriendsOnly
    *Christmas/Space/Easter by Thuban
    *White by xxBurningxx
    *Rooster by Mysfytt
    *Trophy by Wookie
    *LBD and Prize chickens by Shajana
    *Black/Shimmers by Blackbolt101
    *Crowned by Ruby Eyes
    *Classy by Xythus
    *Orange by MessengerDragon
    *Snowangels, Seasonals, Sunsong, Avatars, Nebs and Dinos by olympe
    *Zombie chicken by cajunsun
    *Ayam Cemani's by Seiti
    *Easter Basket chicken and chicks by cajunsun
    **Extra thanks to Seiti <3