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  1. The spare change that wasn't wanted from yesterday!

    This uniquely coded Silver Tin apparently put nine of something somewhere!

    This is just a boring Silver Shimmer!

    Another boring Silver Shimmer!

    Another old boring Silver Shimmer!

    More Silver, same Shimmer!

    Finally a pure bred green cop!


    ~You're welcome:



    I hope you enjoy them biggrin.gif

  2. I just found this copper in the abandoned page and didn't want it. It has a code that reminds me of the MLP universe!For any code hunters who still like MLP! ~Yeah, this one is gone.

    Here's a Breeding pair if anyone is interested!!~ You're welcome, Predator fan! Enjoy it!

    And here's another breeding pair if anyone is interested enough!

  3. Gold! ~You're welcome, AmberEmber! Enjoy!

    Bronze shimmer!

    Gold Tin!

    Bronze Tin!

    All letter code that kind of looks like a name gold wyvern!

    Gold shimmer!~You're welcome, Kira! Enjoy!

    Avatar of Change!~You're welcome, Dragon puck! Enjoy!

    Imperial flesh crown egg with the code "Kid"!

    Here's a silver moon/copper mix!

    Silver tin Wrong mate!

    Wrong mate silver tin!

    Anothr Silver Tin!

    Another Silver Tin!