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    A friend recently gifted it to me and it so much fun. I have problems with getting lost badly. I built a large tower so that I can find where my home base is now.
  2. EEE I've already got mine! Thanks for the release and have a great V-day.
  3. Forum Name:Kerla Scroll Name:Kerla # of pairs: 2 CB pairs 1st:Split Rose (Female) Twin Rose (Male) 2nd:Double Trouble Rose (Female) Double Rose (Male) Are you willing to be contacted by PM for breeding requests: Yes always up for PMs
  4. This is unbelievable when my internet decides to work its fast, really fast, I can't get a single thing and I'm lucky if it loads. This is insane.
  5. God damn it I have a problem with my internet crashing every couple of minutes plus this lag its killing me I'll be lucky to get one today much less 3.
  6. I'm glad I got all of the eggs.
  7. 20/38 only 18 more to go
  8. Darn I only have 8/30 I love the eggs though
  9. Yes you can look at anyone's basket if you look at a scroll it will be up top
  10. Happy Easter everyone and this is a wonderful event I hope we get to keep the eggs once the event is done. I only have 2 so far