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  1. Dear Burnt Paper- First things first... I am finally an adult! My fire is stronger than anything I could have imagined! Royalty was angry with me for a few days, saying it was difficult enough to keep it cool in the cave with the sudden heat wave out of nowhere. Even so, I practiced still. I can make a ring of fire, and a lot of other shapes. Aeris enjoys watching me do it, but I think the heat is too much for her sometimes. Second... Aeris brought back eggs. I got the sheild egg and after it hatched, whenever I'd try to show it my fire, it'd bring it's tail up really fast, like I'd really burn it. Maybe it's just really protective. Third... Aeris annouced that all the hatchlings are female. She was ecstatic too, yelling that she isn't the only girl in the cave now. She hugged all of them, also saying they were all hatched on her birhtday. The tiny mint dragon continually ran from her though, and of course, she chased her. The mint dragon almost ran into a wall, but Aeris grabbed her right before she hit it, but hurt her back against it. She wasn't angry though, unlike most of us. Robert and Tony, Royalty, and I were furious. Snow didn't say much, just immediately healed Aeris. But really! Aeris wasn't angry at all, she just laughed and said, "Ha, I caught you." I can't believe this! And how could Snow not be the slightest bit angry!? I know he's a peaceful dragon, but still! Fourth... All the female dragons have became adults and all of them were named. The sheild dragon was named Dragon's Aika, which Aeris told me means Dragon's Love Song, and Aika is usually guarding the eggs Aeris brought back... Again. The water dragon Royalty was guarding became huge, but she never left the lake. Aeris goes there a lot though, so I doubt she feels lonely. Aeris named her Ryokka Ai. The gray egg Robert and Tony was guarding became a flying dragon, and she never stays on the ground for more than an hour at best, and Robert and Tony have been airbourne since it was a hatchling. Aeris named her Mayu Ai, and Mayu gives Aeris rides a lot, so she's airbourne a lot too. Finally, that mint dragon became an adult. She was hardly any bigger than her hatchling self, and it repulsed me. I'm guessing this is where the humans got off calling dragons "large lizards"... However, Aeris loves her. She's always holding her, saying that she's glad she has a small adult dragon. She was "beginning to feel claustrophobic". Plus, she can never hold a hatchling for long, since it becomes an adult in a few days. Aeris named her Chibi Chan, both meaning little. Last... Aeris brought back more eggs from her four-five day leave. A rock egg, a dark green egg, a purple egg, and a pink egg. Aika insists on watching them all on her own, but, of course, Aeris had us divide into pairs. I'm watching the purple egg with Aika;Royalty's watching the dark green egg which he occasionally beings out to Ryokka so she can see;Robert and Tony and Mayu watch the rock egg, but mainly Robert and Tony do. Mayu is too into flying and hunting to really sit around and watch an egg. Snow and Chibi watch the pink egg, and even though I don't think Chibi should be doing anything evolving eggs, Aeris overruled me. Snow was fine with watching the egg with Chibi, and would snap at me when I tried talking him out of it. But really... Snap? Who does that anymore? Utterly Confused, Marzenya AKA Zen
  2. And we're back to Snow's entry! Let's read it! Dear Small Square of Cave Wall- The eggs are okay again! Aeris checked on them through the fog, and, sure enough, the eggs are strong healthy once again! She immediately defogged them, and we took on our "nanny" roles, as Royality called it. All the eggs have holes in them, and I can see eyes in the egg. As soon as our eyes meet, they're shut and the egg moves backward. I've gotta admit, that's pretty cute. Royality has moved to the lake with his egg, and it seems happier there. Since he can't leave the egg alone in the lake, whenever we go hunting we bring him meat. And, of course, we go by the lake and talk to him. He doesn't seem too lonely, but Aeris still goes back and hangs out with him. He's probably just hiding whatever lonesome feelings he has. But he's the youngest of the four of us, so Aeris loves to baby him. Marzenya seems to be a lot less hot-tempered with the egg in his care. Probably doesn't wanna upset it. Or Aeris, for that matter. She get worried if we're too angry around the eggs. He rarely lets it out of his sight, and only leaves to go hunt. He still breathes fire though. Oh, like right now. His egg just jumped, and now half the wall is burnt. That's a nice background. Robert and Tony aren't as excited. Maybe they were hoping for another two headed dragon. Aeris meant to bring one back, but she couldn't find any, and she needed to get the eggs she had back to the cave. But I'm sure she's looking for one. Just may take some time to find it, is all. But they've been taking good care of it. Just like Marzenya, they only leave it to hunt. Aeris has been doing her part too. She's made spaces for the eggs to sleep, seeing as we take up a lot of room. She's taught us how to sleep a little less wild. She's also brought in things like covers, and got herself a pair of goggles and a swimsuit so she can go down into the lake. That's pretty much it for now. Aeris is really enjoying being a "mom" again. Though it's only been a week since we hatched... She really loves eggs, doesn't see? Until Next Time, DragonHeart's Snow A.K.A Snow Yes, I do love eggs. >_> What's the big deal?
  3. I found Royality's entry today! Lol, I think they've given up on hiding it... Flimsy Piece of Paper: We've all become adults. Marzenya was much too excited, breathing flames all over the place. I was barely able to keep the cave from burning down... We've also all got wings. Robert and Tony couldn't decide what direction to go in, so they were constantly argruing... I must admit, it was quite entertaining. Snow is the most changed out of all of us. He isn't clumsy! He hasn't fallen since he's become an adult! That was truly amazing, and Aeris was planning something for that... She was gone the day after we became adults, saying she was busy with the "surpirse", and came back two days later with four eggs! A blue egg always in a puddle no matter where it is, a light blue egg with a shield on it, a light green egg that was seemingly hiding, and a gray-ish/silver egg that's surrounded by a slight fog. Aeris is gone every now and then, so we all decided to take an egg to care for. I chose the water egg, Marzenya took the shield egg, Snow took the light green one, and Robert and Tony almost relunctantly took the gray one. Something tells me that she would've brought new eggs whether or not Snow wasn't clumsy... We've been watching the eggs, but maybe not well enough. Their shells became soft, and Aeris was immediately worried. She "fogged" them;we couldn't see them at all. We still decided to watch over them, keeping them near us no matter what. Aeris says the egg I have may become a water dragon, and we're lucky there's a lake nearby. Once there are more cracks in the egg, I'll be standing guard at the lake with the egg. Well... There's not much more to report. Except, maybe next time, I'll write on the wall rather than this paper. We're not doing that good of hiding these papers anyway, I'm sure Aeris has found all of ours. Becoming a Nanny, DragonHeart's Royality A.K.A Royality Jeez, I'll run out of wall space if he does that... -__-;;
  4. I found Tony's AND Robert's entries today! I'll show you Tony's first. Dear Robert's Paper, Robert is being mean! I don't think he likes having a second head... First he wouldn't let me be Robert, then he took everything that Aeris gave us! She said it was both of us! He sucha jerk sometimes... Well, on the bright side, Aeris visits us a lot! She can get Robert to laugh and he looks like he's having fun every once in a while. I guess that's good. I can deal with whatever he can dish out if Aeris'll make him smile... But I wish he'd stop being a jerk! Marzenya seems to like Aeris now too. At first he'd ignore her and not talk to her even though she was being nice. Even when he wasn't talking with us while we were playing together, she still left a spot open for him if he ever decided to join us. I didn't see him join us, but when I woke up this morning, Marzenya was asleep in Aeris's arms. So maybe he did decide to stop acting mean. Snow and Royalty are pretty cool. Snow still falls over air, but he's never hurt! Not one scratch, bump, bruise, or anything on him at all! Truly amazing. Royalty has icy blue skin, and it reminds me of winter. If he's ever outside in the snow, you'd probably lose sight of him. Hm.. That's makes me think... Shouldn't Snow be named Royalty, 'cause he's never hurt, and Royalty be named Snow, 'cause he blends in? Hm. Looks like Aeris did something wrong! Hahaha! Laughing and Annoying Robert, Tony Aww, he ended it saying I did something wrong... Well, here's Robert's. Dear Tony's Paper. Tony is extremely happy and perky all the time... Isn't he weirded out that he has two heads? But, I guess what Snow said is right. With two heads you're never lonely! Early this morning, Royalty slipped out and played in the snow. Aeris had left to get us some food, so Snow, the oldest, said we should go look for Royalty before she gets back. Marzenya and Snow went one way and I was stuck with... Tony. As always. And forever. Tony and I looked around in the freezing snow for Royalty, and even called his name out. We got no answer and we couldn't find him. Even I started to get worried about the missing hatchling. What if we couldn't find him? What would we tell Aeris? "Calm down, Robert, we'll find him," Tony assured me. "But what if we get lost?" "Aeris'll find us." "How are you so sure?" "How are you not sure?," he shot back. "Of course Aeris'll find us. There's no need to worry." Huh. He's probably right... "When do you think she'll come...?," I asked Tony. "She'll be here soon," he reassured me. "Don't doubt things so much, there's no need to worry." As if on cue, Aeris's voice reached my ears. "Robert! Tony! You guys out here!?" "Aeris!," we both shouted. She ran to us and grabbed us into one of her death hugs. "Are you guys okay!? Marzenya and Snow found Royalty okay, but said you guys hadn't came back yet so we all went out and looked for you! I'm sooo glad you're okay!!" Marzenya, Snow, and Royalty were on Aeris's head and shoulders, looking pleased everyone was okay. She brought us back to the cave, and tried to start a fire. Of course, Marzenya tried helping... This time, he got a few sparks of fire out. Not enough to start a fire though. Of course, Aeris praised him and called him "cute" then started the fire herself. Marzenya seemed to pout he couldn't do it, but was satsified he almost did... We warmed up and talked, just like last night, but Marzenya was talking too. Tony isn't all that bad, but I'm not going to let him know that... Hey, what's he laughing about? Confused and Seemingly Annoyed, Robert Aww, I'm glad they aren't on bad terms! I mean, if you have two heads, you hafta be on good terms!
  5. HAHA I STOLE THIS THIS MORNING!!! I mean... o-o... I found it... Yeah... >.>; NO! He gave it to me Lolo. Whatever, I'll just show you it Dear Smoky Piece of Paper: I have, again, been practicing my fire breathing. Right in the middle of it, however, some human female barged into the cave! She had black hair, with a beanie on. There must have been holes in the hat, because two black ears stuck out of it. Her brown eyes lit with amazement when she saw us. "NO WAY YOU ALL HATCHED!!!?!?!," she practically screamed, then grabbed us all in a hug. ALL four of us. "Wowowow, I can't believe it!! Four baby dragons!! Ohh I should be around here more! I'd love to have saw you hatch!" After about two more minutes of SMOTHERING us, she finally put us down. I immediately stalked off to continue my practice. But, I still couldn't get any fire out... "No way, you're trying to breathe fire?!! Too cute!!" Again, she hugged me. I struggled out of her grasp, for fear she was trying to strangle me. She set me down, giggling, perhaps trying to hide her disappointment at not killing me. "You're really adorable, you know that? I can't believe how you're already trying to breathe fire!," she seemed to praise. Then she gasped. "Oh, I haven't told you my name, have I? You guys can call me Aeris, okay?" Aeris... That's my captor's name. Though I suppose I may not have hatched if not for her... "I should name you too, right?" I refused to talk to my captor, so I continued my practice. "Hm, okay, the two headed dragon should be Robert and Tony." "Am I Robert?," one head asked. "No, I'm Robert!," the other protested. "The head on the right is Tony, and the head on the left is Robert." "HA, I told you I was Robert!," Robert exclaimed joyously. "This one is adorable... Cute light blue scales. You'll be Royalty... Oh, but I guess that's too common. Dragonheart's Royalty then! But Royalty for short." "I'm Royalty huh?," he asked. Aeris laughed. "Yes, you are!" She turned to the clumsy white dragon. The one that couldn't walk 20 meters without falling. "You could be Snow... Dragonheart's Snow. But Snow for short." "Woo, I'm Snow!" He jumped but didn't get the landing. And fell. On his head. Again. Aeris giggled and picked me up. Again. Three times already. "You'll be named... Marzenya. Okay? A friend wanted that." I stared her down, but said nothing. "The strong, silent type eh? Very cute. I'll make sure you say something to me, you believe that." With that she giggled and set me down. She stayed with us the whole night, talking and laughing and telling jokes. I stayed out of it, but even I felt an urge to finally say something. Afterall, she saved me -no US- and she could have very well abandoned me like whoever owned me first did... Around midnight she ended up falling asleep with Snow, Royalty, and Robert and Tony alseep around her. Carefully, silently, I walked over to them, then curled myself into her open arms. She's kinda warm... "Goodnight...," I mumbled. I don't know if I was alseep and imagining it, or if she really said "Goodnight" back. Maybe I'll find out... In the morning... Snoring Already, Marzenya Aww how cute! x3 He'll definitely end up being my favorite!
  6. I found this laying on the ground... I don't think my dragons know how to hide things yet.. o-o;;... Dear White Paper Attached to Other White Papers- Today, I hatched! Well... My egg only cracked at first. Then I moved more and more until I (finally) got out of my egg! Actually, I fell. And landed on my head. Surprising enough, I wasn't hurt. I took this oppurtunity to look around the cave. There was a red egg, a two colored egg, and a shiny white one. They were all cracked. I wonder when they'll hatch... There was no other creature here though. That was odd (how did I get here then?), but I didn't think too much of it. Then I heard cracks. I turned to see the red egg shaking. It moved back and forth again and again, then finally, a small red dragon jumped out of it, causing the top of its egg to crash into the ceiling. I took a small step back, and gave it some space. I really didn't want to get hit by it... The small dragon stared at me, then sat near a wall. Suddenly, puffs of smoke came from its nose! I watched, awestruck, then cautiously approached the smoke breathing dragon. As cautious as I was, I still fell countless times on the 20 meter walk across the cave. "Wow! You can breathe fire!," I said. "Not quite," the dragon sighed. "When will you be able to? I want to see!," I inquired. "I'm not sure. What about you?" "Huh? I can't breathe fire." "Maybe not. Well, how can you fall so many times and not be injured?" "I don't know. Maybe it's just a special ability?" The red dragon started to say something, but then we heard a sound. Another crack. The twin colored egg cracked and shook, and a two headed dragon fell out of it! Two heads... One was a light blue, and the other, a dark blue. They looked at each other, then the light blue one smiled, while the dark blue one panicked. Of course, the light blue was confused as to why its second head was panicking. I was enthralled by the new arrivals! Already, two dragon cavemates! That's awesome! Now, when will the last egg hatch? The red dragon decided to go back to trying to breathe fire, so I decided to talk to the other dragon. Dragons? Hm. It's one body, but two heads... I guess, just dragon? (Of course, I tripped and fell three or four times getting over there.) "Cool, a two headed dragon!," I said, trying to cheer the panicked head up. "Cool?! No it isn't. It's completely amazing! I think it's awesome," the light blue head chimed. "Amazing? Awesome?! Look at the other two dragons! They only have one head!," the dark blue head cried. "Well, with two heads, you'll never be lonely!," I offered up. The darker head looked like it was pondering that. "I guess...That's nice..." It looked at its second, smiling head, and immediately looked like it was having second thoughts. Another cracking noise. The shiny egg shook and a bright light shone from inside the egg as the dragon tumbled out. The dragon was a clear yellow, almost as bright as the weather outside. It smiled, and walked to the red dragon, still trying to breathe fire. I didn't notice at first, but their were four dead eggs at the back of the cave. It looks like whoever brought us here didn't save our predescesors. I sighed. The new eggs were all hatched, and now all that was left was to wait for the person who brought us here to come. Maybe then I'll get a name... Sincerely, Unnamed White Dragon Hm. Looks like I missed a lot while I was gone o-o;;...