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  1. I had some lineage eggs born THAT COLORED PROPERLY once they've gendered I'll announce new mates/the new babies
  2. Garshdarn it, managed to snag a CB gemshard, precog female... And she's blue. 😒 In other news, anyone from skyclan got a green hatchie they'd want to trade 😂 I can always use this hatchie myself but I'd rather have a green one
  3. Congrats to the raffle winners, and welcome back @Minkerbell! All of my couples didn't want to breed this week 😒 so no new eggs for me to announce
  4. @Minkerbell Ditto to what @Mochi said; no matter what else is going on, your mental health should come first <3
  5. @catstaff Offered on one of them Also finally got two pairs to cooperate lol so I've got two new eggs!
  6. @Ninjakittee It's mostly @esse you should be scared of! I'm trying, but the cave and my own dragons are being uncooperative little buggers ETA: WHOOO! First post on page 100!
  7. I want to join the Black Kitty Bunny Raffle! Name: WildDragonFlying Clan: Jade Clan Choice of KittyBun: Ice Cream & Tangerine, please! ((UGH sorry for inactivity; found out last week that my advisor didn't inform me of something major with my scheduling, and I've been scrambling to make it up and make everything work. However! This weekend I am going to be at the horse festival for my state, helping to run the horse council booth, which involves long periods of sitting around doing nothing, so hopefully I'll be able to do some more breeding/CB h
  8. WHYYYY does it take so long for hatches to gender?! And why can I never find any CB gemshards
  9. So! I finally have found the time to sit down at my laptop with an actual keyboard and mouse and do this, so here goes! Large update lmao Gonna put each section under its own spoiler Born/Grown Mates Named Dragons
  10. So just had this lovely little gemshard born; is there a special form for sacred line offspring, or do I just use the regular royal offspring form? I also need to get on an actual computer and do my points for the correctly named dragons found here...
  11. A Royal Offspring has been born! Name: WildDragonFlying Link to Scroll: WildDragonFlying Clan I belong to: Jade Lineage of Egg: z8aSa
  12. A Royal Offspring has taken a mate! Name of Imperial Harem dragon: Prince Kiedrenyg Name of CB mate: Concubine Ythi Lineage Code of CB Mate Color: Blue Male/Red Female not sure about the favor points earned, if any? But since this was a lineaged male I got from someone here I figured I should announce their successful breeding Also, I've got several CB gemshards that have been properly named, do they count for the 5 towards a favor point?
  13. @Mak0 Thank you I grew up with her, and she’s the last of the animals that I grew up with, so it was always going to be hard to let her go, but it was even harder because it was kind of like having to let go of the last link of my childhood, yknow? It just really hit hard when she started going downhill.
  14. Hi everyone loving seeing all the tofu dogs lol Sorry I haven't been active much; my cold has been trying to settle into my lungs and bronchitis I think and I've been super busy with school and my poor 18yr old kitty :/ Unfortunately, there's no cure for old age so yesterday we had to let her go. I'm gonna try to be a bit more active now while waiting for my 2g from the... sacred line I believe to be bred lol but I'm on mobile more than I'm ever on my laptop so
  15. Trying to do some more flower gathering on my tablet on campus, but it’s not working right on my iPad Oh well, guess I’ll have to wait until I can do it on my phone(which is a Samsung, and I’ve done several flowers on it this morning before I left for campus)! Loving the event so far though, and can’t wait until we can see what the new babies look like!
  16. I want to join the Black Kitty Raffle! Name: WildDragonFlying Clan: Jade Clan Choice of Kitty: Cherry Blossom Kitty (Sorry for lack of activity; I've been battling a brutal head cold and feels like I've sneezed out my weight in the disgusting byproduct of stuffed sinuses)
  17. I know the hatchie I just got doesn't count, but if I breed that hatchie now that it's grown, it's offspring should count then, it sounds like, from what you and Minx said. (Sorry if I sound a bit short I am approximately .5sec from falling asleep 😂)
  18. Need to go through and name all of my gemshards lol congrats on everyone earning points! Question: if I breed the lineaged gemshard I recently got from a gift, I claim the favor points for the egg because it's laid on mg scroll, correct?
  19. Oh this looks like such a lovely event! I'll have to see if I can get my actual laptop to cooperate long enough for me to participate in some of this my tablet is very weird about copying and pasting stuff on this forum, and so is my phone, even on desktop version -.-
  20. I'm still lurking, technically lmao just over here checking the forums a couple times a day, reading all the posts, watching, judging o.o Jk on the judging but I am def watching lol it's just such a pain to type a forum post on my phone lol
  21. Leah and Sean have given their first egg! I’ve also done a couple of other breedings, and when it’s not right before I’m about to go to sleep I’ll make up some posts for them haha
  22. Got my new keyboard case for my tablet(my old bluetooth keyboard that I had for 4 years finally kicked the bucket, RIP), so figured I should go ahead and post something I’m not dead! *\o/* I have been very unsuccessful in CB gemshard hunting, though I’ve managed to snag a few other rare eggs that I’ve been loking for lol I now officially have 3 blue CB gemshards, 1 green, and 1 red; now to just get my Sacred Line egg and I can start working on actually breeding them......
  23. @Zimtie Thank you for the egg! I want to join the Black Kitty Raffle! Name: WildDragonFlying Clan: Jade Clan Choice of Kitty: Prosperity Kitty!