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  1. I also just won my very first prize dragon. The bronze western one. So happy with my new pretty. Been playing Dragon Cave since just after the Yulebucks were released (I missed them by a few days) and have been entering most raffles since they started, so glad to finally have one on my scroll. Now I need to come up with a marvellously clever name for it - perhaps something to do connect it to the date today since it is the 29th February. Any suggestions are welcome. Since all my eggs have a "surname" no worries of suggestions are names that are already out there.
  2. Thanks. I thought I had tried that already, but think I had hit Fn and F5 instead. Ooops. Amusing to see the poultry curse. In my case it is sugar that I never seem to have enough of... or any.
  3. The mana game has gone a bit weird on me too. It was working fine earlier, (as someone said, before the instructions appeared), but now the neutral tile is off centre when you load the page and when you try to take another tile close to it they both disappear. And like Meruru says, sometimes the tiles are flying all over the screen. I am also on a laptop. It appears to be having some sort of glitch. That being said, I am enjoying seeing the return of the old favourites.
  4. I am also UK, but had not expected the change of time so while it might have been a good time for the release, I didn't know about it until much later. I had got into the habit of checking at certain times, most recently usually on a Sunday morning and finding the release was overnight. I had checked on Sunday morning, but there was nothing so I figured no release was coming, only for it to come out later on Sunday and not find out until I got home from work on Monday evening. As another person replied to me, lots of us have lives that don't allow us to be on the computer stalking the cave all the time. A 24 release in the relevant biomes would solve that problem. The moving biome I understood was a deliberate aspect of this particular release. I hope you got them. And yes, I hear you on the rare issue. I missed the big DC birthday celebration (the year the coppers were released) because I was on holiday and without internet, and I am still trying to complete my collection for all I would like of those.
  5. They have always come out in the middle of the night for me. But usually there is a small window of opportunity to get them the next morning. Unfortunately, what I am finding is that that window has disappeared during more recent releases, so the rarer eggs are nearly impossible to get once you have missed the initial flood. An hour after seeing this release, I have four of one of the new eggs and I haven't even seen one of the other to try to catch. It is disappointing, but as I said, the releases have never been great for my timezone and now they come and go so quickly I miss them entirely. I hope that the varying release times might be something that continues, so that the rest of the world might get a chance too.
  6. These are gorgeous. But I must be blind because I can't find the Easter eggs at all.
  7. I saw something come through, but was being dense trying to figure out what it was. Of course it was a replicator. LOL
  8. Loving the eggs. I especially like the Stargate one which is very cleverly done. Love that film and TV series.
  9. Looks like I have missed the release this month. My timezone meant that all the excitement happened overnight for me, no time to hunt dragons until this evening as it is a week day, and now I can't see any in the cave. Really hoping they are not rares and that I will find some at some point.
  10. Not sure how long they dropped for, but I came only 4 hours after TJ's post and have not seen a new egg at all. I actually came to the forum to find out if they were actually hybrids.
  11. I too am hoping it is a glitch since time zones mean I am never online for the actual release and I will never be able to get new eggs on the day again if the drops last less than four hours.
  12. Thank you for bringing back the old Valentines. I missed the Arsani one entirely and released a one of my sweetlings and '09 Valentines when the limits were changed so I am eager to replace those and get the missing one.
  13. I am still voting for fire but am pretty much resigned to never seeing the fire bar. Each day I log on and it is around 55/45 to ice. During the course of the day it reaches 51/49 or 52/48 by the time I log off. Then the next day it is back to square one again. Makes me want to give up and go and read about Sisyphus, who I am feeling something of a kinship with right now.
  14. Thanks, but I got it in the end.
  15. I think I am getting worse at the puzzles. I have been stuck on this one for 15 minutes and I am sure it is one I managed to complete yesterday.
  16. I hadn't seen Odeen's but yes, that is beautiful too. I do like Fiona's best though - those colours are just gorgeous. I am hoping she will one day breed it with a daydream dragon and that I might one day get a daydream with that alt in the lineage. And Fire at 49%. Highest I have seen it. Go Team Fire!
  17. I have wondered that as well. I did one easy at the very start and then a couple of medium ones but have done nothing but hard ones since. I see that Ice are winning again this morning and the margin between the two teams is even bigger than yesterday. Yesterday it seemed to switch between 52/48 and 53/47 all day, but today it is at 55/45. I feel like I am never going to see the fire bar other than on the screen shots here on the forum.
  18. Thanks. I will leave them enraged for a bit and see if I can unlock that one at least.
  19. Send one over here to me. I have a blue square left and need an S instead.
  20. I am adding to Fire every time in the hope that I will see the fire bar before the event is over.
  21. I am not sure whether this is me being thick, but there are certain sprites in the encyclopedia that I just can't seem to unlock. Today I had a failed vampire bite so enraged three of my adult Aegis dragons but the enraged adult is still locked. Another is the Celestial non-corporeal form. I have lost count of how many of those I have had, but the hatchlings still won't unlock. Though oddly, the corporeal form is unlocked despite never having had a corporeal hatchling.
  22. That is the one I keep struggling on. I think I gave up on it and tried another after I had got sick of the sight of it. ETA I missed the fire bar while I was asleep but I like that we can now see the percentages for each team. 53/47 to ice at the moment. We have some catching up to do again. And I too love the spriter alt. It is my new favourite spriter alt. The colours remind me of the daydream dragon which is my favourite ever dragon.
  23. Mine have another 17 hours to go.