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  1. Gaaaaa all 4 of my new 2017 halloween hatchies will be gendering male. Anyone willing to trade me a female for one of my males? https://dragcave.net/teleport/2de457d42bfc705fc9e0cf4174bcaf81 EDIT: done!
  2. This was my final dragon: And of the ones that I exchanged candy with, these were my favs:
  3. Congrats! That's an awesome sprite.
  4. Was anyone able to successfully make zombies today? I went 0-11 today. Has anyone been having better luck than me? Is it a glitch? I've been here for every Halloween event in DC and I don't recall the success rates being that horrible on Halloween before.
  5. Holy cow. Did TJ forget to turn on the zombify feature?? I got 6 avoids, 5 dead, and NO ZOMBIES.
  6. I picked Grave. I sort of just clicked on it randomly.
  7. Is that one treat a cricket getting bombed?? Lol
  8. Thanks everyone! Happy Halloween!
  9. I've completely missed this release as I'm presently in the middle of a European vacation that I treated my mom to. Hopefully when I get back to the US and regular internet access I can trade from some 2nd gen bred ones.
  10. Congrats to everyone nominated! Keep up the great and selfless work!
  11. Are those adults supposed to be blurry? Is it just my monitor? Maybe I'm getting a migraine? For me, they're hard to look at.
  12. Wooooo new release! Thanks TJ and the artists!
  13. ^^ Lots of great names, but for whatever reason "Lol Hi" had me cracking up. So simple and yet so perfect.
  14. Wooo that's awesome! I named mine Leetle Sprout.
  15. The adults are great! Well done!
  16. The hatchies are adorable! Looking forward to seeing the adults!
  17. LOL I stopped by the Coast section of the main cave to stock up on more Waters and noticed there were 52 other people in the Coast with me.... Usually there's 4-5 haha. NEW RELEASE!!
  18. ^^Lol When I saw there was a new release, instead of reading the thread Sunday morning to see what it was about, I immediately ran to my scroll first and abandoned all my eggs. I then sat in the main cave, clicking through each biome like a dope, hoping to spot the new eggs. I then went back to the release thread and saw it was a hybrid release durrrrrrr.
  19. All 3 new breeds are very nice looking. Congrats artists!
  20. For me, male and female of each breed. In the downtime between releases I expand my Water Army.
  21. Bred at least 2 of each. Glad this release is a breeding one. I don't have the time or desire to sit in front of the cave hunting all day. Its beautiful and sunny outside, and its a Sunday! Spending the day outside gardening!
  22. I think I like the white/gray adult the best, although the crocodile hatchie was my favorite of all from this release.