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  1. My impressions after reading the first post: 1, It would be awesome if we could but a random egg. I mean, I collect the points, and when I have enouhg, the game offert me to visit a Cave I haven't been to in a long time, if at all. There I can see three eggs with the usual red question mark and no description. (Whether to disable the /view link is a good idea or not, we can discuss.) Once in the cave, I can pick one out of three eggs. Later it appears as Location: cave. I can trade the egg if I didn't get what I wanted to, I can abandon, I can kill, whatever. Whether the egg is sickness-protected like lottery prices are, is up to discussion but maybe they should be. The ratio in the hidden cave should work like it does outside in the six normal caves - some would be easier to get than others. 2, I'm totally not against artist-alts or variants that'd be available only here. If the artists are willing to do / allow, that is, obviously. 3, Same goes for hidden-only breeds. I would love them. And while we're at it: how about getting a CB snow angel that's of the other two wing variants? I have goldwings, but from the hidden cave I would also have the chance of a tricolor and a white. And dark sweetlings. +1, A completely different use of the points would be to take an already existing (common, or at least available-breed) egg from my growing eggs, and be able to change its code. (But it remains the same breed.)
  2. I think many of us has. That is exactly what dragon descriptions are for. If you go to your Actions page and start reviewing user descriptions, you can come across quite a few rather interesting ones.
  3. How do I get reviews for a dragon description? When I described her (in February) I had no feedback for a while. I admit I didn't review others' descriptions either. Then I spent half a morning reviewing, and soon I had 5 reviews myself. Then nothing for a long while. (I did review sometimes, but never a big bunch.) Then after another long session of reviewing, I got 4 more feedbacks. (In August I suppose?) But since then, nothing. My dragon stands at 8 approvals and 1 rejection, and no matter how many descriptions I read, I don't seem to get any more. I understand mods have little time and would only look at descriptions that have already been read and approved by many other players, but how will my dragon catch their attention if she's not getting any?
  4. Pretty mirror! I killed 3 adult + 2 hatchling, of which the first two adults zombified. No "successful" revival.
  5. With some setting there is (as far as I know). With the wooden outlook, there isn't. Any guesses when we'd be told the exact time of Halloween breeding? Most likely it starts on 25th but it'd be nice to know for sure.
  6. It's a Thuwed, it's 8EG, and it will help you with incubate. http://dragcave.net/teleport/3eea1dbdb262c...22dffc34e706e54 A PM would be nice.
  7. I use "sort by: account default" on my /dragons page. Can I choose "name" or "breed" and then change back to "account default" without messing up my dragon sorting? I want to keep every dragon in their places but I need to find those whose name starts with Zum. (Some of them are frozen so my usual method of clicking a male and a female dragon's breeding partner list won't help.)
  8. It's an interesting idea. What if it would have a very low success rate, like with the summoning? You lead your breedable dragon to a field where you expect wild males/females to breed with him/her, and hope for the best. 80% chance says she'll be back to you in a week's time, 10% chance she'll breed and give you an egg*, 10% chance she will leave you and lose her name and desciption. * maybe you could choose to try her when /where you see other dragons. You go to the /wilderness page, and if she breeds, she'll breed with one of the dragons on screen at the moment. I went there and currently see 49 adult normal dragons, 6 pygmy-size dragons, 3 two-headeds. Out of the 49 normals, there's a 4th gen yule (no inbreeding), 3EG gold (no inbreeding), another gold (messy but as far as I can tell not inbred) , a 3rd gen bright pink, a silver tinsel (messy but not inbred Dorkface Thuwed), and a CB shadow walker. I would risk a cb common to breed here.
  9. Since the creature is native to this forum, I wonder if we could have an badge above a certain number of trophies? And one could decide whether they want all their badges on display, or they already have a lot of badges and those they want to hide behind the a.l.o.t. of badges. I think it would be cute. (And I would use the "hide behind" option.)
  10. It would be great. Also, if I could start a teleport with the freshly caught egg, even if it stays on my scroll. I could get offers on it!
  11. http://dragcave.net/teleport/81e663b188f25...be2f8a10f16211b 6EG with Tempest breeds and bronze/copper. A PM would be nice.
  12. Have: 4EG bronze shimmer from Aiwha and brown coppers. Best offer would be: even gen pure brown copper for further continuing the lineage. (The higher gen the better, but preferably not related to mine.) I will consider other offers too http://dragcave.net/teleport/36349322138f6...410b9eec97402e0
  13. Darth Krande

    Z Project

    Have: z-coded bronze herald from the cave Would like: another herald, any color http://dragcave.net/teleport/f42ba61477f3a...8b404a9a963289a
  14. Have: 3rd gen bronze shimmer egg Would like: something from my art wishlist. Please PM.
  15. Darth Krande

    Z Project

    Have: cb bronze moon herald with Z-code Would like: another cb bronze herald. Traded!
  16. http://dragcave.net/teleport/5a61586e52c0c...67374067934fb42 Shimmerfail. A PM would be nice!
  17. I have an art wishlist in my signature. I also happen to have a 2g bronze shimmerscale egg from Aiwha x frill. Please PM and offer a dummy Traded!
  18. Darth Krande

    Z Project

    Have: moonphase egg with Z code Want: another moonphase egg Traded!
  19. I have a CB astrapi xeno egg with Pez code. I'd like something from my art wishlist (see signature) I'd be willing to offer more Please PM.
  20. I only miss some of the unbreedables and an adult zombie. (Those are the only I have frozen hatchling of, otherwise I don't freeze.)
  21. Well if you want to re-create that exact pattern, I think you'd need at least three people with the different wing-type scrolls, and start the project together. Also, an insane amount of donations from tricolored angel owners, and also some trading during Xmas. Good luck with that!
  22. Brown copper with some bronze. I'm proud so far. http://dragcave.net/lineage/lSjv3
  23. My scroll is not a mess (ehm....) but many pages are sorted by code (SW-related, TF-related, interesting in Hungarian, interesting in English etc) so I would love an option to see my dragons by breed while also keeping the scroll sorted as it is now. So that's a yes from me!
  24. Awww I didn't know the idea already came up..... and was, as it seems, dropped?