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  1. When i posted about what happened, I wasn't expecting anything to come of it, but I wound up with a few people PM'ing me with Halloween eggs. I was very surprised by that, and I'm so glad I was able to replace the ones I lost. i'm going to be a LOT more careful with these! No more click sites for holiday eggs. Not right away, anyway.
  2. I got my eggs yesterday afternoon, put them in click sites, and went to work. I logged on early this morning to check on them, and all four were dead from sickness. I am extremely unhappy. I've never had eggs die that fast from being sick.
  3. I caught this one off of the AP: Link You guys have me hunting the AP now for great lineages.
  4. I was only able to obtain 1 Gold Wyvern, and I traded for it. I've been camping the cave at each hour to try and get another one so I have a breeding pair, but no luck so far. There are faster clickers out there. I may end up having to trade a Sweetling or one of the original Valentine Dragons for another Gold Wyvern.
  5. Thank you very much for the information! I'll be sure to check back then for some eggs.
  6. How are we supposed to catch them when the abandoned page always has so many dragons that the cave doesn't show any new eggs?
  7. Congratulations to all of the winners!
  8. I think being limited to two for holiday dragons is a great idea. People are actually able to obtain them, even with slow connections. I think it should be done this way for every holiday!
  9. I think by this time, everyone who has a Holly has already bred it. I'm not seeing any in the AP at all. I see the other three a bit, but not Hollies. After two years, I'm beginning to lose hope I'll ever get one.
  10. I really like these new dragons! I know some people don't, and that's okay. There are some sprites I dislike that others think are great. It's all just personal opinion. I think this Halloween dragon is my favorite of the three.
  11. Grow up already! I want to see the adult sprites!
  12. 5 disintegrated, 1 revived successfully without turning into a zombie.
  13. I can't get into the Hidden Room. Where do I find the item to open it?
  14. I spoke to Ladiefare and she was kind enough to gift me a 4th gen Dorkface egg. I was very thankful to her for it and was amazed she gave me such a nice gift when she didn't know me. http://dragcave.net/lineage/ASLL I also have a Dorkface Water horse to trade if anyone is interested. The lineage is long, but it's clean. I would like another Dorkface egg to diversify my lines a bit. The lineage length does not matter as long as it isn't inbred. (URL removed.) You can make a trade using the link below if you are interested. I don't care what kind of egg/hatchling you are offering as long as it's from Dorkface. (URL removed.) A trade has been made.
  15. I'm disappointed I forgot all about this and glad my tree looks the way it did the last time I worked on it. I wasn't around to submit my tree. Did it get included anyway?
  16. I like the appearance of this year's Halloween dragons! Mine have recently hatched, so it will likely be another 2 days before they're adults. I hope I get two of each gender so I can freeze two hatchlings.
  17. I just had 5 unsuccessful attempts, but my son had a success with a white dragon.
  18. Now if only the cave would run smoothly and stop crashing.