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  1. I plan abandoning/releasing the purples but once the AP gets full of whites I will take and name and keep some of them. (they're on my neightbor's scroll but she hardly pays any attention there so I can be evil at her scroll while mine is locked)
  2. How evil would it be if I froze and released the pinks I hatch? Or grow them and release as an adult? Do we "have" to put them back to the AP?
  3. Once I started a naming project with unwanted breeds - green/pepple, at that time. I picked some eggs, and then the geode hystery came in and there was a huge line of people asking for greens at the Giving Tree so I ran out of the material to name Anyway, my plan was to name the dragons after lines of poems, so when I put them in the correct order they's form the poem itself.
  4. I support the idea. And collect the winter eggs too (sorry that wasn't much of a joke) Maybe I'll join the evil plan.
  5. Once. The dragon is DN*a so I named her "Dezoxiribonukleinsav" which is the Hungarian word for DNA.
  6. I was tempted to name Hadu to "hadúr" which m eans "warlord".... but it was a white so I couldn't do it.
  7. -you care for your dragons more than your relatives -you consider your dragons as your relatives -you know the linage of your dragons -you know when they were laid, when they hatched and grew up -you consider one of these as a birthday -and you celebrate it -when you see a car after an accident, you guess the owner tried to force it -when you're asked to show your papers, you feel tempted to show your scroll -you visit a fansite more often than the fridge/kitchen -you visit your scroll more ofetn than your e-mail account -whatever you see, you make up your mind how cute it would be as a dragon sprite (please continue)
  8. How about a warning for the pwner, too? I mean something like "To your suprise, you find (XY (one of the svcroll owner's dragons) guarding this egg/hatchling. Maybe he/she senses a danger you haven't spotted yet" But after a while the dragon goes away and if the owner doesn't do anything, the egg/hatchling would get sick as usual. ((I've heard a sad story when the third party has on purpose linked the LINK of the eggs without the picture and killed alll the eggs with too many clicks without any views. ))