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  1. New habit developed during these last weeks - only pick up eggs from AP and when I stumble upon a CB, I abandon it. Also, when the parents don't have names or most of the lineage don't have names. Loving crazy names in lineage, or simply interesting lineages. Those eggs I keep. Doesn't have to be some rare egg, nope. I still wonder, why.
  2. Still none Which is a damn shame, because they look really beautiful. Gathering an army of pillow dragons, though
  3. Well, so far I haven't got any, and with our nightmarish internet connection I'm pretty sure I cannot obtain any, either. (We're talking like 4 kb/s) But IF I had a pair, I'd surely share the offspring, because I know from personal experience how it feels to ogle at the pretty dragons and not have any
  4. I hardly ever look at the codes, and so far I've never named by them.
  5. Picked up an ER daydream egg with parents named: Prepare to die & The menagerie is for guests only Oh dear...
  6. Water, mint, vines and two-headed. They're the ones that survived. Lost quite some eggs to lack of knowledge how to get ANY views.