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  1. Sending to above and below! Could someone send me the smol snek?
  2. Lol at the Blusang and his derpy mugshot!
  3. Woooooo!! Happy catching, everyone!
  4. The adults are very lovely - serene and not in-your-face XMAS. Very nicely done.
  5. Leidarendi

    Star Wars

    Saw The Last Jedi on Christmas Day - it was awesome!
  6. Merry Christmas everyone! In the tetris game, its very cumbersome to rotate the game pieces, and I'm using my laptop instead of my phone. When I right click, I get the traditional right click mouse option window over the game (save as, print, inspect, etc).
  7. I loved the events where we could send things to other members (flowers, valentine cards, etc). I'm hoping this event will be similar - gifting Christmas cards, snowflakes, presents, etc. I'm not a fan of those little people games in the snow village.
  8. I'm going to wait to breed my hollies etc until the last day possible in order to spread the wealth.
  9. I don't follow anyone on YouTube, but lately I've been enjoying the food and travel adventures of The Food Ranger.
  10. Any of these ideas would be great!
  11. Thanks everyone for your input! Time flies - it's amazing we have 200+ breeds now!
  12. As the number of different dragon breeds grows, I'm finding it more difficult to remember which is which. For example, If someone PMs me to breed one of my dragons with a "Khusa" mate, my first thought is, "What the heck is a Khusa?" So then I have to go over to Dragon Cave Wiki to look up what a Khusa looks like, and then I go back to my scroll and wade through 12 pages of dragons trying to spot them. Would it be possible to code into the top of our scrolls some sort of search feature so that if we type in "Khusa" or "Mutamore" or whatever, it will jump us straight to that particular dragon? It was easy back when dragons were "gray", "black", "green", etc, but many of these new dragon breed names have no particular visual tie to the sprite, and so it is getting more difficult to keep them straight. All ideas and input are welcome! -Lei
  13. Congrats to my Water Army for exceeding 4000 members! 4030 as of today! I need to update my signature....
  14. All 4 of my 2017 Halloween hatchies gendered male lol. Fortunately I was able to trade one for a female.