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Taking requests for free breeding, see details in profile.Looking for any dragon whose code starts with SW, or whose code can be read as Tarn, Helex, or Tesarus. (More Kaon and Vos also welcome!) scroll link - wishlist - art wishlist I might consider IOUs. I don't make lists for Aiwha. She doesn't like it.

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    Budapest, Hungary
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    These dragons are available for breeding. Please PM to arrange, and don't forget to include the breed you want as the other parent. I have CB of most.
    The v before the name indicates said dragon was already bred this season. In brackets you find the dragon's partner.

    v uJjgS - 2g marrow from harvest ( m4oOl )
    v 2NRKl - 2g marrow from electric ( TbDnv)
    v DhtHQ - cb desipis
    WYtCV - cb desipis
    Ay2o2 - cb desipis
    Szenes Emlekek Hamva - cb desipis
    V Messatine Hava - cb grave
    v rFLe4 - cb grave
    HxTrX - cb grave
    uBl1O - cb grave
    Ejnye - cb lurker
    Tuc-Tuc Zene - cb lurker
    dsjdH - cb lurker
    Oktober Est - cb marrow
    afgaN - cb shadowwalker
    Dagobah Kod - cb shadowwalker
    lGPts - cb caligene
    Csontsisak Szerencse - 2g marrow from bronze shimmer ( terv HmIFv )
    tAqid - cb caligene
    Harmadlurker 3800 - 3g checker with ember males
    v Feketelurker - 2g lurker from black mom ( V4IgW, plan for offspring SYPqd)
    Granitlurker - 3g checker lurker with pyrope
    Abby Unoka - 3g stair from Abby

    Hamu+Korom - 2g grave from ember ( 5wElJ)
    vjRwW - 4eg marrow with ember pattern
    Je2u5 - 2g lurker from pyrope ( FiUnN )
    SevXv - 4EG marrow
    H79iX - 2g shadowwalker with arsani (needs partner)
    Zerge a Setet - 2g lurker with silver (terv BfRZh vagy dsjdH és Joe vagy Ejnye és Nyers Ezüst)
    b68KI - 2g pb lurker
    UwV1N - 3g checker shadowwalker with grays
    Mystic Kodgomolyag - 2g shadowwalker with silver (needs partner)
    jMvsc - cb desipis
    sFomI - cb desipis
    1xDWn - cb desipis
    Ve9AEe - cb grave
    v m8FwE - cb grave
    7qw79 - cb grave
    v EniYo - cb lurker
    Hatszinu - cb lurker
    Arny Libben - cb lurker
    Keetoran - cb marrow
    SwRBY - 2g shadowwalker from storm ( d5srE ) ld alatta
    V1lbr (ha összejön akkor 3g UwV1N )
    DjDOf - 3EG grave with some bronzeshimmer
    Ubul Masodlurker - 2G lurker (terv: Setet Abby)
    3XXEq - cb caligene
    bgo07 - 3eg marrow from hellfires
    uuUib - cb caligene
    1peL5 - cb caligene
    W7gNA - cb caligene
    Ojcyo - cb caligene
    Fi Aranykod Avar - 3g checker shadowwalker with gold females and spriter's alt
    SWKef - 2g shadow walker from waverunner ( 3RYCJ)
    8928L - 3g purebred shadow walker

    Ho0KC - 2g ribbondancer from red (terv2: rzMQ4)
    Napfordulo Nappalszarny - 2g bluewing solstice from turpentine (terv nU4bM )
    Z1NKo - 2g ribbondancer from lurker
    kyaBv - cb mistletoe
    ReOPV - cb mistletoe
    Cukorkari - cb solstice
    Karicukorka - cb solstice
    Zoldmadzag Segit - cb ribbon
    Zoldmadzag Teker - cb ribbon
    Karacsony Szinei Arany - cb goldwing snowangel
    Karacsony Arany Szarnya - cb goldwing snowangel
    JViLw - spiral-ish goldwing snow angel
    Sang Arnyek - 3g stair ribbondancer from shadowwalker males

    Kicsi Negy - long holly with skywings
    Krisztustovis Thuwed - 7EG holly
    ZrmC - 3g yule (with white and daydream)
    8NnFo - 5g yule (with blue nebs and purples)
    Overdance A Telmagus - cb wintermagi
    Sivatagi Telmagus - cb wintermagi
    Zizegoderescsomag - cb wrappingwing
    Zizegopapir - cb wrappingwing
    AoZQj - 6g stair yule from daydream females
    Shanixtovis - complicated holy
    Karikari - cb aegis
    Karika Kari - cb aegis
    Ragyogo Agancs Oazis - 2g yule from bronze shimmer

    Flamisuti - 2g 09 from flamingo
    Draconna Valenka - 2g 09 from black
    Magnesszin - 2g arsani from daydreamer
    Csillám Nox - cb heartsteal
    dpTAu - cb heartsteal
    YmXDU - cb arsani
    Szivemet Adtam Neked - cb arsani
    aoAM - cb rosebud
    Szep volt kedves de szomoru - cb rosebud
    CODAO - 3g arsani with pillows
    MaZDZ - 3eg checker with swallowtails

    H2o4S - 2g radiant from bronze shimmer
    Zoldsugarfenye - 2g radiant from undine
    Kedvescsoki - 2g sweetling from bright pink (terv2: BLkWK)
    Ejillat Parfum - 2g heartseeker from black
    KGKeS - cb radiant
    Agancs - cb heartseeker
    Sugaras - cb radiant
    Tul Edes - cb sweetling
    Tuzszarvas - cb heartseeker
    Cukorbaj - cb sweetling
    8nSsP Tuzes Szerencse - 2g heartseeker from Aiwha
    VqO6E - 3EG heartseeker checker with red nebs
    VCW0N - cb mutamore
    uLOv7 - cb mutamore

    Guardians of nature and scroll:
    female: Buszke Or
    male: Sarkanyok Orzoje