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  1. I found this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/QUuYit would soooo match my lineage project, couldn't we call that 1/4 icicle a honorary Tempest? Everything else in its line is Tempest.....
  2. Come on! Nobody wants a bluna? It's still available.
  3. Her egg http://dragcave.net/lineage/reEO is looking for a loving home! Please PM
  4. http://dragcave.net/lineage/ad38 I have this female, and I don't know if anyone wants an egg from her. I bred for an even-gen project and misclicked the partner.....
  5. I had a little project that included breeding a black and his offsprings, but now finally I have all the eggs I was waiting for, so please add me to that list! I don't plan breeding any blacks until I'm asked to
  6. (How about adding other once-common breeds like skywing and white?)
  7. Not yet. Come ooon! It's already a hatchie. If it genders, I might decide to trade him/her!
  8. Once something on my scroll hatched, could I please get even-gen Tempests please? The bluna will go to the first person who contacts me on MSN or irc, and finds me online.
  9. http://dragcave.net/lineage/bUcc If I'm allowed to bump..... He/she is still waiting for a new home.
  10. My poor egg is still looking for a loving home..... http://dragcave.net/lineage/bUcc
  11. Have: http://dragcave.net/lineage/bUcc (parents CB but not Tempest-named) Want: a loving home for this egg and possibly joining him/her to the Tempest lineage. Tiny request: when I unlock, would somebody please try breeding me even-gen Tempests? I don't mind which Tempest breed it would be.
  12. The AP is full even if the main cave is open.... of ANY breed, you are lucky to have ONE egg Thanks for the warm welcome
  13. Scroll Name: Darth Krande Forum Name: Darth Krande Willing to gift Dragons: Y (I only breed on request) Willing to Receive Dragons: only Evens, please Sorry I thought it was somewhere in the Speadsheet, and I couldn't imagine why I cannot find it
  14. I added my fresh Tempests to the spreadsheet. I'm completely new to Tempestness, but I hope to make Even gen Tempests. I hope I'm not the only one If you are looking for a home for any Even Tempests, I'd love to adopt them. I am usually scroll-locked with eggs I don't mind throwing away
  15. Tiny problem: it says "none of my codes are 4-letter English words". Could you please set this to read zero as "o"? I have a dragon coded Ro0m so it should recognise it.... Also, counting how many CB /bred dragons I have would be interesting.
  16. I like this idea, and very much like the time (and not number!) limits. Anyway since frozens get no views now (I mean hatchlings) it could be possible to grab an egg and freeze (intact egg) then a week later (or whatever, as TJ sets) you grab another egg, get some views, and then when you feel it cracked enough, you freeze it and keep it in THAT cracked stage. I am not a freezer but I think I would keep an egg with a huge hole in it and the text "it's completely devoid of dirt and scratches"
  17. Is it just me, or did purple and pink go less uber-common since the Evilness begun? Now whenever I see the Cave blocked, it's greens, mints, and a few grays and magis. I've seen old pink eggs in the AP yesterday, so it's not totally gone.
  18. This was the first time for me. I have picked up a black egg with "OllL" (not all caps are caps) and then named Olaj which means "oil".
  19. I hope that if I grow them to adult and release them they will lay eggs in the Wilderness and change the pink ratio at the "official" part of DC. However I named some of the and I don't plan to release....
  20. Well... My neighbor said she still doesn't feel like DCing so I can do with her scroll whatever I want..... so much about me talking someone into DC.... However, it isn't double scrolling is it? Now I use my own scroll for myself and hers for Evilness....
  21. I plan abandoning/releasing the purples but once the AP gets full of whites I will take and name and keep some of them. (they're on my neightbor's scroll but she hardly pays any attention there so I can be evil at her scroll while mine is locked)
  22. How evil would it be if I froze and released the pinks I hatch? Or grow them and release as an adult? Do we "have" to put them back to the AP?