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  1. Witch ________ Warlock
  2. You can't, they don't really exist! What everyone is seeing as a rare 'guardian of nature dragon' is actually just a cheese dragon in a costume! What do I do if I accidentally named my dragon something that summoned or would summon an illumnati?
  3. That's because your soup is 'toe-tally' amazing! Waiter, there's a live concert of a miniature Bach in my soup... I thought he had long been dead, you have some explaining to do!
  4. Murder of Vos Because murderers are terrifying D:
  5. False The person below me has at least one Celine Dion CD
  6. I have taken this! I finally found a mate at long last for one of my other ones! Thanks so much! ^^ And with that said, I'll leave this Pyralspite with the code "DCf" or Dragon Cave Forums along with this guy who's pretty shiny! Claim me, I'm pretty!! Well, I'm pretty too!
  7. Cop cop cop! Cop cop?~Enjoy it Powerful! I could be a breeding pair for the powerful one!
  8. Putting this here along with the two coppers I left above! Putting this here too!
  9. Sendnig this hellish breeding couple! This could be yet another breeding couple if you want!
  10. I just got a Magma who is a bit 'crabby' today!