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  1. Lolz, gold with the name "You're too cheap for me!"
  2. No idea what that is so False. The person below me is actually a secret agent disguised as a dragon fan!
  3. Granted but you drain the world's power and are sent to prison. I wish I had one million dollars in carrot top hats covered in spiny mints!
  4. Oh look, a magical girl! Well, do you plan to use your magic to get us out?
  5. They're a dragon's way of saying, "Back in five minutes!" Why are red dragons such a popular choice?
  6. Oh, that's not me! You've found the trans dimensional soup! Good job! Waiter, there's a giant Jump in my soup!
  7. I can now officially post this not so nice Soul Peace I bred since the owner I gave it to set it free!
  8. It isn't fixed I just got on and saw this: It looks like the stripes want no part of this family! Edit: Without egg due to me wanting to give this away.
  9. It is our new special! Supposed to tickle your funny bone! Waiter, there's a hunter in my soup!
  10. Or the aliens are trying to communicate with us ________________________________________________________________ Ok, now this is pretty cool! ^
  11. The movie home is such a good movie!! I've watched it on auto replay for days!!
  12. ViperSwan

    Bad ideas...

    Never listen to fish, they're so monotone, they'll be sure to bring you down...
  13. I told her no! Is she joking... Ugh, that is a horrible/not a joke!
  14. ViphigherSwan Fuse with the word: Venom!
  15. Oh you can! You just need a giant piece of extremely rotten and half dried vegetable dip to lure them in! Why do we catch only eggs in the cave? Where are the bigger dragons?
  16. I just dropped the best name egg in the App!! It was a mage light and anyone who gets it will be absolutely lucky!! Happy hunting!