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  1. When I found him, he was behind a pillar and all I could see was his folded wings on either side of the pillar. PS am I just having a moment or am I doing the sled race wrong? I dont even get halfway (not hitting anything) before 18 seconds is up.
  2. Has someone been able to give Symon ham yet? I've had it in my backpack for who knows how long lol.
  3. The Hatchlings look as adorable as ever! The little pygmy is my favorite since the green just calls to me like a moth to a flame o.o I am excited for the other dragons too don't get me wrong! I'm going to love them all equally! (PS it's DC's 9th Birthday! Did anyone else notice that TJ has 8 Hatchlings? Not 9 )
  4. To toss my 2 cents into the pile, I agree with most that there should be more dragons. There is a whole board dedicated to ideas for new dragons. Time to time I take a look at that board and wonder which might be picked up for the next release. But if there was a new release every week or more within a couple of weeks, I feel like we would be overloaded too fast. A while back it used to be every month we would get a new dragon, but as the first of the month hit everyone was expecting the new egg and it became like clockwork. DC in my opinion is not a site that wants to be predictable i believe is the right way to phrase it. I feel like it would take the excitement away. One thing I like though with the new releases, is that there are multiple colors or morphs! I feel like it lets us have our own little "Spriter's Alt" so to speak. ^^ I say this as one of the many who have been raising dragons since '09. In my time I have gotten only 1 CB gold and I found it june last year. I am still trying to find another along with two silvers respectively. Just the 8th I finally found a leetle tree. Not to mention only coppers I find are in the AP. I don't mean to say that like pouty patty, but if all dragons were easy to come by, I feel like there wouldn't be an edge. Like it's my means of a drive to keep hunting. As far as breeding projects, I was on a hiatus myself for a while and when I came back I was looking to trade. I had no clue as to what "checker", "Stair-step" and "blood-swap" meant. But that's another fun thing I like about DC, it's always evolving. But back to topic, I think there should be one more egg to appear to choose from in the biomes. I feel like as we release new commons, unc, rare the % chance to find those eggs versus another dwindles down to insanely low. I am not a number cruncher, but from sitting for a day(most of my day off) in my effort to get a silver I sat in Alpine for hours diligently refreshing all the while, not a single glowing egg.I understand that they pop up in another biome, but I cannot sit in two biomes and try at the same time. It is illogical. I think with the biomes being released, I think we can go forward from the 3 eggs that it has been since the cave. But again just my 2 cents ^^ EDIT: I realize I read the first post as if you were someone just starting, so I revised my post. I either need more coffee or to go to bed good lord x.x
  5. Because getting home at 10pm after work my brain is mush . So for some odd reason Whites are now Magis :| So I want more White Dragons haha Found this cute little Inbred one ^^ Zue
  6. So I decided that I wanted to start raising more Magis and picked up these two o.o Magi Egg 1 Magi Egg 2 (it's Odd ) Guess my Ribbons have some work to do come Christmas season ^^ Ty herk and raggedysally
  7. I just bred this guy ->" seacq " a River Dragon lol his mothers' being WhoYx (like who, why and x marks the spot so "where") and then epic "Ehp1k" I had a Green Dragon who had the code EDEA for those FF8 lovers Those are my best so far ^^
  8. A big thank you to Shizuna for this lovely baby I found in the AP Striped Lineage Here!
  9. I like the Blue Stripe and Heartstealers together, I mean they both are generous in nature and look very similar. Not to mention seclusive as well. I actually want to do a lineage for them but who knows if my two Heartstealers will cooperate to begin with So here's to hoping lol Maybe if others like the two together we could team up!
  10. In regards to not picking this poor guy up, I haven't been on forums much lately. IRL has been very hectic. Plus I just missed it when I checked on the 20th .-. I got off before you sent it, but what happened, happened, But I know it will be in a good home! With that in mind, because of the circumstances, please PM me before breeding the egg. Ill be sending a PM to Amethyst in regards to this as well as to include other means of contact.
  11. I read this as "things they should've done" Which IMO should have been between our favorite (well my fave) young lovers and a certain few vows. Kinda sad they didn't do that after the credits Q.Q I must say though I am torn between Scauldrons and Nadders o.o Scauldrons just have this baby face that is like d'awww and then Nadders are like IMMA RAPTOR WITH WINGS YO!
  12. I want to be a Scroll Helper! Forum Name: Shay555031 Scroll Name: Shay555031 Scroll Link: Click Here For Scroll! Dragons you can't/won't give out: Neglecteds and CB Metallics. Anything else?: In regards to the Metallics, I am still hunting CB ones, but I do have some I have found in AP with nice lineages I can breed! So please! I don't bite! Don't be afraid to PM me I am more than happy to help!
  13. Gift Report I increased the hoard of Lady_Lunevis with a Cb Blusang Lindwyrm which can be found here: http://dragcave.net/view/SCMiz
  14. Gift Report I Added a 3rd Gen PB stair-step Moonstone to memorytreedragon's hoard and its here: http://dragcave.net/lineage/6s38T
  15. Yeah! To better make sense I guess, is that it reminds me of a lioness leg in structure
  16. Well being new to the multimedia forum and taking a quick overview of work that has been done thus far I hope the criticism helps. I would first like to say that I love the colors! I think the shading is good for starting spriting. But I think initially, there needs to be some criticism on the initial anatomy. For me the dragon's rump has no spring in it, no OOMF. More like it either skipped arm day, or ate too many space chickens. (despite that the dragon is super CUTTE GJ Rynn!) I don't have a means to show you via traditional pencil and paper (where I actually can draw) so here is my meager attempt on paint with my mouse. I apologize now since I am not that skilled with paint, but here is my two pennies. When I look at the dragon I imagine that since it has vestigial wings, it is going to be more of a runner. When you look at any athlete (except body builders) they are very lean. Which is how the dragon starts up front but then he has a good sized bootie. So with the img link below I tried on paint to express what I thought Rynnfox was going for, a lean, muscular buttox with more emphasis on the knee to give the leg a more powerful jump or spring in my opinion. I could do 10x better with a pencil (which I am going to do once I get a camera later today) I wanted to give you feedback while it was fresh in my mind. http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l10/Chey...zpsd2d9e158.png As far as your shading Raichu, I like it, the only thing for me though is that it looks like you wanted to put emphasis on the muscles. From the point I mentioned above, I feel like it made his butt look a little larger. heh Shading, it really does add 10 pounds on ya! (trying to be funny :| ) Anyhow, with that in mind I feel like you should have gone with more of a focus on trying to shade them like a sphere. To give the muscles a little more volume, but they remain subtle. I am not so sure I personally like the full on, frontal light source. I feel like it washes out (removes the important features) of a person or dragon in this case. I personally would have added more shadow, going with this light source. I hope this in some way helps I will return with a better img to reference.
  17. Gift Report I increased the hoard of FlyingDragona with A CB Vine which can be found here: http://dragcave.net/lineage/fZqCt Gift Report I increased the hoard of SomeoneSneaky with A CB Green Two-Headed Lindwurm which can be found here: http://dragcave.net/lineage/bEkKr
  18. Yes, I sent a PM and they said Thank you, but never claimed it. I left the tele-link up until it expired. Not to mention now, their inbox is full so I haven't been able to pm them :/
  19. Gift Report I increased the hoard of memorytreedragons with a 2G PB Moonstone Egg which can be found here: http://dragcave.net/lineage/66G4w ( just waiting for them to click accept )
  20. If I may suggest, someone should make a banner for this thread. It's a nice way for the DC community to work together a bit more. I know I am always in a pink pickle when I find nice dragons and mine are resting from influencing the eggs prior.
  21. Please take me off of the list for Change, I found a one in the AP ^^
  22. Well, they are 2nd gen pb pinks, but I thought it was nice because based on the parents names, that I picked up two from the same breeder. So thank you to whoever bred these pinks ^^ I'll keep the Viscounts line going http://dragcave.net/lineage/HwDAe ^--kinda looks like "howdy" http://dragcave.net/lineage/XD0Pg
  23. I've received a Silver Hatchie from Glyndlamir! A cute giftie indeed! I am filling this out since it was added after my first initial joining. I have used my 5 points and Silver was my original request. That way there is no confusion. Hi! My name is SHAY, and I'm a dragon hoarder What list(s) do you want to be on?Silver Do you have a goal number of dragons you would like to shoot for, and if so how many do you already have? I would love 21 (since they are a pain to come by and so everyone gets a chance for silver), I have 5. (so 5/21) EDIT: (I will constantly be editing this post since I lurk in the AP as well, so my record stays honest and fair) You can PM me HERE or by clicking the little PM box under me Note for breeders: My only request, I love lineages I can continue because it can help my hoarding fix, and I can help gift others too ^^. I would prefer they aren't messy, but I will give a dragon a home vs knowing they are going to get AP'd from being messy.
  24. I as the nifty banner says, like to hoard Glaucus Drakes (since I want to make a massive purebred line). I have quite a few common/uncommon, and some rares I could breed, since I would love to help out ^^ So as far as requests go (up to 5 points) I would love to request a Silver as well and that's it. I just mainly want to help contribute. What would happen with the egg? Well I refuse to kill eggs, I have enough vamps, so they will not be bitten, and a gift is a gift, it will not be abandoned or given to anyone else
  25. Just found this pretty Tinsel Staircase! Thanks nomino! http://dragcave.net/lineage/EDBWp