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  1. I named all of my marrows after bones. Malleus, Carpal, Distal, Capitate, and Hyoid. My new halloween dragons' names are Hungry Ghost and Ghastly Brew.
  2. Found both these guys in the AP. http://dragcave.net/lineage/UI7Jt http://dragcave.net/lineage/LCWjv
  3. Accidentally inbred a neb...Well that's one way to get an egg.
  4. Man, I never can snatch a tree. Good luck to everyone!
  5. I wonder if he'll extend the event even more? It sucks that the site is down.
  6. Bred all my silvers... still nothing. All have been succesfully bred, but no egg!
  7. 240300 and don't wear it out!
  8. This is a really good idea! Count me in!
  9. You know what would suck? If it exploded into a puff of smoke that said,"HAPPY EASTER"...lol.
  10. It'd be funny if we had another hour again
  11. Well, i think that was the last egg i could get, and it was TJ's EDIT: More with the babehs
  12. Why are we talking more about fetuses and babies and getting preggy?
  13. Just one more egg and the rows will be alligned o3o"
  14. <script><!--/*Auto Refresh Page with Time scriptBy JavaScript Kit (javascriptkit.com)Over 200+ free scripts here!*///enter refresh time in "12:00" Minutes should range from 0 to inifinity. Seconds should range from 0 to 59var limit="0:30"if (document.images){var parselimit=limit.split(":")parselimit=parselimit[0]*60+parselimit[1]*1}function beginrefresh(){if (!document.images)returnif (parselimit==1)window.location.reload()else{parselimit-=1curmin=Math.floor(parselimit/60)cursec=parselimit%60if (curmin!=0)curtime=curmin+" minutes and "+cursec+" seconds left until page refresh!"elsecurtime=cursec+" seconds left until page refresh!"window.status=curtimesetTimeout("beginrefresh()",1000)}}window.onload=beginrefresh//--></script> Copy and paste that in yer browser and it will refresh every 12 minutes. Hardcore dragcaver. Even if you go to a nother' window, and you come back and it went back to dragcave, it'll still refresh.
  15. There's so much excitement going on <.< People are talking about going into labor, TJ, and easter...What a night !
  16. That'd be wonderful X`D
  17. 1:02 i found nother' egg o.o
  18. 25 / 38 Now the rows are off. *Hopes she'll be able to get 5 more* Eh, prolly not.