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  1. I think the privacy issue is a non-starter. I don't put private information on Discord - it's for game info and chat. I didn't start my discord with my primary email account; I have a separate email for games. Is Discord or the servers gathering more than my email, what I post, and possibly IP addresses? If that's all, I think my privacy is safe. Some hacker gets my sparkly frufru game info, oh well.


    If there's more to it, yes, I'd like to know.

  2. The best part about discord is that it will often work like the forums. You can scroll back as far as you like to read the latest. You don't miss anything by logging out and back in. It also works well across computers and devices, so you can respond to things like trade links quicker if it's on your phone.


    You can make friends through discord and then create groups within discord - user to user instead of on a specific discord server like the Dragon Cave server - to have specific discussions that limit the people talking or are off-topic on the DC server discord.


    P.S. - The default colors and font sizes can be changed. Don't let readability of the default settings stop you from keeping up!

  3. One event question - is there a "wrong" way to do it? Like, in the past, we had the event where if we didn't do the moves in the right order, we never received some of the items. I know this is different, but I don't want to miss out on a cool dance partner just because I didn't play in the correct way.

  4. Sneaking in at the last minute to say how much I enjoyed sharing my Halloween birthday with the Cave this year! I do every year, but this one was more special because we were given some fabulously colorful dragons and a re-start on that tricky, but funny, special event. I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you, Cavers! 🎃🍰💀🎊

  5. 7 minutes ago, ShorahNagi said:

    We've done several - and I know in at least one of them (Haunting in Aliset - think that was 2012), TJ added an item after the fact and people were able to go back and get it. The Haunted House event of 2011 also let people replay it.


    Thank you. I thought it was odd to get locked out at the end. Events usually last all week, no matter how soon you go through it. I entered the first day and moved around until I received an item because usually, the events are progressive and I wanted that "just in case" first item. But then I couldn't get back at all, only move forward. Sounds like I missed all the best bits, too!

  6. Also, help me remember - did we do an event like this before where we couldn't go back and pick up missing items? I want to say this is the first time I've been locked out at the end. What a bummer, not to be able to toy with it all week!

  7. If the colors really do count on waiting until eggs are extremely low-time, that's a dangerous game to ask us to play. If you forget to unfog and hatch eggs under a day because you're waiting for purple, you've killed eggs - which most of us don't like doing in general, let alone taking into account all the wasted time sitting on eggs. I'm thinking we have the mechanic wrong.

  8. 12 hours ago, Shadowdrake said:

    Unfortunately, legacy sprites are a bad idea in general. If you were here for frill/aria removal, or for the yearly alt sweetling drama, then you've witnessed people being upset they will never have x sprite regardless of the quality of it. This is after all a catch em all game at heart, and legacy sprites just don't jive with it if they're limited to folks who happened to be here. But if they all are optional, then they aren't legacy sprites but some kind of weird alt form. 


    Whoa, whoa! Just to be clear, I was suggesting a Legacy View, not for old sprites to still be in-cave. In my mind, Legacy View would work like this:

    There would be an extra link on any sprite that's been bred. You can click the normal "View Lineage" under the parent names, or, somewhere on the page, you could click "Legacy View" or "View Legacy" and see the lineage view with old sprites instead of new ones. Anyone can see Legacy View, so it's not exclusive to anyone, and either dragons in the view would be unclickable, or, if you click a part of the lineage, you go back to a current view with the option to click View Legacy Again. If art is no longer allowed to be even viewed on the Cave site, them's the breaks - the Legacy View would only show new sprites for that breed.


    Below is a lineage I considered botched - the round bellies of the male summers matched well with the large wings on the swallowtails - I used the Summers to represent the South Beach setting of the movie and the Swallowtails for their bird likeness. I would have used another dragon, though, if I didn't like the Summer bellies with the Swallow wings. I'm imagining being able to see this lineage with the old summer sprites with a single click from a Legacy View link. Otherwise, everyone just sees the current lineage. If there was a Legacy view available, it might cut down on some of the angst and unhappiness that comes with new sprites. Nothing will make everyone happy, but I could live with being able to see my lines as I originally created them and I'm thinking others could as well.


    Also, in the future, how about just some warning when a sprite is going to be updated? I would have taken screen shots of my original lines if I knew I was on deadline for an upcoming sprite update.


    I am very well aware of how much work goes into spriting and how much MORE work and consideration goes into updating an existing sprite. I don't love seeing the artists knocked around by bitterness. But a little communication would lower the angst factor considerably. Just let people vent their spleens in a protest thread you can ignore, but those of us who know better will at least have a chance to save an image of our favorite lines. Far less coding than Legacy View with just a little communication. I know I'd trade the "surprise" factor for less ire upon the new sprite release if I were modding.


  9. OK, so I'm afraid to look at all my seasonal lineages. I get that time marches on and the sprites change whether I like it or not. I've been at the Cave this long, I can roll with it.


    But when I see amazing code for Trading and a Market appear on the site, I have to wonder why a "Legacy View" can't be added to the site? I'm imagining a link that you click that will show you a lineage with first generation sprite art. I carefully choose which dragons breed together by an overall "look" that appeals to me - size, color, tile position, etc. Every time the sprites are updated, my carefully chosen pairs can sometimes look pretty bad. It would be nice to be able to continue to see my breeding lines as I originally conceived them. Would that really be so hard to add when we have trading and a market?


    I'm sure this idea will be brought up in Suggestions. I'm posting it here because I think people who are upset about the sprite changes should focus on What Is And Will Not Change, and What Positive Actions Can Be Taken.

  10. The long drop stretches are part of what messed me up. I'd try clicking for a while, then go do something else, and forget to come back. Usually, I'd do some actual scroll work and pick up new eggs consistently, but when they weren't appearing all that often, I thought I'd come back to the scroll worl, but kept being drawn father from the computer.


    First year I didn't get them all, too. Usually, the drop rate would speed up a little in the last hour, but it seemed to slow down this year. Bleh.

  11. BTW, while we're talking about not liking pink all that much, when are we going to see a new "dark" Valentine dragon? This year? Next? Look how much everyone loves (and waaaaaants) the Black Sweetlings - clearly there's a large market out there for a new Black Valentine. Something to think about TJ and the Spriters(tm).


    While I'm BTWing, I think it should be pointed out that the Dragon Cave and these Forums are not a democracy. TJ occasionally gives us the illusion of democracy, but the reality is that you can make your arguments and then the chips fall wherever TJ wants them to fall. It is a game, but games are played in real life. And there are many people on the internet who think the internet is the wild west where anything goes when, in reality, you are beholden to a site/provider/server's terms of service.


    I think it's great that everyone is laying out their ideas about the things that bother them. But remember, if you want real control over the game, you need to go make your own version of it. The game is only as fair as the people running it want to be fair. Shouting into the wind over and over again isn't going to get you your way.


    But that's just facts combined with almost 10 years of observation. Ta.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Naruhina_94 said:

    I am really curious to know how many enraged Aegis there are VS how many Pacified Aegis. I bet there is even number of both types.


    Oh, please, oh please, can we bet real money on this? Because I'm 99% sure that there are far less Enraged Aegises out there than Pacified.

    1. Most of the userbase doesn't use the forum or doesn't use it much, meaning,

    2. There's a large number of users out there who don't even know there is a BSA on a holiday dragon.

    3. There's a distinct lack of people willing to trade/breed Enraged Ageises, both during and after the holiday.


    Cold, hard cash. Let's do this! ;)