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  1. My current skin: Points to anyone who'll make the connection I'm proud of it, self-made!
  2. Coke Zero. Although, with my budget, I usually resort to buying cheaper products. :l
  3. Fatbags ftw. They're even SHAPED like little pouches, seriously. Now try not to remember this association when you next look at a rat or a pouch. Ahem, back to topic: I love hairless rats, we were hunting for any breeder into breeding them in Finland but found none with a friend of mine. She settled for a rex when nobody was breeding doubles and I didn't grab a new fluff at that time. I'm not sure if my pack is mourning the loss of a member or not - they seem to sleep more and fight more now that Beo is gone, but otherwise, they haven't been showing much signs of acknowledging his disappearance. Maybe they had already sort of lost him like I had and settled with the changes in pecking order and whatever ratty is going on in their minds when a packmember dies, like "who sleeps on top of the pile" and "will there be a pile". And, who gets to take the greenies out of the seed mix first. Still, I was expecting more of the usual looking around for the lost rat. O_o
  4. Beowulf passed away two days ago. ._. He fought pneumonia for three weeks, seemed to recover, but got a bunch of opportunistic infections on top of it and finally died of a stroke or something similar on saturday. Four fatbags left.
  5. Fish and pollen. Eating fish kills me, and staying in a room where fish is being cooked/has recently been cooked will cause me to get all stuffed, dizzy and feverish. Pollen just makes my eyes itch and some mild flu-like symptoms with dizziness/feverishness when worst. I used to be allergic to pretty much everything, but I grew out of it - egg and mustard to name some. I'm also allergic to dogs, cats, horses, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, hay... but, even despite that, I own five rats, a cat and wait to get a puppy. I refuse to let allergies prevent me from gathering a fuzzy wall of love around me.
  6. Kiraine

    Deviant ART

    I'm still waiting for the day I'll get banned for depicting children in a sexual manner. ... I draw chibistuff. And my chibis never have clothes on, and sometimes they have omggenitalsomg. A few times I've posted male/male sex with them for the communities I'm in. Luckily, I'm so underground nobody has hated on me enough to report me as a pedoartist - yet. edit: Right, my official stance on DA? Lately, it's been a pile of crap. All the female genitalia spread in front of your face when you log in, all mod-approved, and the stolen graphics... ....... and then the bias towards male erotic art? Yeah, I don't really like the site. At all.
  7. I have some serious muscles on my brows and ears, because I've been training both since childhood. Resulting in animal-like moving ears and more expressions than you can find in five non-browtrained people What I've been capable of since forever is moving my nose like a rabbit - nobody I know can do it, just the spreading of nostrils that I had to practice doing before I managed to do that, and I still can't do it unless I'm standing in front of a mirror. But as to moving my nose down like a rabbit, whenever I want, unless I'm laughing. Not laughing when showing it to someone is hard, though. ;; Especially when they crack up to it, which they usually do. The minus side of having moving ears is that they instinctually turn to face sounds, which can be really distracting at times D:
  8. 5'3". I'm a hobbit. Fat as one, too.
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    5,5 inches of snow around here in Finland, it can get thrice as big as that before anyone gets to leave work for it. 8| Oh, it's about -25 celsius. Cold.
  10. Rye bread? Mämmi? Anything traditionally Finnish? D: You have to taste it to know why nobody else eats it, but... I wouldn't trade my mämmi for anything. Flavourless yoghurt on frankfurters is another rather special thing I eat.
  11. The best guess I have is that the stallion wasn't full size yet, and my body went limp from the unexpected hit, and that he did the mating pose with me so that he didn't go BODY SLAM but... sort of... bumped me forwards with his front legs on my shoulders. (I'm horse-sexy?) I just kind of stepped forwards, but I have no memory of how I got away, the next memory is from doing an action stunt worthy roll below the electric fence to gtfo.
  12. Dad slammed a car door on my finger. The door got locked. My finger was in between. My finger went blue but received no further injury. I think that's the worst, which is strange, because I've also been hit by a car and been jumped on by an eager young stallion. Yes, a horse. On my back. With all weight. And yes, a car. Rolled some ten metres on and received... nothing. Bruise at max and even that probably came from falling off a table. I'm really lucky. O_o
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    I love her work, been watching her for a good time now. I wish I had the money to order a piece from her. They are wonderful.
  14. Kiraine


    Nnnggghh Aremar, my youngest rat, is having some serious problems breathing. Sounds like a guinea pig. :l Probably myco, and I have no idea when I can get him to a vet, sigh. The idea of holding yet another screaming rat while antibiotics get injected in him doesn't flatter me much either, I think I'm just going to ask for the vet to skip that part and simply do the syringe force-feeding instead at home. I hate seeing the needle pierce my fuzzies. Especially because it doesn't help at all, since they always manage to jump away adding further to the injury on their own skin AND give a hundred of bleeding wounds on me. Why is it always the hard pets that have to go to vet for me? My birds, who have a person phobia to the point the vet thought I chased them around for fun grabs all the time although I've never grabbed them and neither has anyone else - excluding the vet. My cat, who hates people, has a person phobia and a vet phobia and a syringe phobia and a phobia of strange places and is generally messed up in the head, had to go through a surgery, and I was the one who got the scratches. She manage to bend the anesthesia syringe's needle into V shape. My oldest rat, Beowulf, who bit me through my finger into the bone when the vet injected him with antibiotics when he was infected with mycoplasmosis, and then him again when he had the skin infection, and this time the vet couldn't even get the needle on his skin before he squeeked and tried to commit suicide by jumping off the table. Now Aremar, my now-hardest to handle-rat. WHY IS IT NEVER TRISTAN, WHO'D LET ME DROWN HIM WITHOUT COMPLAINING.
  15. My head's been itching like mad for the past few days yesterday it got so bad I started wondering if I've caught lices. Just that... it's not possible, I haven't been in contact with anyone others than the people I'm close with, and the only places I've been to have been the doctor's office (supposedly lice free since the docs ain't scratching so far) and the language course. The language course might be infested, of course, as many people come there... but none of them sit close to me. And I have nobody to check my hair so now I'm just sitting here itching from thinking about this, lol. I figure I've just left some shampoo on my head or something else messed the balance up. That is, until I find evidence...
  16. Candy wrappings, two coffee mugs, an LGBT-flier, old medicine wrappings, a dead roll of wc paper back from when I was sick, an empty bottle of Baileys, another dead roll of wc paper also back from when I was sick, two origami cranes, random print paper, cookie wrappings... .... damn I need to clean up
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    I love my meat, but as the hypocrite I am, I will stop eating it the moment I have to kill the critters myself. I like how they taste, but I like the critters alive more. So as long as someone just does the dirty job for me and hands over the dead non-crittery flesh to me, I can deal with it. (and in case the forementioned have-to-kill-it-myself-scenario happens, I'm dead, because my body won't take iron from the stuff that doesn't bleed. Yay for that.)
  18. My rats are turning into puddles. It's hot in here. :< Linked for size, a rat puddle. Linked for size, another rat puddle. edit to add, the bird babies are absolutely gorgeous, cute enough to eat D: edit 2: I just found Aremar.
  19. I come to spam my fuzzbutts again. Sorry gaiz. D:
  20. A breeder I got one of my boys from had three cats. They got perfectly well along with the rats, the rats even stole their food when they were eating and slept next to them, no problem. It's up to training and guts. edit: Just to make clear, myself I lack both the skills in training and the guts, so my cat was locked out of the room when I lived with mom - when I moved out, cat stayed with mom for the good of us all. They have a stronger bond than I do with the kitty, and now I don't have to worry about locked doors. Can keep my rats anywhere I want
  21. Rats aren't exotic. They're found in every corner of the world, yet hardly any vet knows how to treat them. My cat's really exotic, too. A real tiger. :|
  22. Guys, look, look ;__;! Hraesvelgur: [ Large image of Hraesvelgur ] Rein: Aremar: edited for info: So, these are my three new babies. 6 weeks, reeeally small little eepers. Also, Beowulf had his vet today, I'm sure he'll never go in from that door again. Three shots in the back of his neck and the vet couldn't get the medicine in, he was fighting back so hard. Vet ended up with a bleeding wound in the finger - at least it wasn't me this time. I'll be giving him the medicine orally during the next week then. Way to go warrior
  23. My rat Beowulf will meet the vet he's so afraid of on Thursday. Gotta get rid of the mites now that I have the payment ready. On the other hand, three new babies on wednesday <3