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  1. It certainly didn't seem to matter as much before we got the lineage pages. When I first joined, I loved long lineages, with dragons I really liked I would look at all the relatives, see who they belonged to, make up my own lineage map and come up with names based on their ancestors. For me that was quite a lot of the fun. I've always seen the appeal of having cb rares, because they're harder to get. I also like the look of structured lineages. They look awesome and time and effort goes into them. It makes sense that these are more desirable than "messy" lineages. A gold is still a gold to me though.
  2. This egg was transferred to Abra3007
  3. Some of my favorite names, Femme Fatale Foxi Frogs Jondalar And I also have these which were a litttle bit of a surprise. Cans Jars Sea Lion Sail to the Moon Fire Elf Beladora Mu Cephei
  4. New Egg! A third gen black egg by O'Cymbeline. Please PM me if you want it!
  5. I love hearing about other peoples cool pets If I had the time and money, I'd have parrots and fish and lizards and spiders and rats and goats and turtles... I do have a cockatiel, don't know whether he counts as exotic though. Sometimes more than I can handle, you wouldn't think so but some birds are very demanding, he's very very very moody. He likes to scream at my ponies...
  6. Yes and no, I am SUPER ticklish, and scream like someone is killing me. My boyfriend thinks it's hilarious. However, if I am in a really crappy mood and really don't want people tickling me I can switch it off, I dunno, I just block out the feeling and tell people to go away I CAN also tickle my self, which no one believes because apparently it's impossible.
  7. I have a dresser table, shelves full of my little ponies, a bookcase, my bed, stuffed toys everywhere, more pony stuff, my cockatiel, my art stuff, and my sowing machine. I have heaps of gemstones, feathers and pretty things on any surface i can shove them. I keep everything clean though, I'm pretty ocd about my room. Plus I have to clean it everyday because Bird poops and gets dust all over everything.
  8. =3 thankyous I have told the counselor I see for depression/self harm/wow I'm such a cliche, she made arrangements for me to see their ed specialist. I don't think she'll take me seriously though because, well, I'm huge.
  9. My dog and my cockatiel My garden, I grow things using permaculture principles Singing and performing music for people Pretty dresses and other clothes (I like classic lolita.. ) My bestfriend/s My Little Ponies (I'm one of those people that collects G3's, but I don't mind FiM) Good books Pretty crystals, feathers, flowers, wood carvings (I hoard pretty things >.<) Going to the farmers market, local/organic/free range produce When I have good days
  10. I've never been diagnosed but I'm pretttyy sure I'm bulimic, as in several epic binges/purges daily. For now I'll just say I have disorded eating habits. I've given up on normal "meals" altogether because everything just turns into a binge/purge. I'm in the healthy bmi range, though I'm probably not all that healthy inside. Have headaches and am tired ALL the time. I'd never had a headache until recently. Annnd currently binging while typing this,
  11. Can... can the magis stay like this permanently. Please. Love everything this halloween, thanks everyone <3
  12. The other night, I had a dream there was a new event on dragcave, there was this tiny red gem sprite on the abandoned page and when you clicked it you had a chance of winning something, I clicked it four times, got nothing, a fifth time and went to my scroll page, and it was empty, all my dragons gone. So, panicking I went and checked the event thread and apparently if you click it five times you lose all your dragons forever. I couldn't stop crying And TJ's like, sorry guys, your fault, you clicked it five times. Got up and felt really happy and relieved when all my dragons were still there. Is that sad or :/
  13. I also had a birdie with similar colours! :3 I'm in a good mood, so, my facebook picture is the following: *I am incapable of taking a picture without making a stupid face.
  14. Hi everyone, I just received the new 2nd gen baby
  15. I just like anyone So I think I would be considered pan-sexual but I don't really feel the need to call myself anything.
  16. I love good music! I think all (well, most..) genres can be great. As long as they're done well. I listen to mostly world/celtic/folk, symphonic metal, classical, alternative rock, jazz, opera. This and that if it's good! I was in my friends car the other day and they had the radio on, and wow, I hadn't realised how bloody awful mainstream pop had gotten
  17. Alegra


    I am a big fan of Amy and her amazing voice. My favourite album is The Open Door, I love the classical influences. Fallen is great too, the new album I thought is good, though I will admit I was a little disappointed. I'm seeing them live this March She's my idol really, I like to cover a lot of her songs, we have similar voices and range. Actually I just performed Sweet Sacrifice the other day, with full band, now that was epic. My favourite songs would have to be Lithium, Lose Control, Sweet Sacrifice, Solitude, Everybodys Fool, Tourniquet, Swimming Home, Missing and Secret Door.
  18. Night Ride Across The Caucasus and Marco Polo by the lovely Loreena McKennitt.
  19. Mine are Tumblr BBC Merlin Apples (I love apples) Amy Lee of Evanescence Dragoncave Permaculture Birds!
  20. Beautiful adult! Love the name
  21. Family, friends, and some forums peoples.
  22. Oh my god the eggs are so pretty!
  23. I'm a fruit monster. Cherries! Grapes! Watermelon! Apples! Avocado! Blueberries! Strawberries! Mandarins! Nectarines! Peaches! Now I'm hungry.. Plus a word of warning. Don't eat a lot of grapes. You will regret it later.