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  1. Thanks for the PM. I actually talked with TJ on Twitter and he helped me find the issue. All should be good now
  2. Hello again! Been a while, eh? * Fixed the bug about "non-numeric" values when trying to remove an item * Fixed the bug where Sinomorph dragons were being added (thanks to @PurpleHaze for letting me use their scroll to test) * In the future, you may PM me with site issues if there seems to be an ongoing bug or downtime lasting more than a day or so. I get an email whenever a PM hits here so I'll come check the forum. And finally... Big thanks to the user who donated to keep the site running. I get approximately one donation every five years, so that was quite a surprise to receive! (Don't go into hatchery sites if you want to make money )
  3. Sorry all - my router rebooted and nuked all my NAT rules (?!), and so I lost the port forwarding to the web server. It should be up now. Thanks to PurpleHaze for keeping me updated with PMs whenever it breaks
  4. It would help if I whitelisted the uptime-monitor in my gmail inbox!
  5. You know, when the egg limits were increased years ago, I never bothered to update the sig generation. It should be working now.
  6. Good news, everyone! The site should be up and running again! Thanks for your patience.
  7. Hey all. The site is down temporarily due to a hard drive crash. I have ordered a new drive for the server, but it could be a week or so before I get everything restored. (I self-host from a PC in the corner of the room, no 24/7 tech staff here!) Thanks for your patience : )
  8. Sorry for the latest downtime - it isn't my fault this time! My DNS provider ZoneEdit was hacked a few days ago and their name servers were all shut down. They are bringing them back up but still have issues as well: one of my nameservers seems permanently stuck at the wrong IP address. Hopefully they will get this sorted out soon. I tweeted the issue to them in case they are unaware. It's frustrating for me as well because it makes my home server inaccessible from the web.
  9. Still alive, no disasters at all here, just haven't had time to look at the EDS code. Got a new 2-month-old baby (who is a disaster in his own right!) I did get an email about the 5-letter codes. ... seriously considering open-sourcing the EDS code again. EDIT: site's fixed, 5 letter codes supported, leetle trees now properly cleared out of the rotation. Oh and 5 letter words off the Scrabble dictionary now checkable in the stats. (Switched from OWL2 to OSPD4 too, which takes out "offensive" words and some trademarks) Inbred check still not working.
  10. Thanks for the tip, didn't realize there were any non-JS users out there. Try it now.
  11. API queries are cached for one hour, so that one was an ER hatchling that grew up quickly and then stuck around until the cleaning script removed it 50 minutes later. I could add a little "x" removal button or something, but the effort involved in doing that far outweighs the handful of lost views to other items thanks to adults stuck in the ER.
  12. Thanks, I replaced all calls to serialize with json_decode and the problems for those with large scrolls went away. Let me know if you guys run across any more issues.
  13. Okay, I've made a change to the index page that has potential to affect some of my users - because it relies on my (very poor) understanding of Javascript. You can now change the number of dragons shown on the page (minimum 15), and the minimum interval between page refresh (minimum 15 seconds). These values are stored in a cookie and preserved between page reloads (up to 30 days between visits), so you can configure them for the computer you're using and they should stick permanently. Turn these values up at your discretion to the point where dragons _just_ finish displaying before the page reloads, in order to maximize the views you can give at one time. Faster refreshes (as opposed to more dragons at once) tends to favor the ER dragons, but strains the server a tiny bit more.
  14. Yes, it is: the API doesn't report if a hidden item is an egg or a hatchling, so EDS will try different combinations to figure out if your scroll is locked or not. But if you have e.g. 3 eggs 0 hatchlings and one hidden, your scroll could be locked or unlocked depending on if that fog cloud is an egg or a hatchling. In cases like that EDS will report your scroll as "status unknown".
  15. Reasonably certain the problem is that I made a lineage request for a dead dragon with no parents. I've decided to ignore the bug for now. A test for 'eppi' now shows at least 6 dupes in the line.
  16. A long-standing feature is here: MANAGE INDIVIDUAL ITEMS! The old "remove scroll" tool is gone, replaced with a scroll management utility that lets users pull individual items back out of the mix. In this way EDS remains the fastest hatchery for most users (fewest actions to get a scroll into the pot). Taking them back out is for power users and is thus a little more hidden.
  17. Thanks. I've made some progress in fixing these issues - the result set is larger now - but I also have an API question out to TJ right now about a quirk in the lineage request. EDIT: bbik, that was (half) my problem - I thought I was getting full lineage when I really only got a subset. Having to recursively query the edges again. EDIT2: a blog post and a hint to the future of EDS. http://nwserver.webhop.org/?p=32
  18. Can you give me an example of one that you would have expected a longer list for?
  19. EDS has an ER now. Keeping with the "simple is better" theme, users don't have to do anything differently. Instead, any egg or hatchling with less than 24 hours remaining will automatically be prioritized into a reserved first-15 slot and displayed with a blue link border for easy identification. (Still no more than 75 items are shown on the dump at one time).
  20. Thanks for the bug report. It was the Leetle Tree, plus a cache issue. The numbers are right now. Meanwhile: Inbred Check is fixed! Since the API gives back the complete lineage, there is no need for the Extended Check any more. All checks are Extended checks. Remember, just put in your comma-separated list of IDs. Each will be checked and individually reported. If all pass validation, the potential offspring are checked. EDIT: Scroll Stats are fixed too! (and now with a count of cave-born items) I think that covers all the bug-fixing that needs to happen. I can start working on new features from here, unless anyone uncovers an issue.
  21. Okay, yeah, it's working fine on my end. Probably what has happened is that your web browser's cache still thinks the old items are legit. You can try to delete your cache, or wait an hour or so to see if the problem clears itself up.
  22. What's your scroll name? You can PM me if you don't want to share it with the forum.
  23. That's correct. But then I found a few minutes and fixed the banner too. I should add that the API is a little indeterminate when dealing with hidden items. The banner does its best to determine if you're locked or not, but in some cases you will now see a yellow border and "STATE UNKNOWN" when your particular combination of eggs, hatchlings and hidden could be either locked or unlocked. I'll keep working on some of the other features over the next few days. IBC is very high on the list.
  24. This should be fixed. I've finally updated the add page to use the API. No more dead / adult items appearing, and it should get addables from all pages. Please test it and report any problems! I'll try to get some more features online over the next few days, including fixing the banner / lineage check, adding additional stats, an ER, maybe another banner image or two, and the long-awaited Manage Scroll tool to pull individual items back out of the mix.
  25. I bumped up the viewer to 99 eggs at request of another user, since 50 seemed a bit low. If it's too much for your computer, I'll crank it back down : ) @Alicia-Nixon: which tool or box is giving that error? Does your scroll name contain any weird characters?