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  1. 6th gen from anmar thuweed holly x holly auto drop
  2. i am happy woot my second gen flower turned to yellow flower
  3. my nolta a geoge maker lol 17 geodes from him
  4. thaksa tj09 i got my egg now woot
  5. i love my holly it super nice it has a few of tj dragon names anmar thuwed holly 5th gen
  6. i lived from a heart attack.10 days in hospital We're glad to hear you're alive and okay! Please take General Congrats over to General Discussion, though. The Bragging Thread might suit your purposes: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=138430
  7. i have 1 holly that both of dj name dragons
  8. geode again from nolta hes a heavy breeder for them 16 made by him alone
  9. i have a plat trophy wow, polish it bright
  10. i have 3 of the brown /gray egg now i wait lol egg locked
  11. i been breeding the fiery gems with reg gem they breed nicely
  12. i still need 2 blue and red fire jems just got 2 green!
  13. gon and old pink like each other again.1 more large pink dragon on the way
  14. i think i got a large pink dragon woot! it was from breeding
  15. i hope they fix this to many eggs i got!
  16. i got 7 eggs from the cave it has no limit on them
  17. woooo 5 more days must grab them
  18. i forgot to get the halloween eggs pouts
  19. my best one is anmar thuwed holly this may be tj release
  20. cought me 2 of each one thanks tj