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  1. Gaaaa how are you guys posting such nice images of your forts?
  2. Lol that's how mine is designed too. Gotta protect the tent! Jhaera - I love it!
  3. Agree with other posters that it is impossible to see your fort or find/collect the resources with all the little " damage bars" covering the entire image after an attack. I will have to repair everything in order to remove the damage bars to then see new resources and/or move items to find them.
  4. I think this game is what you make of it. There are plenty of people who don't participate in the forums and just happily go on collecting eggs and working on their scroll. There are others massively involved with trades, breeding, forums, gifting, etc and interacting with others. That's the beauty of Dragon Cave.
  5. In that online app game, Last Day on Earth: Survivor, they give an option where you can opt in / out of raiding others' bases (and thus have your own base raided). An option like that could have been useful in this game for people not interested in battle or having their creation destroyed.
  6. Do resources stop dropping after level 50? I haven't gotten any in a while. Tried refreshing, etc.
  7. ^^ Agreed. This would have been very helpful - it's very bizarre to have to move everything.
  8. This game's really wonky on my Android and so I'm trying it on my laptop. Nothing happens after the "Select a weapon to attack with" box.... how do I get a weapon? Is there somewhere I need to click to get to a weapons page??
  9. My water army is first, then my leetle tree divides them from the rest of my scroll. Everything on my scroll is grouped by breed.
  10. I influenced two of my Arcanas to make sure I had at least 1 female and 1 male. Thank goodness, because ALL THE REST of my Arcanas gendered male lol.
  11. Wow! These are outstanding! Well done!
  12. 1 zombie (eastern). Maxxed out my adult kills.
  13. Happy Halloween! Thanks TJ and the artists! Well, my zombie luck was unfortunate. 5 dead, at least 6 dodges, and 1 zombie (eastern).
  14. Thanks so much for giving us a week to collect all the cave treats rather than 3 days. This time of the year is so busy, it's difficult to spend that much time on the internet.
  15. i don't think I have any spriter's alts in my dragons.... my favorite though is Hershel. He's great. Infinis' mutamore and FionaBluefire's garland are pretty sweet, too.
  16. I really want to try for an undead Wyrm and undead Eastern this year - both of those adult sprites are amazing.
  17. Hahaha that release was soooo difficult and people were freaking out about the rumor that if you caught one of the new stone cold eggs it would result in the death of one of your existing dragons lol. I remember spazz-clicking and I caught one anyway, and then I kept an eye on my scroll like a hawk just in case.
  18. I throw a big costume party at work. It's a lot of fun - decorations, food, games, and spooky halloween music.
  19. Halloween is nearly upon us! What are your zombie plans for Halloween 2018? Will you be setting aside zombie fodder? If so, which dragons? Does anyone have all the zombie sprites on their scroll (at least adult)? For those interested, here are all the different sprites: http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Undead_Dragon
  20. Thanks TJ and the artists for the new release!
  21. The adults are both lovely. Congrats to all involved with this release!
  22. Thanks TJ and the artists for the new release!