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    I like to draw, write, and sing; I watch a lot of youtube, and lightly game, but arts are the best for me. I also love to cook, garden, and sleep in.
    I like stories a lot, though they can't usually hold my focus for very long; I want to say that I like to read, but I'm kind of in the middle of several books right now, and don't currently see a future in which I will have read them. It's likely because of my relatively short attention span for non-character-driven stories that I don't feel overly connected to any fandoms that I have followed, now or in the past. Though I get bored, I move on, things still stick with me; none of which is kinship or community, however, and I'm left once again to my lonesome self.

    Such, I suppose, is the life I have built for myself.

    Not that you asked.
    If you intend to message me, do note that I am human, with all the imperfections that qualification entails. My blunt and sometimes confused honesty comes off as abrasive to some. I may be clingy, I may be overly passive, I may be cordial or logical; I have many sides, a decent amount of complexity, and mood swings which are often governed by anxiety and depression. However, I am seldom purposefully mean, so, if I hurt your feelings, I apologize; it certainly was not my intention, as I am moderately empathetic and would never want someone to feel as low as I do sometimes.

    In any case, thanks for reading. Have a good day.