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  1. Put it in a calendar, because these dates don't change: October 10, hatchings for zombie fodder can be born (I've been told, correct me if I'm wrong) October 17, just after midnight, kill fodder for zombies if you want 10 adult kill chances at Halloween October 25, breeding opens and lasts through Halloween October 31, Halloween! At midnight, revive your first 5 kills and kill 5 more and raise any hatchlings you let die for best zombie chances. Catch eggs. Play event. Possibly gather tricks or treats. Whoo! sd13 - A Halloween baby
  2. Leaving this red hatchling on two-way. Offer an AP egg and leave something new on the thread - "new" means something actually posted to the thread from this point forward. No look-backs or thread IOUs. https://dragcave.net/teleport/9451b5b8de61b...1333b8ac7fd2e53 Taking nothing at the moment, but I'll edit this post if I take a one-way: Claimed crzyanimemom's 2nd gen PB green copper. So, we traded, kinda.
  3. I honestly wouldn't know without doing some test breeding, but I'm locked right now, and I'd hate to let a success go to the AP when you need it. I have one SW from the Volcano I could try. Also, anyone with a Desert SW could try. I hope a Copper Breeding Expert will see this and come answer your questions or that others with volcano and desert SWs will try for you. You're welcome to PM me for a time when we can both be online for me to try, otherwise. I am working on final seasonals and need gift breedings to move out quickly.
  4. Claimed that. Leaving this CB, incuhatchable Tsunami egg: http://dragcave.net/teleport/92b6d2c308b79...aecd15c54e9eb4f Please give back to the thread if you take.
  5. OK, I accepted your offer, but I will be checking the thread to see if you make good. So, please do!
  6. Yeesh. Even I give people 10 minutes before I make frowny faces. ETA: The shimmer didn't gender the way I'd hoped, so I am returning it to the thread. Offer an AP egg and leave something new on the thread to claim. No looking back, no thread IOUs, etc. Actually leave something. http://dragcave.net/teleport/e0823cd83f5d1...485b9f0e197862b
  7. TJ, while you're re-designing, are you also taking into account accessibility standards? High-contrast, which you have, is good for all eyes, so I'm thinking you are aware. We seem to have a lot of players with low- or no vision, and there are some with mobility issues such as Cerebral Palsy. I know from personal experience how hard it can be to add accessibility to an existing site; it's much easier to build the site with accessibility in the first place. So, I said something about it, just in case. All done! The painting is lovely. I'll have to re-train my eyes for a new design, but old designs don't last forever. Go you!
  8. OK, Count me in as one of those people who don't want an extra slot. My reasoning boils down to the idea that making choices is part of what keeps this game challenging. I always thought the uneven slot numbers were on-purpose so that we couldn't get an even number of males and females of a new breed unless we chose to only use 6 slots, and/or we couldn't get an even number of a new breed if two were released at once. If you want to fill all 7 slots, you have to choose which gender or breed is going to get the short shrift. I've always enjoyed that challenge, even though I'm one of those people who want even numbers of males and females. Also, there are plenty of days where I wish I could pick up more eggs, but because I can't, I have to make tough choices about what I put in my slots. If I could collect everything, nothing would be specific or special. I play another dragon game where collecting is fairly unlimited, and I can tell you that I don't bother visiting that game even once a day. I also don't work on lineages there or try to get to know anyone using the site. I could get a lineage to 10th gen in a few hours on that site. There's no point. Being forced to make choices on DC is part of the challenge. You can't have everything immediately. How many of you realize that we're quickly coming to a point where we can't really get more than a few of each holiday breed during the holiday breeding week? You can either get a few new adults of each breed or focus in on a couple breeds, or some other idea you come up with. But choices are going to have to be made. And many of you are saying, "but it's just one more slot, big deal". But then we lose the challenge of having to choose between genders and breeds. We can just have 4/4, which makes the game easier, and, thus, less interesting. Also, where does the call for slot increases end? People have been wanting 8 slots for years. Once we get 8, people will be asking for 9. Then 10. At some point, the slot increases have to stop or, again, the game gets too easy and becomes less interesting because we won't have to make choices. We will be able to have everything, all at once. Which is a snooze.
  9. Gift? Give one to a friend who can breed up to the gen you want? It's certainly purdy!
  10. W00t! Very useful, my TJish friend! Thank you, especially, for the sort. HEAVEN!
  11. Have: 4th gen seasonal progressions, Autumn starts https://dragcave.net/lineage/9hAoc https://dragcave.net/lineage/6R9Me https://dragcave.net/lineage/91SSL Want: Unrelated blood swaps. Please check all 3 lineages before breeding. Thanks! Trade links: https://dragcave.net/teleport/39effb5b4c5e4...4e341ed9ee3662e https://dragcave.net/teleport/8399924667dd7...f1528613de7353d https://dragcave.net/teleport/74d7073255deb...367f6003cde3944
  12. I received a Daydream from Sunrise x Daydream. Through my own derpiness, I already have this pair as a sunset, so I'm thinking about trading it, even though working with the sunset version will be hard. I'm not keen on the pairs that have CBs that are normally bred, like stripes, alt vine, etc., but if anyone wants to swap 2nd gen Thuweds otherwise, I'd be open to it. http://dragcave.net/teleport/e5a02dbd650c5...d4b89e6118b0ecf No, I'm not going to fling it into the AP. I flung it at a friend instead.
  13. Ahh, since some of the images were there, I just thought some links were having a hard time loading today. Thanks for showing off the derpness! Lilysally - AH HA! Now I know why people collect the all-number codes! And it looks terrific; good job!
  14. There's always the freeze option! I froze my second gendered GoN well before I knew we were going to be given 3, and I've decided to leave it frozen rather than release it to try for a third adult. It saves me having to make a choice and, I agree, there's plenty of people willing to trade or gift them. I mean, just look at this derpy little thing: Or look at it when the image starts working again....You know you want one. ~_^
  15. Honestly, if I could boil down all my concerns about releases, random or scheduled, my main suggestion would be communication. Just a little communication from TJ, a hint that something was coming, would be fine. Did you notice that there was no talk of this release? We had a schedule, the release happened on schedule, no communication, no problem. But I remember the time before scheduled releases, and there was also no communication, which meant a release would appear and we'd all be caught with our pants down (i.e. scroll slots full). As a reminder to us and the man himself, TJ made breeding a part of this game. Having to dump a breeding project to the AP because many of us want new eggs on the day of release for a multitude of reasons (worries over rares, historical tracking, new is better, whatever) isn't fun for those of us who breed. In fact, I only took up breeding after drops were scheduled because I could make plans around releases. Still, I a can live with random releases again with just one change - a little communication. I'm not asking TJ to tie himself down to a date, but a News preview or even a cryptic reference somewhere on the forum would be helpful. I stalk his "find all posts by member", so any hint anywhere would do, at least for me. More communication, please.
  16. It would be nice if there were some compromise between scheduled drops and random drops. TJ wants to go back to random drops - ok, I get that, his prerogative. But as this news thread is showing, there's a significant number of people who prefer scheduled drops. I think one big reason that a schedule is preferred is because it's much harder to get new eggs after the eggs start mixing, so many want to know when to be online and ready for a new release to hunt the first couple of unmixed hours of drops. These new eggs started mixing on hour 3, which has been normal for non-holiday releases. If there was a 24-hour drop, it would give time for the news of a random new release to get around, for people to decide what to do with what's on their scrolls, and for a chance to catch the new eggs without worries of mis-clicks. This way, people who like random releases are pleased, and people who preferred a schedule can still get themselves informed and organized without having to sweat mis-clicks locking them through a large chunk of their waking hours. Anyway, it's just a suggestion for compromise that anyone is welcome to take up elsewhere. I know there's no pleasing everyone playing this game. I'm really happy to see M/F stages for this release! There have been a lot of single sprites this year.
  17. I prefer regular releases. However, if the eggs drop without mixing all day, I will learn to live with ninja releases. If the eggs mix after a couple hours...ouch. Kids are headed back to school, adults have lives. Some sort of hint that a release is coming up would be nice, at the very least. Thank you for the new release today.
  18. This is not nearly as cool as most if your work, (Wow, Flaviel and irercha!) but it took some planning, so I thought I'd show it off. Someone gifted me the holly as-is (with the tombstone) late in the breeding season last year, and I thought I should build it a mate in time for next Christmas. *whew* It only took half a year! http://dragcave.net/lineage/391Zw
  19. OMGoodness, how pretty is that? Nice work, Ruby! Did a little test breeding today. My friend and I are planning to make Carmine/STD checkers, but I'm still in the "collect all the CBs!" stage. http://dragcave.net/lineage/rU9CJ - Cleaner, but not a lot of dragon in the frame http://dragcave.net/lineage/lZXQ9 - More dragon in the frame, but a little busy Still, I like the colors, and who knows when the frames might change again. Those two went to the AP for now, but I can't wait to settle down and plonk at this line!
  20. The fact is, time is not limitless. So, I suppose my "object" for this suggestion is that I'd rather not see time spent on this suggestion, when, in my opinion, that time can be better spent elsewhere. I am not saying this suggestion is a waste of time, but that there are other suggestions that I would consider priority over this suggestion.
  21. I don't breed my rares to the AP, but I've given the AP some spectacular rares because didn't check my limits before breeding. When those happened, I pouted for a minute and then moved on because, as someone already said, I have unlimited chances to breed, whereas someone hunting for rares in the AP only has that one chance to catch my wandering rare egg. As with most suggestions like this, it all boils down to player patience. You lost your egg. Wait a week and breed again. Continue until your dragons breed the egg you want. The game even has given us the boost of the fertility BSA to encourage our dragons to breed (and let's not debate your opinion of fertility here, it's a fact that it's meant to boost breeding, whether you think it works or not). All anyone needs to breed any egg is patience. I comment on suggestions like these because I see them as a waste of TJ's coding power. While he tries to code something like this because players are impatient, he's not coding something that could be more useful and desired to a larger cross-section of players. Losing a breeding to scroll lock is not a singular event. You get to try again. Auto-abandon is a minor fail in an already pretty easy collecting game. I'd rather TJ work on coding something like BSAs that can fix permanent player aggravations like refuals and freezes (you know, with super-long cool-downs and rare chances of working so even the trying for these things would be not-so-easy; oh, and these are just examples that, again, should not be debated here; they have their own threads ). If you would like a fool-proof collecting "game" with few limits and no chances of losing anything, they exist. You just need to do a little Googling to find them.
  22. Eventually, the Bleeding Moons and Imperial Fleshcrowns will become populated enough that they will allow the other breed to come through. Are you all using fertility on the breed you want? I know some people don't believe in fertility, but if you're struggling to get the opposite egg of a pair, it couldn't hurt. May I also suggest using the Breeding/Gifting group to make a request (as well as Even Gens)? It's a little complicated on first glance, but the group gets easier to use with continued use. It would put many breeders to work on your common, yet hard to get, egg request. Requests remain active for 2 months, and then you can request again. I know I'm happy to try my commons over and over again when I see the request on B/G because going to the want list reminds me to breed. So many people ask for rares there...the breeders love to jump on common requests. http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=143470
  23. I have to say, I don't like this, even in the short-term, for the reasons stated by others earlier - it's hard enough to get second gen rare swaps. At least in Even Gens, there's a small sense of community that once existed and could be built again. For example, I was much more likely to try my rares for Even Gen than other trade forums, in part because I'd breed a great rare for elsewhere and have my trade offer rejected, then be stuck with a rare to trade on my own. In Even Gen, I could count on people contacting me (or me contacting them) even if my initial trade wasn't accepted, because who couldn't use two rares for tough lineages? And a return baby down the line is a great motivator for giving away a rare egg, I think. ~_^ Maybe keep the temporary trade ban, but emphasize that people are allowed to ask for second gens for their work - that hasn't been banned, right? I still think a simple "no crossposting" rule would help more because then it makes a trader have to choose between Even Gens and the other trading forums. If they're in it for the rares, they'll go elsewhere. If they're truly serious about building a line, they'll ask at Even Gens first. Traders can always delete their EG trade posts later if they wish to try elsewhere. Anyway, I know it's not easy policing the forums, no matter what the rules are. Just voicing my opinion here, not, you know, seething with anger or anything extreme.
  24. Free Arrowhead Thuwed from two Thuwed lines. To get it, leave an AP egg in offer and make a reply here that you asked for it. Thanks! http://dragcave.net/lineage/zIgne http://dragcave.net/teleport/ab7a1814586fa...c1bcf27ad2fa12e - It went to Dee, who was both the first post and offer. Enjoy!
  25. Maybe just to start, re-emphasize the purpose of the EG trading thread and the spirit in which it was created. After that, if you have enough mods to police it, maybe simply ban double trade posts - like, if you can and have posted your trade elsewhere, you can't post it to Even Gens. If you think the EG thread is really what you need to help you, then post your trade only there. This way, mods aren't looking through posts for breeds, but rather just looking for multiple posts by user. When someone multi-posts, it's pretty easy to spot from the trading page as they will be the last poster on two or more trade threads. And, again with mod work in mind, maybe simply say that although the mods might not catch every multiple post, if they do find a multiple post to EG, your post will be deleted. Maybe cloning a trade post to EG simply is "punished" with the deletion instead of warns, to keep things simpler. Not getting your trade seen would certainly be punishment to spamming traders. One thing to remember, on the other hand, is that some of us rely on emails for our favorite forum threads. I read the emails and go straight to trade posts that interest me. I keep the number of threads that I follow low and targeted - I don't have the main, rare, or metal trading threads emailed to me - just EG, PB breeding, seasonal breeding, etc. - low-traffic threads of my favorite breedings. My point is, when I'm acting as a trader, I don't know who is looking at what thread I might be able to use, so I do post to as many threads as apply to reach the widest possible trading audience. I agree that spreading out the same trade post is better, but I don't always have time to post every few hours to a new thread and sometimes end up spamming all the threads at the same time. So, I'm no saint, but I do try to follow the rules. If I knew I could only post a trade to EG and not elsewhere, then I would make a clear choice of where to post my trade. It's that simple. And if other threads made similar rules, maybe that would be a good thing. P.S. If the new hybrid trading is a concern, I have to wonder if we shouldn't be more patient. It was only released in June and people are scrambling for them. I can't help but think that down the line, the interest will wane and the number of trades for them will dwindle.