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  1. Congrats to whoever caught the Leetle Tree just now that had been sitting in the Forest biome for ~30s without anyone grabbing it! Your scroll is now complete lol.
  2. Thanks for letting me know. Mods - feel free to close this.
  3. Anyone open to doing a mass breed followed by a mass abandon to send some pink Sapphires to the Abandoned Cave? I don't know about you guys but I'm still in need of this color variant. Happy to send some there myself.
  4. Woooo! Both adults are outstanding! Congrats on another fantastic release!
  5. Wooo new release! Thanks TJ and the artists!
  6. Very nice adults! Congrats to the artists!
  7. Nevermind - found it. They sort as Florets.
  8. Are the peach alstros that we caught in the jungle sorting on our scrolls under Alstro or Floret or something else? I can't find mine for the life of me haha.
  9. Awesome - thanks to you and others for letting us know!
  10. Has anyone turned a Sapphire HATCHIE yellow yet, or is it only the eggs that can be turned?
  11. Fantastic adults! the Royal Eminence is particularly cool. Well, thank goodness for Drag Cave Wiki and their explanation for how to get each of these birthday dragons; otherwise, I'd have no idea. Also don't have time to read through 54+ pages of this thread lol.
  12. Woooo Happy Birthday! Thanks TJ and the artists! Happy hunting/breeding everyone!
  13. I have all 38 badges. Have been playing since Oct 2008.
  14. Very cool new dragons! Strong work, artists!
  15. I would like my art added to the database! Forum name: Leidarendi Image of event token you created: It was the cherry blossom egg from 2019's Festival of Eggs. Sorry, I don't know how to post the egg image here. Event your art was included in: Festival of Eggs 2019 Brief description of treat: Cherry blossom egg to celebrate springtime.
  16. Wooo new release! Missed them yesterday and so grabbed a few today. Thanks TJ and the artists!
  17. Good luck everyone! I had done the 2019 cherry blossom egg but am sitting this year out.
  18. Waters obviously. Largest army in Drag Cave woooo!! I also like Astrapi, Aastarus, Blacktip, Magma, Monarch, Rosebud, Solstice, and Yulebucks.
  19. I have all the games solved except for the 1st checkmark for the Two Loves game (I have the 2nd and 3rd checkmarks for it done). What the heck am I missing?
  20. Wooo new release and hybrid! Thanks TJ!