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  1. The male Marrow is Silas Sleer. ...I... kinda read The Graveyard Book recently, and I loved Silas. And he needed a last name, so the Sleer was chosen. And my female Pumpkin is Ceres Demeter. Ceres and Demeter being the Roman and Greek goddesses of the harvest.
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    10 on 10-10-10

    I would prefer if the stripe was a bit darker and perhaps wider. The first time I glanced at it, it looked like one of those artifacts left over from a bad transparent-background GIF. I didn't realize it was even there until some people noted it. I don't MIND the stripe, I just would have done it differently. It's just too far on the side of "mint" for my taste. Not quite a fall color. (Also, I believe posting on this forum is lucky now. The second I posted, I finally grabbed one of the new eggs!)