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  1. Was anyone able to successfully make zombies today?  I went 0-11 today.  :(  Has anyone been having better luck than me?  Is it a glitch?  I've been here for every Halloween event in DC and I don't recall the success rates being that horrible on Halloween before.

  2. Didn't bother checking the names of the dragons and immediately went cave diving. To my surprise it was actually a hybrid release xd.png Now I'm egg locked and refuse to abandon eggs anyways, so looks like I'm gonna have to wait 4 days till I can have an attempt at getting the eggs.



    When I saw there was a new release, instead of reading the thread Sunday morning to see what it was about, I immediately ran to my scroll first and abandoned all my eggs. I then sat in the main cave, clicking through each biome like a dope, hoping to spot the new eggs.


    I then went back to the release thread and saw it was a hybrid release durrrrrrr.

  3. Bred at least 2 of each. Glad this release is a breeding one. I don't have the time or desire to sit in front of the cave hunting all day. Its beautiful and sunny outside, and its a Sunday! Spending the day outside gardening!