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  1. Congrats to whoever catches the 3rd and 4th gen tinsel and shimmerscale eggs that I sent to the AP yesterday!!! I was hoping to send a 2nd gen tinsel but I bred a common instead. Next week. *Please do not message me for prize eggs. My lists are all closed.*
  2. ~Oct 13, 2008 or so is when I caught my first egg and have played ever since. The original vampire release drama, the delay of the first seasonals release, the snow angel drama, the original Lagmonster, trying to arrange trades in the pre-gifting era, etc. Good times!
  3. Bumping this thread. I can't find the copper dragons on my scroll to save the life of me lol. It would be great if there was a search feature at the top of our scroll so that I could just type "copper" and it would jump me straight to them.
  4. Astrapi, yellow, rainbow
  5. I have 4252 waters in my Water Army.
  6. Whew - had 1 spot free after this morning's egg drop so was able to grab one of these new Gusty eggs just now.
  7. There's a 3rd new egg suddenly dropping? Gaaaaa.
  8. Wooooo new eggs! Thanks TJ and the artists!
  9. Same for me - 10 years this October!
  10. Wow! These adult sprites are all fantastic! Special cheers to my friend, Shajana - wooooo!!! Congrats! Your dragon is awesome!
  11. I don't know anything about Harry Potter, Power Rangers, pokemon, or any other of those references.... Now, do some dragons inspired by MASH, Three's Company, The Jetsons, Hong Kong Phooey, Jabberjaw, or The Jeffersons and I'm all over it lol.
  12. I have all the dragons and don't spend too much time with lineages, and so in between new releases just keep building my Water Army.
  13. I was actually thinking of getting into beginning beekeeping and would love to have a small hive! Bees are so beautiful and so important.
  14. I love to garden. Last weekend I planted napa cabbage, different bell peppers, different tomatoes, 2 types of basils, catnip, catgrass, mint, parsley, eggplant, broccoli, lime, and lettuce. I also planted a bunch of flowers. This coming weekend I'll finish my flowers (million bells, calibrachoa, petunias, and sunpatiens, mostly), potato vines, and plant some daylilies. My garden is in the ground, in pots, in hanging baskets, and on railing planters.
  15. These hatchies are adorable!!
  16. Yep. I spazz-caught it by accident.
  17. Back in ~Oct 2008. They were a black, green, pink, and white dragon, I believe. Dragons were so simple back then!
  18. I love the eggs and banners this year! I think this year's favs for me are Corteo's red flower egg, Imbecamiel's flower egg, Kennon's pigeon egg, LadyLyzar's eggplant, and Shajana's gray and red egg.
  19. I love my green Water Army! They look positively festive! The Shadow Walkers are particularly lovely in the green mist as well. I wish they could stay that way! Wooo I got the upsidedown mint! Have fun everyone!
  20. The adults look great! Nice job, artists!
  21. Congrats to Patxaran for finally breeding a prize egg today. Patxaran hasn't produced a prize egg offspring since NOVEMBER 2016 - 16 months. I'm not amused.