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  2. trdbjhnryfbnm Tiny rubies dread being jumped honoring nerdy refugees yelling fat bozo's name, Monkey! gvnhjnkmnbnbh
  3. Markers… just markers of any sort… If I get it on my skin, it'll burn and itch like crazy! I only found this out when I was in high school being dumb and having marker fights with my friends… After two people tagged me it kicked in which is funny since I've never been allergic before…
  4. "Jumper" … So horribly scripted… total snore fest… Worst movie ever hands down! (In my honest opinion, of course )
  5. Whoa! I recognize that art style! Are you "Luted" on Deviant Art? If not, I apologize, but dang if they don't look similar!
  6. Do you use "Get Watchers" on DA? It's a great way to get your art traffic plus make friends and find out more about other's styles of art!
  7. I loooove drawing!! I drew my avatar and am slowly getting better! (Although my avi is almost 5 years old T~T) I am best with charcoal though…
  8. This is what I got… I had just arrived… I didn't add any eggs, submit my scroll, or anything… And
  9. Not to worry! They'll usually be bred in 14 days anyways plus some people will put them in the abandon area!
  10. They're gone D: Are they supposed to be the new rare ones or something?
  11. Name: Orvac (Named after a vacuum cleaner since I was out of names… ) Breed: Ochre Drake Mate/s: Every single freaking Night glory I've tried him with… (He doesn't like night glories >.> and will only breed with ONE day glory…) Which I cannot provide links for due to getting rid of all but one since he wouldn't go near any… Failed to produce: Anything with the nights… or any glory for that matter. Progeny: http://dragcave.net/progeny/AZ0f
  12. Sounds cool and clicking on eggs is nice (but that is what click sites are for), but how about something different like: Maybe flash games on the actual dc site that sometimes helps your eggs hatch faster and grow up sooner. The more points you get or the more miraculous things you do on it while it just gets harder and harder each time you reach a certain thing. Plus, um… maybe it only happening once every 2-3 days? It doesn't have to be flash, maybe something more simple to create?
  13. The flowers were a good Idea but I only have 3 people I can send them to since I doubt anyone would remember me from 3-4 (maybe 5?) years ago ^.^; Hehe… Oh and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!
  14. ((I'm quitting DCF again, I can't keep up with this rp and I can't keep up with the mod's lousy 5+ sentances rule.))
  15. Tayver carved listlessly through the frigid air as her stomach groaned for food. A heavy sigh rushed out of her forcing her to land in a nearby rocky feild. Her talons clicked noisily on the stones as she touched down. She raised her head high into the air as the smell of blood hung in the air. "Dragon blood? I wonder what happened here?" Her eyes scanned the feild searching for survivers.
  16. I've had a repetative dream since I was five about me and a bunch of other kids running through a huge empty feild towards a clothesline in the center. Once we got there, there were large rats pinned up by their tails. Once we had each taken a rat, I always wake up... WHY DO I KEEP HAVING THIS STUPID DREAM!