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    Ever since I started playing in January 2009, Silvers have been my favorite dragons. My very first Silver, Argent Heartbender, was a gift from a generous player. Argent's lineage was messy, but I didn't care. DC didn't have a lineage viewer back then, and the only way to see your dragon's lineage was to laboriously chart it out by hand, clicking each ancestor's parents until you followed them out to the end. Most of us didn't care! It was the dragons we loved, not their ancestry.

    The first dragon I ever bred was the offspring of Argent Heartbender and my first ever dragon, a female Black named Black Moon Flyer. She was inbred, but again, I didn't know or care. She was my first dragon, and precious to me. I still have all three dragons: Argent Heartbender, Black Moon Flyer, and their offspring, a Black dragon named Sable Heartbender.

    For the first three years that I played, my internet was by satellite, which had a ping of 1500 ms or more and was very laggy, making it impossible to catch rares. By the time I would even see a rare egg, if I did manage to see it, it would already be gone. I did accumulate a few more Silvers as gifts or through breeding, but it wasn't until November 2011 that I acquired my first nicely lineaged 2nd gen Silver through trading.

    I'd managed to catch a 2nd gen Marrow x Silver that Halloween, but despaired of finding a mate for it, until I saw a trade listed for a 2G Silver from Marrow, and all the trader wanted were some CB Reds and Nebulas! I just happened to be collecting CB Reds at the time, and Nebulas weren't too hard to catch, so I instantly offered 4 CB Reds with the promise of several Nebulas and another Red to come, and the trader accepted my offer!

    With the ability to breed 3EG Marrow x Silver checkers, I was able to do lineage swaps and thus my first Silver breeding project was born. Eventually, I managed to breed a 6EG Marrow x Silver checker.

    Meanwhile, in 2012, I was finally able to get a 3G wireless internet connection at home, and with a decent connection, picked up a few nicely lineaged Silvers in the AP. But I didn't get my first CB Silver until January 2013, a full four years after I started playing. I was very fortunate to win an Honorable Mention in that year's Holiday Raffle, and chose a CB Holly as my prize. Even before my Holly had grown up, I received an offer of a CB Silver for that year's 2G Holly offspring. I gladly accepted!

    That February and March, there was a metal flood in the Cave. I caught four more CB Silvers in two weeks! After that, the flood dried up and metals went back to being their usual super rare selves. I eventually traded for two more CB Silvers, using offspring of my CB Holly as trade fodder.

    I also caught a few more pretty Silvers in the AP, and used my CBs to breed mates for Event dragons and Prizes I'd acquired. When my Marrow x Silver lines reached their conclusion, I started breeding a Silver x Green Copper checker, which made it out to 4th gen.

    I always loved the Silvers best, and worked hard for years to catch, trade, and breed the ones I've got. I have other lineages that I've worked on and loved, but nothing has ever made me as happy as my beautiful Silvers.

    Now my precious Silvers are gone, all those years of work and care lost. Much of the joy I've had in the years I've been playing Dragon Cave has been lost.

    I miss my Silver dragons.