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  1. None bronze for me here, just lots of misclicks. I'm giving up now. Yay for those who got them though; they are tough to get! Beautiful artwork on these guys too, thank you LadyLyzar!
  2. Wow, that looks like it took a lot of time! Thank you for doing that; mucho appreciated
  3. Seconded on all of this!
  4. Just nabbed this little Flamingo...and man, I am still in shock! I was surprised to discover this wasn't a Terces lineage http://dragcave.net/lineage/wZ7Qf Thank you mystery breeder!
  5. I was around for this too. They were about as rare as...well, an actual rare. However, now I see them in the cave frequently. It seems to me they're back to being commons. I have to stop myself from reflex-clicking when I see them now. @flame249, I'm guessing you'll probably see them when you're looking for something else. Just a shot in the dark there, but that happens to me all the time. Good hunting!
  6. Mass-breedings can be frustrating, but I don't mind them. The last thing I want to see is yet another artist requesting their dragons to be permanently removed due to the wall of the same breed in the AP. (For those who recall the Frill fiasco, though I'm not sure if that was due to mass-breeding or just a whole bunch of eggs being dumped into the AP. I'm not looking for an answer to that, btw.) I don't consider it inconsiderate; it's part of the game. We had a wall of Royals for hours awhile back. It just happens and I expect to see that happen in the AP. And, to echo what someone else said, it does give us incu-hatchables, and we all love those, admit it! I just got a CB Thunder from the AP, I mean yay!
  7. I tried to breed both my CB Pumpkins with a Magelight last night; no result from one, and the other refused, bah!
  8. I was wondering who the Olive Queen was, haha! I always laugh when I see that.
  9. Good point. I check this stuff here, if that helps: https://whois.domaintools.com I checked a few places, can't find any info on the hosting. I tried Best of luck, & take care of yourself! We all appreciate the hard work you do.
  10. Thanks for your site; love it, use it all the time! Looking forward to the new changes! I checked; the domain is set to expire June 20, 2015.
  11. Updated count: Exactly 100. This was a fluke, I had no idea I had 100, ha.
  12. *raises hand* I joined Dec 2008, but didn't join the forums until Jan 2009; so all my 2008 dragons died, and I have no idea about the Holiday events. Oh well!
  13. Ditto. No idea if I've got eggs/hatchis in there or not. It looks like the owner of the site isn't checking the forum. Maybe someone can email or PM her? Just a thought!
  14. There is a thread on the eggs not showing as hatchlings here: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=167556&st=0 Also.... You can also see the hatchling using the lineage view.
  15. Updated count:40 Not including growing hatchings/eggies. I'm also interested in bloodswaps, so PM me
  16. Nope, you're right, the typo near the end is definitely dragpn. What's that? Haha. "The only way to know if a gift is from a Heartstealing Dragpn....."
  17. Here's my most recent....I also picked up a really low-gen Thuwed about a week or two ago. Crazytoons. http://dragcave.net/lineage/JjLBP
  18. Updating my count to 33, not counting eggs and hatching. I'm not going to be mass breeding tonight after all, since the Valentine's Day breeding starts in a few days. But I will after that all ends!
  19. Cool, I'll do the same. Looks like we are in different time zones, so I'll be two hours behind you. I've been thinking about possibly doing trades of the ones we breed. For people who are really wanting hollies, may defeat the purpose. But I did offer to donate, the site just hasn't been updated yet. So, I have quite a few hollies; I'm doing this for fun. Anyone interested in trading our bred eggs, PM me. And if this is somehow going off topic, updating count to....31.
  20. If I'm around, I can give it a go. Are you planning on breeding Flamingo x Flamingo? I nabbed some pretty sweet lineages from the AP; some may be difficult to find a mate for. And speaking of, updating my count to 30.
  21. Ha, I took one also.... poor little tropical!
  22. Two words for this one: Heart Attack!
  23. Yeah, it is currently Brute city!! Poor little Tropical... Linky
  24. I too am seeing a fair amount of wild hatchlings. Nabbed the lineage on this one: http://dragcave.net/lineage/G2J0
  25. For me, it's also personal preference. However, I WILL grab any Red or Pink regardless of the lineage. BSA and all that. I also breed my Golds/Silvers with messy lineages and send them to the AP, mostly for people who just can't get one, usually newbies grab those. And...what she said regarding when we could never see the lineages, and it was a true hassle. I have some pretty hysterical inbreds, as well as layers upon layers of lineages that somehow lead back to an original Thuwed.