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  1. I fortunately have all the eggs but I fully support this for those who have missed eggs or past years.
  2. Just got my last egg! Great job everyone - all the eggs are fantastic!
  3. I'm loving the fishbowl and drumstick eggs!
  4. Happy Easter everyone! Have fun egg hunting!
  5. I'm so sorry to hear this. My mom passed away a week ago to cancer. Hang in there and let's hope they can treat her quickly.
  6. A green, white, black, and pink back in October 2008.
  7. Gorgeous adults! Well done, artists!
  8. Woooo new eggs! Thanks TJ and the artists!
  9. OK, how does someone attached a file (egg PNG) to a PM? Seriously, walk me through it as if I'm 4 years old. The options are either URL or an "existing attachment" which seems to consist of stock DC imagery. There's no "drag files here to attach" or "choose files" option in the PM window.
  10. Gorgeous adults! Probably my favorite Valentine adult to date.
  11. No one I don't think. I'm not sure. I zoned out after the first few clumps of text and just spacebar'd my way through the rest (astronomy story).
  12. Strange event. I agree with others that the dialogue is tedious and I stopped reading within day 1 and just clicked through. The dialogue itself is also awkward - its sort of as if an alien species that has been observing earthlings attempted to write down how they think a human conversation would go. For me I definitely prefer events where we interact with and gift things to fellow forum members and DC players - flowers, V-day cards, etc. Those are a lot of fun.
  13. When I get to the "It's great" or "blech" choice for the meteorite cookies, whatever choice I pick automatically kicks me off the event and sends me to the Dragon Cave forums. I can't advance any further in this storyline. Could someone check on this?
  14. What on earth...??? I'm in the Astronomy club part of the event, and when I have to choose between "It's Great" and "Blech" for the meteorite cookies, when I choose "It's Great" the website sends me to these forums instead of continuing with the story. Same thing happens when I choose "Blech" - kicks me over here. I can't advance any further through this particular storyline.
  15. I just bred all my soulstones and sent the multi-egg clutches to the AP but it will be awhile until they show up on the abandoned page.
  16. I wish it were possible for the wildlife to be placed on things (ex. the path in particular). I'd love to have a small army of snowy owls walking along my path!
  17. This game is just so wonky on my android phone. If I move or buy an item, it won't let me "let go" of it onto the board, and so there's nothing I can do - the item just follows my finger/cursor around until I get annoyed and exit the game. Will have to wait until I'm at a computer again.
  18. When I look at the adults, at quick glance it looks like they're wearing a party hat with a blue tuft on the top. I had to blow the image up on my computer to see that its their horns + blue flame lolol.
  19. Good to know - thanks. I'll set my alarm clock a few minutes before this event ends to clear out anything I don't want locked in permanently.
  20. I hope unclaimed resources disappear when this event ends and don't get locked into our designs forever.
  21. Haha I repaired mine all at once (it was totally destroyed) and then immediately grabbed a screenshot.