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  1. Well, our new special will sting your tastebuds! Waiter, there's a giant fifteen legged llama wearing a childish sombrero that keeps shouting mean things at me!
  2. CippisweetForForums absolutely hates anything to do with dragons!
  3. By attempting to cover your computer in nothing but cheese then tossing it into the microwave so the fairy of cheesed can be summoned so you can ask for it. Why are some eggs shiny eggs?
  4. I first personalities Then weird words form in my head that kind of symbolize who they are and what they mean!
  5. Extremely rude, inappropriate Soul-Peace... Link is here. And this is Jeni I'll be giving both of these up. So PM me if you'd like them and I'll wait for a Magi to be available
  6. But you know, I've always wondered what every accent in the world combined would sound like coming out of one person speaking one language As in one fluid accent with every accent combined!
  7. VipeanutSwan Fuse with magical Pizza
  8. Especially a Dino with such low time!!
  9. Who... who would toss this to the app??? I highlighted it due to not being able to edit properly.
  10. Sunday!! Urgh, tomorrow's Monday... which means I'm gonna have to go to the dentist with a relative who can't stand me... great...
  11. Someone went a little heavy on the bush hair style! But hey, if it works for you, have at it!
  12. Lol, I can't choose from: Have you seen my ear I might have seen your ear and I think he has your ear
  13. When I was really little, I wanted so badly to be a unicorn! I would pray so hard every night just crying my eyes out begging to be a unicorn when I grew up! Poor little me.
  14. Not even adds like failed eggs! These guys are hopeless