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ladynadiad.pngOwner of probably the only frozen paper hatchling army.Have 1 adult, 41 frozen hatchlings out of a goal of 50+ frozen hatchlings. Still accepting more members.

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    CB female terrae
    CB male ember
    CB male hellfire wyvern
    CB male horse
    CB magi (any)
    CB male sunstone
    CB swallowtail (any)
    CB day/night glory (any day, female night)
    CB female dark myst pygmy
    CB female misfit pygmy
    CB female seawyrm pygmy
    CB wyverns (need most of both genders)
    CB female thunder
    CB female ice
    CB female magma

    For freezing only (inbred and messy lineages fine):
    Alt vine s1 hatchling
    s1 and s1 abino
    s1 and s2 canopy
    s1 and s2 coastal waverunner
    s1 and s2 deep sea
    s2 purple dorsal
    s1 and s2 ember
    s1 pebble
    s1 guardian
    s1 harvest
    s1 and s2 horse
    s1 and s2 male hellfire wyvern
    s1 water
    s1 magi
    nebula s1
    s1 and s2 of both genders of moonstone
    s2 neotropical
    s1 and s2 nocturne
    s1 ochredrake
    s2 pink, female
    s1 spitfire
    s1 pygmy, s2 both genders, s1 and s2 of all other pygmies
    s1 and s2 thunder
    s1 and s2 male vampire
    s1 and s2 water horse, male
    s1 and s2 water walker
    s1 white
    s2 red dino
    s1 and s2 ice
    s1 and s2 magma