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  1. Going crazy with mah breeds... Just wishin' that there were more breeders willing to join in the fun. Currently, I've got Clockwork Feli, Oni (a 7-faceted All-Scalae breed), PiX, and Steampunk Dancers. The last two I just made this month!
  2. *fades in* ... And back. Sorry 'bout vanishing like that. OTZ Happens a lot lately. To do a quick recap of what happened to me while I was off: Went to Illinois... Needless so say, it was a very isolating 2-month experience. Started working on a new event and breed project on another site... And that's pretty much it in a nutshell. How is everyone?
  3. I know this is a couple of months late, KuroYukia, but to answer your questions: 1) It keeps the Feli from aging. 2) That, I'm afraid, I don't know the answer to... 'Specially since I'm usually flat broke. 3)A minipet is a little critter that becomes a Feli's companion, should they catch/befriend the first. I actually now have 3 public breeds on there... But, I don't have anyone to share the fun of them with. >__> I'm lab #11328 on there, should anyone be interested or trying to search for me. Also: I'm trying to create a user-run event based off a certain Japanese horror RPG. Sadly, it doesn't seem like anyone's showin' interest on joining in the fun there...
  4. Erasmus Vincent - Write that Description! --- (Kim's next description to go here) --- I'm willing to take suggestions. Please make sure said dragon doesn't already have a description before you post it. Dragons with pending descriptions: AugustDay, TheObjectionSong, TrialByMusic Justice For All, TrialByMusic Reawakening, TrialByMusic Make It Right, TrialByMusic April May's Claim, TrialByMusic I'll Be There, TheSamuraiAlwaysWins, TrialByMusic Path to Glory, TheWayThingsWere, TheWayThingsWere II, TBM The Studio's Secret, BattleOfWits, TBM DecreeOfTheProsecutor, TheRookieKiller, TBM ReddWhiteAndYou, TBM Beautiful Christmas Day, TrialByMusic Alone, Lotta Things, TBM PastaShop, AGuyYouCanTrust, TrialByMusic Trial By Fire, 600000 Volts, Tomorrow At Last, TrialByMusic Justice For All II, TrialByMusic Dawn of a New Trial, TBM Anything To Win, X SkyKids Raps X, X Elite Beat Ouendan Dragons X, Diva Starr, Diva Foxx, Diva Missy, Agent Chieftain, Agent Spin, Agent Morris, Agent Derek, Kai Doumeki, Sayaka Amemiya, Aoi Kanda, Anna Lindhearst, Ryuuta Ippongi, Hajime Tanaka, Atsushi Saito, Ittetsu Suzuki, Kaoru Kiryuuin, Rin Shirosaki, Honoka Kawai, Reika Minazuki, Hayato Saionji, Shinta Kikuchi, Kenshin Sugita, Tsuyoshi Moriyama, MoonlitMemory, Huntress in the Dark, PrinceOfTheShallowWaterZoras, LastWillAndTemperament, Nightmare of Twili, TrollishGatekeeper of Twili, PhotobomberShenanigansGuard, GGs' Potts, TwilightPrank, EchoesOfThePast, OceanicSomnambulist, Oldbag, MorphogeneticSorrow, Yume The Compulsive Lurker, X Trial By Music Dragons X, To Each A Tempo (Why am I adding to the backlog when I have so many pending currently? Who knows.)
  5. I see. I'm still trying to get as many S grades as possible to get the final ranks on all of the games. It's gonna take me an eternity to do, though. I've also read a pretty good crossover fanfic of EBA with Ace Attorney. The title of the fanfic? To Each A Tempo. There's also a beatmap on Osu! related to the final bit of the story (though, I can barely pass it on Cruisin').
  6. Just curious if there's any fans of the DS games Elite Beat Agents, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!, and Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! 2. This is a place to discuss the games as well as its computer counterpart Osu!, talk about favorite things in the games, and overall randomness. Please no game bashing here. For those unfamiliar with EBA and OTO: They're rhythm games made for the DS. All you have to do is tap, slide, and spin to the rhythm of the songs in-game. Each game has its own (kinda vague, though) story as well as sub-stories for each song.
  7. Basically, a rhythm gamers' gathering. Well, to be more precise, those that play rhythm games on the DS and 3DS systems. EDIT (11:48 PM MDT): I recently just started another freeform forum RP... Let's hope this goes better than my last one did (which I did years ago). Then again, I'm not sure if anyone would look at it or participate in it, since it focuses on the games Elite Beat Agents and Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!
  8. *quietly fades in* Hello, CPA. How is everyone? I've been keeping myself busy juggling RPs, descriptions, hype for things, waiting for an event I've created to happen, and trying to get S ranks on songs in EBA, OTO, and OTO 2. >__>
  9. To Each A Tempo I'm surprised I got this one, mainly because I thought someone else had named a dragon after that fanfic... I guess I got lucky this time.
  10. No I'm Not Dead Yet (Irony, gotta love it)
  11. Well, found another reason why researching stuff late at night is a bad idea: Scheduled Daily Maintenance.
  12. *fades in with muffled "Don't Stop Me Now" playing in the distance* Hello, CPA. How is everyone? I'm currently working on a general muse playlist for the Elite Beat Agents... However, all I've got on it are the songs from the game and "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen (I blame "To Each A Tempo" and Osu! for that). Does anyone happen to have any suggestions as to what songs I could add to it? I might do the same thing for the two Ouendan groups, but, it's gonna be even more challenging 'cause it's harder to find good fitting music for them.
  13. *quietly fades in* Hello, CPA. How is everyone? Sorry for not appearing in such a long time, I was kinda busy with other things (mainly RPs and trying to clear EBA, OTO, and OTO 2).
  14. Currently, I'm playing Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!, Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! 2, and Elite Beat Agents. On the former two, I got stuck on the final endgame songs on the highest difficulty. As for EBA, I've completed all the levels and am going back to get S ranks 'til I get the highest rank in the game that can be unlocked.
  15. Okay, recently got two more on the agents (plus one on the Ouendan, but I'll not share that one 'cause reasons). Warning: Spoilers Inbound. User Comments Accept: Too bad nabbing "Agent J" is difficult, eh? -DT Accept: Yeah, that's kind of why I had to put "EBA" next to J's name. It's virtually impossible to get that one. User Comments Accept: Accept: You know what the BEST level was? Obviously, the one with the nurse white blood cell and licentious virus. Must be played with the agents. HILARIOUS THIGH STROKING and BUTT WIGGLING... ugh... -DT Accept: *laughs into the sunset* I didn't really mind that one, to be honest. Even if it's a little funny with the dance moves. It's the final level on Hard Rock difficulty that gets my goat (Also: Playing as Kahn in general... Just... No. Too mentally scarring for me).
  16. I just got a comment on one which made my evening. User Comments: Accept: Funny pictures of a tangar, striped, and hellfire dancing in sync going through my mind. -DT X'D I was kinda hoping that would happen. Then again, I'm surprised someone caught the reference right away (then again it isn't quite as subtle as TBM's is ).
  17. Skyward Sword Beam Legend of Zelda (more specifically, Skyward Sword)?
  18. I've Brought the Spray Paint *insert Jet Set Radio music here* *brick'd*