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  1. Yes, I should of said I hate when these stupid women belittle skinny girls to make themselves feel better. And I meant they're stupid because it's bullying. I say stupid things.
  2. Yess I hate all these stupid women that belittle skinny girls to make themselves feel better. All women are real women. There's no overall ideal size, that depends on your genetics. You should want to be fit and healthy for yourself. Not thin because that's what's fashionable
  3. Just the computer and a cute box I keep usbs and cables in.. I'm a bit of a clean freak
  4. Merry Christmas! Got mine just as it started, it's seems to be the only time I can ever catch them myself
  5. Wow, awesome! Love the story, love the christmas sprites!! Gorgeous! Thanks guys
  6. I've heard of it, is it an American thing? Have no idea what it is really so can't say if I'd like it or not.
  7. Hi everyone, just thought I'd bump this. Bred this blue 7th gen the other day, Opalescent Anwe
  8. Alegra

    Stop BSL Lineage

    I'd love to join! I HATE BSL. Here (VIC, Australia) what happened was the stupid stupid mainstream media did what they do and demonized "pit bull type" dogs with their misleading "news" reports and now we even have a dangerous dogs hotline and they go around killing unregistered dogs, they don't even have to be pit bulls they just have to look like one. Pretty much the government pretending they are doing something to stop the "widespread" dog attacks that's caused such a public outrage. It reminds me of medieval witch hunts, and makes me so angry because it wont solve anything and it destroys lives... I have a lab, he's a sook and part-time explorer, he does eat flies but is fine around guinea pigs and cats. But I can't say I'm surprised to see the breed on that list. Authorities can demonize anything if they want, it's up to us to be educated. I'd love for someone to breed me an egg from their own line, but I'll start my own pair when I can.
  9. I have a N64, it was given to me for my 6th birthday. I play Super Mario 64 and Yoshi Story over and over again and I want nothing else
  10. My question is, why is it anyones business who someone chooses to marry? It's probably a control thing...
  11. Alegra


    I never wear shoes. Better for your feet, less stinky, and I love the freedom of being able to feel all the different textures of the earth
  12. It's really hard to pick but I'm going to go with.. s1: Yulebucks s2: Blunas!
  13. This was awesome! Didn't expect we would have an event this spectacular Did it at my friends house who had already finished it, had to constantly yell at her to stop her giving away clues or anything. She managed to ruin the rainbow chicken for me though.
  14. Alegra

    The Egg Basket

    I like this a lot Best Way to Contact: PM Your Job? (Keeper or Freelance Volunteer): Freelance Volunteer Do you promise not to kill, neglect, or freeze your given egg?: Yes, I promise. (My dead eggs are always bite fails).
  15. Alegra

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    Wow. Thankyou very much!
  16. All the spriters who made these pretty eggs have done a wonderful job My favourite would have to be the squid! And I LOVE the banner to separate last years eggs! I have 50 now.. 3 more, and I can sleep.
  17. I only have two, an adult and an ungendered hatchie. I never bothered to get anymore because I figured they were so common and they'd always be available... And I missed a bright pink dorkface that was being gifted to me from Vicky just before they were discontinued. Still kicking myself
  18. Alegra

    2010-12-13 - Yay Updates

    Thankyou thankyou for re-naming I'm pretty much re-naming my whole scroll. It's taking a while
  19. In year 7 foods class, we made pancakes. After we'd finished making them the whole class went and sat outside on the tables, under a tree. The loner of the class who no one liked had ice cream on his, and when he wasn't looking a bird shat on his... it was right on the side of the plate, dripping down onto the pancake. Everyone was watching him eat and and we were laughing our heads off. Oh it was so disgusting, he dipped one bit of it right in the bird crap. We did tell him.. afterwards. He said he 'didn't care'
  20. I wrote one for Glory Drakes. I'll just say I don't write very much so it's not going to be super amazing In a time long ago and a land long forgotten, there was a great and peaceful kingdom. It was ruled by a king and queen who the people of the land adored. The King and Queen had two children, the eldest a girl, born at dawn, who had radiant light golden hair that flowed to the floor and deep blue eyes that sometimes appeared violet. It was said her beauty was unmatched in the whole kingdom. The other was a boy, born at dusk, who was quick witted and unlike his sister had short dark hair and eyes like a starry night sky. The king truly loved his children and did whatever necessary to keep them happy. Even with their royal upbringing, the two children grew into caring and unselfish people who cared deeply for the people. But tragedy was to come. A powerful sorcerer from a place full of crime and evil desired the throne for himself. He planed to murder the King and his children at night and force the queen, who was of royal blood, to marry him. He would turn the land into one where the stronger would rule the weaker, with himself atop that pyramid. What the sorcerer didn't know was that the kingdom had something, or someone, who was just as powerful as him. In the village an old and wise witch who had the gift of foresight saw what the sorcerer had planned and rode to the city to warn the king of the sorcerers plans. The kingdom was practically defenceless. The army would be no match for the sorcerers powers. So the witch promised she would do everything she could to stop him, and to the king she promised she would let no harm come to his beloved children. The king didn't believe in keeping the truth from his people, so he called the city to an assembly and told them of the sorcerers plans. The people were terrified, never before had they been faced with anything like war. They kept faith in their king that he would keep them safe as he had always done, but as the king promised no harm would come to them, there was a great feeling of doubt in the air. The night the sorcerer came to the city the witch met him before the city walls and fought him. Their battle could be heard all throughout the kingdom and everyone listened and waited for hours. But the witch was old and the sorcerer was in his prime. He forged a mighty blazing fire which consumed the old witch. He then stormed though the city, up to the castle and slaughtered the king where he stood. He found the queen and her children in the queen's chambers. She was standing near the wall, her arms spread out behind her protectively over her children. Hysterically she begged him to spare her children, to kill her instead, and he just laughed. He forced the queen aside and, still laughing joyously conjured another fire which consumed the two children. The sorcerer never got to rule the kingdom though. While her children perished the queen fetched her dagger from her drawer and stabbed the sorcerer in the neck from behind with such force it proved fatal for him. She then took her own life, unable to bear the pain of losing her family. The witch may have been unable to fully fulfill her promise to the king, but from the ashes of the young prince and princess, two never before seen creatures of such beauty emerged. One was golden with wings of radiant blue, green and purple. The other brown with wings that resemble a starry night sky. The golden dragon visited many villages at daylight and just the presence of her brought joy to people. The other could only be spotted at night and seeing him fly under the stars was said to bring you luck. The two lived for many generations of the people who so adored them, until one day they disappeared never to be seen again. But from those two had come a clutch of four eggs, two laid at dawn and two laid at dusk. And so the dragons known now as Glory Drakes were born. edited for a few mistakes.
  21. Just named this water I got from the AP, bugZ - Bugz Dorkface Fallyn
  22. I love my sisters names. Pebble Monstar Sir Bloaty'mor and... YumYumPinkieWinke I don't think I will share my very badly named dragons. Less embarrassing ones: Running Nerd Eyre (Wave Runner) Protector of Cheese (Vine) Purple Green Yellow (Purple) yet another female (Summer) kombomwha (Stone) After a 'song' my friend made up that was about Africa. Nine Sixty Green (Frill) Something to do with the computer I was on at the library. COLLECT PRINTING AT THE CIRCULATION DESK was to long.
  23. I'm confused, I have an awful connection and while everyone's complaining about a lag, I've managed to catch two just now. I usually have to get people to catch for me, huh. Oh well, I'm not complaining. Good luck to everyone else,
  24. 56/92 so far. My first one was the black hat, my favourite ones so far are the leetle pumkpin, orange dino, the winged orange kitty, the bunny and for some reason the rat on a stick... They are all very pretty though, thanks to all the spriters