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  1. That for 5 minutes, only eggs I want appear in the habitats page. And that no one else can click them. Like if DC could somehow get a brain chip that reads what I really want that would be great. I spend too long on the AP just being indecisive and clicking on shiny things because they're shiny.
  2. Found a Sapo that my CB Silver finally likes and... oh. I’m not sure I like that code. I don’t think I’ve been so tempted to yeet an egg off a cliff to kill it.
  3. Wasn’t TJ cooking something up about viewbombing like 2 years ago? I’ve seen a some threads referencing something TJ said about it being very easy to detect but... it's just disheartening nothing was done about it. I've never been viewbombed except when I asked someone to help me with a ND experiment. The problem that people can just show up and viewbomb your scroll out of nowhere is sad.
  4. Unfortunately this isn't a new thing for DC. The nastiness and people calling sprites gross is what led to Frilled Dragons being removed once upon a time. ... people haven't learned from that incident, clearly. I haven't seen walls in the past day, but yesterday I did see a 2 breed wall. Which was kinda interesting to see. Ideally, we would see a varied AP all the time, but it's not possible all the time. I do agree that the mass breed wall you see should be limited. I'm worried about the AP times as well. If this is a side effect of the change, I would rather have the
  5. Just to confirm, the LAST BSA affects the Cantor color, correct? So if you incubate a Cantor, then influence it, in theory it should be pink, right?
  6. Very informative for the hard numbers. Let’s see what happens
  7. Raphy --> Charu: Neglected ACCEPTED! Thank you very much! The lineage was really cool, too!
  8. Seconded. It would be interesting to see how the changes hold up against a wall similar to the blacktip scale. The blacktip wall would sometimes happen for 2 days, yes?
  9. What the even. REPORTING the issue is not “cherry picking” screenshots what the even absolute. People were excited for this change because the AP would have the likelihood of not just being one breed for hours on end. I think the idea the player base has been asking for since I left literal years ago is a good balance between letting people manipulate the ratios or show their love for their army. I came back to collect dragons because I love dragons. The Frilled Dragons returning was a big reason to make me come back after I just randomly checked up on DC. I was upset enough about th
  10. Gargoyle (I think) wall at 7:44 PM CT. I also second on the picking up an occasional egg out of the pile. Some of the mass breeds do wind up being interesting. In this case, if it is for abandoner, then nothing changes except around holidays, where it will not be possible to AP ND. also Re: Sapphire wall I posted about earlier. I posted the screenshot to the screenshots thread and the breeder actually replied and said they breeded I think 350 dragons or something along that walnut. So it was one person.
  11. Reminder that AP NDs died for this update.
  12. 7:55 AM cave time, the AP is completely walled off by a single breed. Most likely by the same breeder, though their scroll name doesn’t display on their dragons. This seems to have been a perfectly balanced update. Also helping eggs that would have died in the AP from the holiday wall turn into NDs or hatch normally is NOT an exploit. How is giving people the opportunity to collect an absurdly rare dragon on a pixel collecting site even remotely game ruining for everyone else? Those eggs would have died. You guys realize that, right? It’s so accusatory to call it “exploi
  13. What would have been more reasonable? A )“Hey guys. I’m gonna change the AP in like a week so maybe if you plan on using the Holiday priority to your advantage maybe don’t.” B )An change that had not been hinted at, just made at the proper time to chin-kick something a size able group of people had planned for and cooperated to make happen. Expecting communication or a warning for something that changes the rules doesn’t mean I should “chill.” I was looking forward to the AP chaos and I missed on the Christmas NDs. I was hoping to maybe, stars aligning, get one.
  14. There were people organizing to allow NDs in the AP but it could only happen around holiday events because holiday dragons would always take priority on the AP over regular offerings. It wasn’t a lie. It happened last Christmas.
  15. It is disheartening that an unannounced drastic change to the website has essentially wasted weeks of planning for people who were able to participate.
  16. I think this is a good change, but this should have been announced or communicated before coming into effect. There are people who planned for weeks around being able to AP Neglect for Valentines. I wasn't able to participate, but it had some pretty extensive planning put behind it. People were being assigned times to breed for this Valentine's Day AP Neglect. The timing on this is just enough to kill the planning those people did for the Valentine's Day AP Neglect. The timing of this and how openly hostile TJ was about even talking about Neglected Dragons for years se
  17. I thought black Sweetlings were a gift for the error in 2010 where a bunch of Sweetlings that were picked up suddenly disappeared. How come there are now black Sweetling hatchlings that have been born in 2021? Do they hatch like that now if they have a black Sweetling parent? Does it change if it's traded to someone else who was not affected by the bug? What happens if you breed it and you were not affected by the bug?
  18. 100% full support. Even if it involved something lore friendly like collecting egg shells and using a magic spell to restore an egg...
  19. I’m digging the dark purple. But they seem a bit... Halloweenish? Maybe my opinion will change when I see the adults.
  20. Are 2020 Valentines from the cave *that* rare or am I going crazy? It seems like I’ve never seen a single one but I’ve seen every other year dozens of times over.
  21. I bought Fallout 76 because it was on sale in the Steam store. Created my character, interacted with an object still in the tutorial. Crash. My character wasn’t saved. Wait a little bit. Recreate it, but it’s not quite the same. Decide I’ll just go straight through the tutorial because I want to see what this game is about. Interact with the object to forward the tutorial quest. Crash. Restart the game. My appearance hasn’t saved again. *sigh* Write a negative review. Request a refund. 2 hours of my time wasted in an elaborate character creator that has 16x the detail of Fallout 4. W
  22. I personally never understood the point of the Drake breeding group. I also think I'm going crazy, but I think I remember at least Ocredrakes having the same egg sprite size as typical Dragons? I feel as if the Drake breeding group was abolished, we would need to double-look the Two-headed breeding group then. And what about Pygmies? I've always wondered about them as well... why are Mints part of the Dragon breeding group, but they are clearly Pygmy sized? The breeding groups are very illogical to me. While I'd be personally in favor of a full revamp of breeding groups from the ground up beca