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  1. Well, I figured out we can hoe the parsnips out, so don't do that. *L*
  2. I like the curvy necks on the new male Cirlax sprites. They make me think of moray eels.
  3. I like the change that allows a lot of people's eggs to be raised. I'm not super picky about my AP finds, and will raise them if they are not inbred, but it seems most of my AP find are second gens from one particular scroll that uses a surname for dragons, so much that it feels like my scroll is just a suburb of that one.
  4. this one seems to be havignt he same problem as the others, all broken pictures.
  5. @silverdrak no pictures are loading, but I get the successful add message.
  6. Thank you for the old treats! It took me forever to stop going in circles in Valkemarian tales, and now I'm stuck in jail, but the return of treats I missed before is a permanent win!
  7. I bred a Yulebuck egg and abandoned it. this week, I found an ER Heartseeker, descended from my baby. In the meantime, between catch and hatch, the mother of the Heartseeker was killed, but I just found it odd that this random egg was descended from my dragons.I must be on this site too long. Lineage of the mother, killed today: https://dragcave.net/lineage/WfJCy My baboo: https://dragcave.net/view/b0ezL
  8. I must have used it 7 years ago, and don't remember, sicne my badge is pumpkin. Thank you for the answer.
  9. What is the grain for? I haven't gotten a recipe that uses it.
  10. Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark on the classroom wall, how cute.
  11. Thank you! I was wondering how I would make my permanent snow fort look, now i have 4 more days to decide.
  12. That's not just a Thuwed, it's a Dorkface too. Descended from some of my dragons, who are descended from Midas Dorkface
  13. I'm lucky to have egg slots, but this post.. I'm like.. Sept 1?
  14. One success out of 5 tries, and lot of pygmies who were good at dodging. https://dragcave.net/view/RaOKG But it's a two head, formerly a Duotone
  15. Just incuhatched 5, and finally got another pumpkin, but the lag and bad gateways are brutal.
  16. I've only caught 2 of them so far. And RL has been busy, so this is the first I saw the adults and the name. Did anyone else realize these are Power Ranger dragons? I can't run through the thousands of comments to see, but,.. Zyuranger!
  17. Strange that the new dragon's description says it carries a pearl in it's antlers, when the pearl is clearly visible in the right claw.
  18. Jeez, I haven't played Minesweeper since Windows 3.1. i hope I remember how, I used to be good at it. I'm breeding my Halloween dragons, and it looks like about 40-50% of my total dragons are infected, Even ones that are already zombies. Even my eggs are coming up infected as soon as they're bred. The game graphic is about 40% 'spread' too, and we're only 6 hours in.Will be interesting to see if they correlate.
  19. Well, they are definitely influenceable
  20. I've bred all my old pinks, and all my frills except the inbred ones, should be fun in the AP in a few days. Surprised that the Arias hatch from new eggs, but the Frills apparently do not(all my eggs looked like the old ones) Edited after reading the wiki: Oh man! I saw the 'strange' eggs, and thought it was mixing... forgot what the original Frill egg description was. Missed out on some CBs. Oh well, butt here are too many eggs released to get a full set of everything anyway.
  21. *L* The drops are mixed already. April Fool's on anyone who wasn't up early in the US
  22. My 1 and only success. Used to be a Howler Drake http://dragcave.net/view/W5xmD