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  1. A silver it was a gift My most loved rare is my CB silver
  2. i sent out a lot of cards...to everybody basically...JRHippie she gifted my my first silver..Becca who gifted my first gold egg...a person who got my lost silver hatchie...random people...but i ony got two cards LOL
  3. Thanks!!!! I already sent out a few cards: to the person who gifted my 1st silver, my 1st gold
  4. maybe a stupid question but: how do yo send out a Valentines card? thanks!!
  5. i prepared in advance i had 4 hatchies fogged for today as i already had one zombie adult and i ended up with 2 zombie babies ...really cute!!!
  6. YAY!!! i want 1 more ghost egg but im really happy with this Halloween event so far 4 kills 2 zombie hatchies 4 marrows (last year I couldnt catch a single egg) and all my marrows have Beautiful lineages!!! 4 ghost eggs. traded a pumkin hatchie for my 1st ever tinsel
  7. A huge thank you to the poster who posted about the turn off the java thing THANK YOU!!! I grabed 2 eggs!! Thanks!!!!
  8. so no drops at :15 or :30 or :45? just hourly drops?
  9. wow this never happened before i tried the whole freakin day and i couldnt catch one new egg
  10. A lineaged Silver gifted by JR Hippie :-) I named it after her Hippie Love
  11. sad:-( never used and ill never going to use the EQ EVER!!
  12. my username is not used my real first name old pink nova a cb gold from 2007!!!! my real last name a cb holly from 2007!!!!!! pretty cool!!!
  13. my silver hatchies (still ungendered) firstname is Jedi based on the code jedt..i had to name it jedi! also i have a dragon named osa 7 suna based on the code osa7
  14. split, white, purple, pink i loved my first white...white still is my fav common