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  1. Still available - one way - does have sickness so I will fog if not taken within a few moments. I already took, just need this lil one to find a home
  2. Holiday Breeder Forum Name: PhoenixJewels What I can breed: Valentine, Sweetling, Rosebud, Heartseeker, Arsani, Radiant Angel; Vampire, Pumpkin, Black Marrow, Shadow Walker; Yulebuck, Snow Angel, Ribbon Dancer, Winter Magis, Tinsels & Shimmers -I can do requests if you want a specific mate for them I Will Be Gifting, Trading, or Both: Hopefully both! PM Link: Message me Scroll Link My scroll Requester Forum Name: PhoenixJewels What I Want: Cavern Lurker (2), Grave (2), Holly (1), Wrapping wing (2), Solstice (2) - Prefer clean low lineage if possible <3 What I Can Offer: Valentine, Sweetling, Rosebud, Heartseeker, Arsani, Radiant Angel; Vampire, Pumpkin, Black Marrow, Shadow Walker; Yulebuck, Snow Angel, Ribbon Dancer, Winter Magis, Tinsels, Shimmers OR anything you see/like off my scroll - just ask! PM Link: Message me Scroll Link My scroll
  3. Thank you I try to name after parents/lineage if possible.
  4. I left a hatchie & egg on this page (no one has taken the eggie yet ) For the ridgewing - would it be ok to freeze? If not that's fine, he/she will be named & muchly loved ^.^
  5. Taking: Offered on DragonLove234's ridgewing & dorsal eggies <3 Leaving: Sunstone hatchie: Claim my eggs/hatchlings! GONE! Red striped egg: Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Enjoy and make sure to leave for the board!
  6. Happy Birthday to me! Forum name: PhoenixJewels Scroll name: PhoenixJewels Scroll: My scroll Birthday:Today! Oct 2nd! List:USA! 1. Neglected 2. Non-inbred shinies! 3. Avatars
  7. Took this. Leaving: This shimmerscale hatchie - enjoy! Also, please leave for the board! Gone - please remember to leave for the board (since your scroll name is blocked). I'd hate to have to do future leaves as 2 ways Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  8. Thank you for these beautiful Valentine's dragons. They are gorgeous and I'm really enjoying the event. You guys have outdone yourselves
  9. Trying to snag two for my daughter's scroll - are they dropping every 2 minutes? Right now the cave's empty
  10. Happy valentine's day! Grabbed an eggie with the code SNOUt LOL
  11. 51. something I'm a super geek ^.^ And all the time I'm singing in my head "I'm a super geek...super geek, ah! Super geek!"
  12. Actually - having researched a lot - celiac sprue has been around since before the medieval times. Mankind (like caveman ages) were hunters & gatherer's (meat, fruits, berries, nuts) so our bodies aren't designed to process gluten. Just like a dog's digestive system isn't made to process chocolate. European population is usually the most affected - but it is the most common genetic disorder in the world 1 out of 133 people have it. It is often misdiagnosed as IBS or other issues because there are over 250 different symptoms OR you could be asymptomatic and not show any symptoms at all. So in actuality - NOT being a celiac is what's abnormal You silly gluten-eating freaks I do think though that over processed food is what is making people get sick faster. You can be born with one of the two, or both of the genes that causes celiac sprue. But it can go dormant - so you seemingly don't have issues. Most people will be sick as a child - then it goes into a sort of "honeymoon" phase during puberty. Usually in adulthood it takes some traumatic event (pregnancy, surgery, some major event that causes hormonal changes) for it to be "triggered" again. I was sick as a child, "healthy" as a teenager, and it "returned" when I got pregnant with my daughter. It's nice that there is a much greater awareness of it - but still so much education that needs to be learned. Celiac sprue is different than an intolerance or allergy - those can actually be outgrown. Because celiac sprue is on the genetic level (coded into our permanent genes), we can never "outgrow" it. Even if we aren't feeling the effects of eating gluten, we are still damaging ourselves. And knowing it's genetic makes it something you have to think about when having children. They could be carriers (of one or both genes), have it (again 1 or both genes) or not get either of the genes. I'm sorry if I sound like a "know-it-all" but I had absolutely no clue when I first heard of it - so I'm eager to share all I know to help spread the knowledge so people can make the right steps towards healthier living (even if I do sneak squishy gluteny bread every so often >.>)
  13. Hello! I'll share my story My daughter is 9 yrs old. When she was born, she would get violently ill (like the scene in the Exorcist - only worse ) For 2 1/2 years I fought with her pediatrician. Without doing ANY testing, he told me she was doing it for attention - and me being a young first time mom, what did I know? So I listened to the doctor. She ended up one Halloween with a fever of 104.5 - and the pediatrician refused to see her. I took her to the ER - she had grade 4 vesicoureteral reflux (kidney reflux). A week after that she got sick at daycare, and again the pediatrician refused to see her (I honestly think they believed I had munchausen's and was making it up). My little girl would throw up 30-40 times a WEEK. I had tried everything - food journals, thinking maybe we could isolate a food, dairy restriction, maybe it was lactose intolerance...I even brought my mother to doctor's visits thinking maybe they would listen to HER. But still we were told she was doing it for attention. Finally I got tired of not being heard and I used some rather unsavory language and told the nurse on the phone to get the doctor to call me back because something was clearly wrong. It took him about 15 minutes before he called me back and it was a lot of "Well we *could* do testing but it would be invasive and painful to her". Excuse me, don't you think puking 30 times a week is painful? So finally we got to a gastroenterologist who did the endoscopy & biopsy on her. A week later the nurse calls me on the phone with the results...and she's blabbing on and on and finally I'm like "it's something weird you can't fix with medicine, right?" "Oh it's celiac sprue, and it's easy, just don't feed her gluten". Oook - so off to the store to grocery shop (after a quick look up what gluten was in, printed off a list of different terms that represent gluten). Two hours later, a very frustrated 2 1/2 year old and I leave the store with fruit, veggies, and fritos - because they failed to tell me that gluten is in practically EVERYTHING. Not just food items either - it's in shampoos, lotions, medicines, stamps, adhesive in some bandages, etc etc. So me being the nerd that I am, research the heck out of it to find out it's genetic. Now her father left us when she was a baby - so I went and got tested. And yay! I'm a celiac too! >.< 24 yrs old at the time now being told I've been basically poisoning my child and myself. And so I tried to be gluten free - I really did. But I have so many other allergies that if I were to pay attention to everything, I'd only be able to eat strawberries, pork chops, green beens, and cabbage (seriously allergic to everything >.< Even soy & rice - which most GF foods are made with!) So I just eat whatever. And yes, I suffer for it. My daughter has been GF since diagnosed and is healthy now, and I am trying to be more GF now - especially since in the last few years they have really stepped up on the GF foods. They're easier to find - but still pretty expensive ($5 or more for ONE loaf of bread?!) They fail to tell you how many things gluten are in, and you have to be careful about stuff like cross-contamination (can't use the PB & jelly jars for GF & non-GF stuff, need a separate toaster -etc) but it's so much easier once you get the hang of it. And thankfully they are working on the texture/taste differences. When my daughter was diagnosed - everything tasted like cardboard & pretty much had the same texture. Now it's usually so similar I can't tell the difference. There's my story - so I know the struggles, and like I said, I researched the living daylights out of it. In fact, my gastroenterologist has me talk to people who are newly diagnosed because I'm able to put it in friendly terms (doctor's are a bit...doctor-y ya know?) So any questions, just ask. And kudos if you are able to actually stick to being GF - I'm trying but it's a struggle!
  14. ~squee~ Hopefully I can get the two years of Valentines I missed ^.^
  15. I <3<3 Doctor Who - Not able to participate in the lineage thing - but if I wanted offspring - is there a sign up for that?
  16. In the basement? Yes...but when Im outside it only gives me the options to stay on the main path (which just takes me back to the two options) or follow the path to the house.
  17. I've finished the quest, have 39 items, have the badge, went back through the basement outside and up the main path again but it won't give me the chicken...what am I doing wrong?
  18. I was very happy to be able to get two of each...usually I can't click fast enough! Beautiful sprites! Thank you ^.^
  19. Ok, was reading through the awesomeness again and it might just be because I am tired or overly excited...but...erm...noobish question...how do you figure out which badge you are? o.O Does it go off the color of the trophy on your scroll?
  20. Ooooh these all sound so exciting Thanks TJ, am looking forward to all of them!
  21. Just started the hunt...any tips? o.O And good luck to all getting Pumpkins Any ideas if there will be a 2010 Halloween dragon? O.o
  22. One of my new male vamps was bitten by "Nearly Naughty", a male vamp with the code p0rm, that male vamp's code is Prck and he is aptly named "Just insert i". Also have a frozen male vamp hatchling named Harry the Horrendous Ankle Biter. My scroll is filled with bad names lol.
  23. PhoenixJewels

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Haven't a single one yet. Drooling enviously over those that do *quickly wipes drool off* I have patience though...so I know I'll eventually get one of each, either through stupid luck (my computer is SLOW my connection is SLOW but sometimes I luck out) or through trading. Grats to those that have them, they are soooo beautiful.
  24. I have a male vampire with the code p0rm so he is aptly named "Nearly Naughty"