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  1. 91, thats a lot. Just bred my pumpkin and got a clutch of 4, haven't had that in a while.
  2. One of my greatest fears is one of my toys becoming alive. Has anyone else ever been able to see the face of a toy when you are trying to go to sleep? If I look at it, I am just waiting for it to move. But if I look away or close my eyes, it could strike me from behind at any moment. One of the worst nightmares I ever had was when I was sitting on a couch in a dark room surrounded by toys. It was so scary to look at them staring blankly at me, I'd just have to look away sometimes. When I'd look back, they were closer. It went like that for awhile until they got so close and I woke up.
  3. I want to make an army of day glories, they are my favourite sprite by far.
  4. I really love the dovewings. Definitely my favourite sprite on the list.
  5. Alegra

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Nope, They look very purple to me too.
  6. Last halloween from what I can remember.. I killed a vine adult and two vine hatchies and they both failed. My only success was a adult stripe.
  7. I once had a dream I had to escape from an island of shyguys and I ended up saving green and red yoshis and flying away on a park bench. And I once hada dream about my maths teacher ...
  8. I have 1 adult and a frozen ungendered hatchie. I really with I'd gotten a CB one though... all well. At least I've got one.
  9. We get to keep them? Yay! Thankyou TJ and spriters for the pretty eggs =D
  10. I was on when they came out so I gots them all ^^ Good luck to the peeps who still need to get them.
  11. Cream cheese Enchilada! I really like this idea and would like to join. I'm already watching two dragons I've released ^^
  12. Hmm. I thought I was already on there. I take the oath
  13. I have 37 pretty eggs. 1 more to go :3
  14. Oh awesome! =D Saw one on the main cave before I found this thread and was like, wut?
  15. Alegra

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    I know! I caught one
  16. Alegra

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    I haven't managed to get any... I really like the speckle egg
  17. Alegra

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    MAYHEM! Pretty eggs...
  18. Well I promise not to breed any of my blacks
  19. Another newb here And there are two in my sig
  20. The start of Soul Choices journal(ish thing) I can hear sounds more vividly now. I am alone in my world, although I’m sure that outside it there is something, but I don’t know what yet. I am growing, or maybe the world is shrinking? There will soon be no room for me, and I will be forced to answer my instinct. Break out of here. Something is cracking, and I can feel things around me. There is suddenly a strange light, and my immediate response is to go into it, it is just so welcoming. Breaking my way out I realize how cold it is. But leave my home I must. My head appears from the wa
  21. I take the Oath Save the commons!