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Working on getting my third CB or 2G pair of everything. Wish me luck!

Wish list: Bronze Shimmer-scale from Pinoy. My full list is in my profile.
IOUs owed to me: darkangelfallen-3rd gen silver; Gloomy-5th gen bronze shimmer.

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    Local time = Cave Time
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    My scroll goal is to have 3 M/F adult pairs and 1 set of 3 frozen hatchlings (M/F/S1) for each dragon - CB or 2G as appropriate. :)

    ~Cantormaris-Itus (M/M/M/F/F/F)
    ~Cantormaris-Motus (M/M/F/F)
    ~Cantormaris-Tutela (M/M/M/F/F/F)
    ~Gemshard-Amethyst (M/M/M/F/F/F)
    ~Gemshard-Aqua (M/M/M/F/F/F)
    ~Gemshard-Citrine (M/M/M/F/F/F)
    ~Sapphire-pink (M/M/M/F/F/F)
    ~Sapphire-yellow (M/F/F)
    ~Neglected (M)
    ~Zombie fodder for every type except Western
    ~Pitfire (M/M/M/F/F/F) to exalt/reborn

    2nd gen (does not have to be PB):
    ~Copper-Pennybright (M/F/F)
    ~Floret-Alstro-gold (M/F/F)
    ~Floret-Iris-red/magenta (M/M/F/F)
    ~Amarignis (F)
    ~Glystere Wyrm (M) (x3? - one for each color lights)

    Clean, lower gen preferred:
    ~Shimmer-scale-bronze from Pinoy

    Frozen Hatchlings:
    ~Cantormaris-Iratus (M/F/S1)
    ~Cantormaris-Motus (M/F/S1)
    ~Cantormaris-Mundus (F)
    ~Cantormaris-Sophos (M/F/S1)
    ~Copper-Pennybright (F/S1)
    ~Floret-Alstro-gold (M/F/S1)
    ~Floret-Iris-red/magenta (M/F/S1)
    ~Gemshard-Citrine (M/F/S1)
    ~Gemshard-Amethyst (M/F/S1)
    ~Gemshard-Aqua (F/S1)
    ~Nobleshield (S1)
    ~Sapphire-pink (M/F)
    ~Amarignis (F/S1)
    ~Glystere Wyrm (M/S1)
    ~Neglected (M/F/S1)
    ~Zombie fodder for everything except Western

    I no longer accept IOU requests!
    Two people blew it for everybody. You know who you are.
    Thanks to MaximumOccupancy for my first neglected! ::huggles draggie::
    I will breed for the right offer. Just ask! Don't forget to tell me what you'd like for me to try to breed and what you're offering for it. If it's a common, I might just give it to you for free. :)