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  1. Adding my new dragons.... How about those 2nd gens whom I picked up from the AP, the breeder is unknown, and the parents (at least one of them) has Tempest in their name, but they're not registered?
  2. "A number of these may appear in early December." It is December already, I wonder what of these awesomenesses would happen first. I secretly hope for an Advent's Calendar with one change each day.
  3. I just added her to the sheet: http://dragcave.net/lineage/kLPl and she's not the only one added The name means "You mistake her for a kelpie"
  4. I've been adding my dragons and I'm afraid I made a mistake. Would somebody please correct it? Tempest Eso is male and I think I marked him as female. (After all the refusals, he deserved that!) Name: Tempest Eso Breed: storm Gender:male Generation:2 Mother: Tempest Hermia Father: Tempest Oberon Also, in Tempest Ejjel Erkezem 's sheet, I wrote the mother as Tempest Tengermelyi Zivatar but before I could've written (not real Tempest) there, I sent it by accident. The father is a real Tempest so no other problem should be there with Tempest Ejjel Erkezem..... Name: Tempest Ejjel Erkezem Breed: deepsea Gender:female Generation:3 Mother: Tempest Tengermelyi Zivatar (not real Tempest) Father: Valaki Vegtelen Tempest Thank you!
  5. No I didn't add any of them yesterday, my net was not cooperative. But I'll make sure to only add those who are really Tempests.
  6. Uhhh, I've named a few of my AP-found dragons Tempest when the breeds were OK. Sorry. I thought it's only the Blunas whose parents have to be Tempests to be bred Tempests. Whatever. That was the bad news. Now, good or bad, I will go and add my dragons to the Spreadsheet if my net connection cooperates!
  7. To kind people: I'd gladly take in any even-gen non inbred Tempest eggs. I know it's strange but I'm not locked now A jackpot would be a partner for http://dragcave.net/lineage/HiPZ but I'd happily take lower gens too.
  8. That is sad, the sprite is very much Tempest-like. Anyway, Skywings look very much fair-weather dragons to me, and they are still Tempests.... *sigh* They look so Tempest-like.
  9. They are gorgeous! Beautiful! All of them!
  10. There are two kinds of people not accepting aid. One is who doesn't want it, and the other didn't bother to set it yet. With the current "it is against the rules...." we can't (usually) tell which group does the scroll owner belong to. Currently, it is against the rules to help a newbie until they read the FAQ. I see the point in this. But displaying "The owner of this dragon doesn't want help" would not be OK....
  11. I saw two eggs offered for trade, they were caught about an hour ago. Yes, two black eggs in one hour
  12. Hmmm when I signed up for this, I was 114th and it said 38 CB blacks have been seen. Now, after cca a month and cca 30 new members joining, there are only 44 sightings? 6 CB blacks seen in a month? Man, that's RARE!
  13. I found this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/QUuYit would soooo match my lineage project, couldn't we call that 1/4 icicle a honorary Tempest? Everything else in its line is Tempest.....
  14. Come on! Nobody wants a bluna? It's still available.
  15. Her egg http://dragcave.net/lineage/reEO is looking for a loving home! Please PM
  16. http://dragcave.net/lineage/ad38 I have this female, and I don't know if anyone wants an egg from her. I bred for an even-gen project and misclicked the partner.....
  17. I had a little project that included breeding a black and his offsprings, but now finally I have all the eggs I was waiting for, so please add me to that list! I don't plan breeding any blacks until I'm asked to
  18. (How about adding other once-common breeds like skywing and white?)
  19. Not yet. Come ooon! It's already a hatchie. If it genders, I might decide to trade him/her!
  20. Once something on my scroll hatched, could I please get even-gen Tempests please? The bluna will go to the first person who contacts me on MSN or irc, and finds me online.
  21. http://dragcave.net/lineage/bUcc If I'm allowed to bump..... He/she is still waiting for a new home.
  22. My poor egg is still looking for a loving home..... http://dragcave.net/lineage/bUcc
  23. Have: http://dragcave.net/lineage/bUcc (parents CB but not Tempest-named) Want: a loving home for this egg and possibly joining him/her to the Tempest lineage. Tiny request: when I unlock, would somebody please try breeding me even-gen Tempests? I don't mind which Tempest breed it would be.