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  1. Natayah, this thread is a wonderful idea! Reading everyone's stories and philosophies about gifting has just put a gigantic smile on my face because you are all so kind and generous. I'm MissVampire13. I've been playing DC since Christmas 2008 and have been on the receiving end of many, many generous gifts. My first tinsel came from a gifting thread made specifically for tinsels (although I can't recall what it was called), back during the first year they appeared when they were still awfully hard to obtain. I remember I was so thrilled! One gift I've received that I will probably remember forever is my first (and still only) CB gold. Qualeo surprised me with it after a random encounter in the IRC chat, and that dragon is one of my treasures, not just because she's a CB gold but because she reminds me of how wonderful people in this community are--willing to glomp-gift total strangers with rare and beautiful eggs. I don't spend as much time on the forums as I used to, mostly because I'm in college now and have to put my schoolwork first, but many times I will browse the trade threads and end up breeding my dragons to see if I can fulfill other people's trade wishes, even if I'm not actually interested in what they're offering in exchange. I enjoy PMing someone and offering an egg they've stated they're looking for when they're not expecting it. When I offer a gift, I usually only ask people not to bite or freeze it if the lineage is something really special that I believe should be bred to share the joy with other players. (Pretty-lineaged hollies come to mind.) I myself try to only freeze messy-lineaged or inbred hatchies (except with super-common breeds), and when I receive a gift, I make sure to honor the gifter's wishes if they have any preference about freezing. I feel it's the polite thing to do, since they just offered me a dragon for free. My favorite gifting threads? I really like the Community Departure Board, especially during holiday breeding, because I feel like I can be assured that if I post an egg there, it will find a good home, whether it's a higher-gen holiday or a checker that came out the opposite breed of what I needed for my lineage project. And although there's no requirement in that thread for recipients to post that they got an egg and I don't think they are obligated to say anything either, it always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when someone who's gotten one of my eggs posts in the thread to say thanks or sends me a PM to let me know they picked it up.
  2. Hey, has anyone seen these dropping in biomes other than desert and volcano? I've only seen them in those two so far. Update: just saw (and missed) one in the alpine.
  3. Heh. Luckily I heard about this release only one hour after it started. Got 2 of the orange ones and will be hunting for the blues for the next few 5-minute drops.
  4. My four that've gendered so far are 2 of each, but I influenced mine... What are everyone else's doing gender-wise?
  5. Well, the Halloween wall may have disappeared for now, but I did find some other low-time lovelies in the AP. Can't wait to see what TJ's adults look like! The hatchies kind of remind me of a cross between a rat and a wolf... Werewolves, maybe?
  6. Personally, I think the update to the hollies is wonderful--keeping the spirit of the sprite while making the anatomy more natural-looking and the shading cleaner. I also love the new male horse sprite; he looks so fierce! I was never really much into collecting nilias, so I don't have much of an opinion on that one. I think if the silver sprite updates are in the same vein as the holly update--nothing too drastic, but just tweaks--then I will be a very happy camper.
  7. I decided to give all my CBs the surname "Soulfire," a nod to Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books and the inner fire that the sprites display during the night. Seemed fitting to me.
  8. *jaw drops* These are even more beautiful than I hoped they would be. I'm so glad I managed to stuff my scroll to overflowing with these beauties!! Can't wait for my little guys and gals to grow up. <3 Fabulous work!!
  9. There's still a good number of new eggs mixed in with the regulars, so it hasn't died down completely.
  10. Oh my. These Xenowyrms are totally epic. I love the combination of their serpentine shape with the jagged scales, and I love the brilliant colors, and I love the hatchie descriptions, and now I want to hoard ALL THE XENOWYRMS.
  11. Man... I'm glad I at least got one of each type yesterday, 'cause I saw a total of like, 3, in the past 2 hours. Missed them all, of course. Here's hoping they will turn out to be common enough to catch after the release hype is over.
  12. Welp, looks like the event just ended, because I got this message: "After days of meticulously arranging shinies, meats, and other draws; after countless rejections by dissatisfied females, Sir Angelus Bloodfang has attracted an admirer: a falconiform wyvern! You leave the happy couple alone to enjoy each other’s company." I'm pretty happy, considering I only started really decorating tonight... Also, has anybody else noticed that the adult heartstealer sprites are totally shaped like hearts? So cute!
  13. I would love to have a CB shimmer. I think they are simply stunning and would love being able to gift the offspring. (Though I would probably have to start hiding my scroll name to prevent harassment... >_> ) For the custom code I would ask for my RL first name, since that is five letters. If I got an honorable mention, I would probably ask for a CB holly for purposes of spreading more better holly lineages at Christmastime and helping breed hard-to-find mates for existing 2nd-gen hollies. (I did manage to find some pretty nice ones in the AP this year, which I was very happy about.) Or maybe a CB alt black. I love alt blacks.
  14. My favorites so far: (in response to me sending one that said "A wizard is never late, nor is he early.") (on a copper-colored box) (on a pine forest box with the squiggly green bow on top) (on a black box with a green bow) (It's a palindrome, to which I replied "A nut for a jar of tuna.")
  15. Awww, the mistletoe adults look so cuddly! They are beautiful. Thank you to everyone whose hard work made this awesome holiday event possible! I have loved sending and receiving presents and notes, and this year's new holiday dragon is wonderful.
  16. Woot! Whoa, first page! Aaaand caught my 2. Goodnight all, and merry Christmas!
  17. I would love to see movies made of Brandon Mull's Fablehaven series, provided important plot elements stayed true to the books. (This is a big sticking point for me with book-to-movie adaptations. Screwed-up plot elements are why I was so unhappy with the Eragon and Percy Jackson movies.) Also Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn or Stormlight Archive series, although he packs so much plot into those books it would probably be really difficult to make a movie adaptation that wasn't forced to leave stuff out. I thought the City of Bones movie was all right and that they didn't screw it up as badly in terms of its plot as the Eragon and Percy Jackson movies. I liked how they hinted at Simon's turning into a vampire and the fact that Jace and Clary are not actually related, which we find out in City of Ashes. I was hoping the moviemakers would go for a City of Ashes movie, but that fell through and now they're talking about a Mortal Instruments TV series, which I suppose is the next best thing.
  18. I actually got to meet Tui Sutherland when she came to my local library on tour for her book in the Spirit Animals series. I hadn't heard of her or her books before that, but I bought a bunch of the Wings of Fire at the signing and have read the first one so far. I really liked it and plan to keep with the series.
  19. Why do you read? Enjoyment, escape, ideas, improving something in yourself, nothing better to do? ~Entirely for enjoyment and escape. Do the non-content things matter to you? Cover, title, blurbs, summary, outside information, formatting, author's outside affiliations/statements (ex, the author is a homophobe or a rabid [insert political group] or likes trashing other people.. do you care)? ~Cover and title can have an influence on whether I pick up a book in the first place. If the title is exceptionally uncreative or sounds silly when you say it out loud, that often turns me off of wanting to read it. Blurbs are also important in helping me decide if I want to read something. If the plot doesn't sound interesting in the blurb, oftentimes I will not bother. Do you judge books as a whole, or can one very great aspect (ex, characterization, style, plot, ending, idea) outweigh s[...] in all the other areas? ~I would say the opposite is true for me--if I read a book and it's good with many things but has an ending I hate, I will likely hate the book forever because the ending is kind of the most important part of the book. Do you like/hate certain kinds of characters, personalities, plots, adventures, writing styles, or settings? (Elaborate, please? @_@) ~I really love when a villain turns into a hero (for real, not in order to betray the actual heroes). I like my protagonists to be actual decent people who I can root for without a guilty conscience. In high fantasy, I like the kind of world-building where you get to discover the fantasy world along with one of the characters--where the author shows you by what happens what the world is like, rather than telling you boring-lecture style. How quickly within a book do you make a decision? Can you dislike a novel that you have never read, but have seen synopses/reviews of? ~There are some things that will prompt me to put down a book and never look at it again, like if the author makes frequent crude (particularly sexual) jokes or describes the act of sex in detail. I generally read reviews on GoodReads or Amazon of books I'm thinking about reading, and I have been known to dislike a book on principle if by its plot summary it seems to advocate something I abhor. Is there anything in a review/synopsis that automatically makes you want to try/never want to try a novel? ~Excessive description turns me off. So do excessive grammar errors. Endorsements from or comparisons to my favorite authors make me see a book more positively Do you have a favorite fiction genre? If so, why is it your favorite? Do you read widely outside it? ~Easily my favorite genre is fantasy (both high fantasy and urban fantasy). Other than that, I also read dystopia and scifi but in smaller quantities. Do you recommend any book you love to anyone, or do you try to recommend books you think the other person is more suited to? ~I recommend different books to different people depending on what I think they will like. Some of my favorite books I will not recommend to my mom because she is not as into vampires as I am or because they are very violent or dark and she prefers happier books.
  20. Finished reading Dresden Files #7 yesterday and loved it. Laughed my butt off when Harry reanimated the T-Rex and rode her around Chicago stomping zombies. Now I'm reading the 4th book in a middle-grade fantasy series called Janitors. Pretty funny. It involves magicked janitorial supplies and monsters whose breath makes it harder for kids to learn.
  21. You're not the only one. I read all six TMI and all three TID and enjoyed them immensely. My heart just about broke for Simon toward the end of CoHF after that thing with Magnus's father but before we find out that Simon's memory isn't completely gone, because Simon is, I think, my favorite character from this series. He's a geek like me, and totally socially awkward, and I find that endearing. One thing I like about the series is how Clary and Jace's relationship evolved over time. Like at first Jace was super protective and didn't want to let Clary go into battle or do anything dangerous that Shadowhunters have to do, but by CoHF they both respected each other as equals and capable people and went into battle side by side. And of course, I love Magnus Bane. Haven't read The Bane Chronicles yet, but I plan to after Christmas.
  22. Dunno if you guys have heard about it yet, but a third PJ/Kane crossover has been announced in which Sadie, Carter, Percy, and Annabeth will ALL meet and battle a villain called Setne. It'll be released May 12th 2015 according to GoodReads. All this awesome makes me wonder if a three-way crossover between Percy, the Kanes, and Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard might happen at some point.
  23. I personally love the sunsong and ice combinations. The colors complement each other so beautifully.
  24. One of my desipises has an awesome code: p1Oop
  25. Glad to know somebody had the same idea I did about magmas and graves! I think they look absolutely GORGEOUS together. When I get un-scroll-locked, you can bet I'll be breeding checkerboards from this girl and this guy and some of my 2nd-gen magmas.