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  1. I love all sorts of crafting and made my sister a crochet blanket for her wedding present last summer
  2. The trouble with research into schedule 1 (on the misuse of drugs act) drugs which are by and large the illegal drugs with no medicinal use is you need a special license to manufacture, hold, use, prescribe,store these drugs and companies just don't get to it. This man, Prof. David Nutt has done a lot of research into illegal drugs and their affects. I heard him speak last week and it is fascinating. Yes some of these drugs do a lot less harm than alcohol but it is also true that they all need (IMO) some form of regulation. I dearly wish alcohol and tobacco could be more strongly regulated.
  3. hmm not sure about this. Now I know any helmet should be replaced after a serious accident but for the price these are I think it is too expensive Implies this is definitely a once only product. I would rather have to brush my hair at my destination and know my brains are protected than cycle around without a helmet on that I know will do its job
  4. Im a second flautist (flute) in a concert band we haven't started rehersals yet for this academic year but we do 3 concerts a year winter, spring and summer
  5. In all honest 1.88m tall isnt a brilliant thing. I have been this height since I was 14 (and Im 24 now) my younger sister is 1.90 m and had her growth spurt at 16. I think it depends if you have had your growth spurt or not whether you will grow any taller. being 6'1 means that you cannot buy trousers, full length shirts, jumper, cardies or long skirts/dresses in normal high street stores. you have to use specialised ranges or stores and will be charged extra for the privileged. There are also more health problems associated with height. Try and be happy with the height you are if you want to look taller wear heeled shoes and hang out with short friends
  6. Love you Kestra & miss you even though its only been 1 day
  7. I'm a UK 14 and have recently (last 12 months gone from a UK 12) and have been a 12 since I was around 11 years old (I was already 6 foot back then). I am happy with my size I am with in the "ideal" limits of my height and can still look sexy if I so choose to. In all honesty I find the tiny skinny models unattractive and have a temption to feed them cake
  8. hello I can only nswer Q1 http://americanbookreview.org/OneHundredLines.asp Little women is 3rd one down xx
  9. Sadly some doctors don't always listen they hear the words we say bu never actually listen to them. and oten lay people and doctors don'talways realise that the medication is the case of the problem. I think being a knowlegeable patient is a good think it enables you to be your own advote and we sometimes all need that, but there is a culture in the UK at least of the "worried well" and "Tuesday dail mail syndrome". Every Tuesday one of the tabloids has its pull out health section with 'brilliant' artices on how your contraceptive doubles your cancer risk and your daily aspirin will kill you. Thi sot of hlp is no good and usually prompts a flood of people into the pharmacywho now want to stop their medication. Being informed is good but doctors are now jaded to the people who dignose themselves online as having TB when all they have is a a bad chesty cough thats lasted two days. it comes with its own problems. Only last week did I come across a patient with a serious allergy who could take "the odd dose of ibuprofen" but the docs had written her up for one of its siblings diclofenac on her chart. Mistakes happen and pharmacists are there to catch some, but some don't get caught until the patient spots them. ETA Cannabis and schizophrenia http://bjp.rcpsych.org/content/199/5/386.f...29-2adceb7b224e here is one quite interesting paper. there are several more bout 15 from the last two years but I don't have access to all the journals while not a work so I can't post them. Search in scientific databases such as medline, web of knowledge and cochrane to fnd more papers
  10. The UK has pretty good addiction treatment program, there are now schemes to supply users with clean needles and certain supplies to try and avoid infection and death rates, plus we have a very good replacement scheme and with methadone some patients can be weaned others can be maintained on it for years if they need to be. Patients have held down good jobs got married etc while being free from illegal drugs. While there is a risk with every medication or substance we put in our bodies there is nothing that can be classed as 100% benign however, we can try and minimise the harm or the benefits out weigh the risks. Apologies for the confusion with the addiction thing I forget that terms differ in common usage to the definitions learnt during lectures. I meant in addiction as in Physical craving for the substance, developing a tolerance for the substance and needing more and then having withdrawal symptoms on stopping the substance. as for paracetamol, along with aspirin if these drugs were "invented" today they would not pass the ssafety checks, paracetamol has an overdose level that is too close to the normal dosage level. A yound woman recently died by taking "a couple extra paracetamol" http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/16198157 over the maximum dose. We use them because they are old enough that we know how they will react. This sort of experience is why when a new cancer drug or new alzhiemer's treatment comes out the UK system doesn't always allow a patient to have the treatment because we don't always know if the new shiny drug will work as well as the older worn in drugs but at least we know the side effects. As for who to talk to there are a number of reputed sites around the internet which can be used as a reference source but most of it has to be taken with a pinch of salt especially as every patient is very different just because person A has x effect it does not mean that person B will have the same effect. After that you doctor or pharmacist is the best person to ask especially for those in America who have to pay for doctors visits.
  11. The thing is there really is no "safe" drug legal or otherwise and I definitely think abolishing the illegal drugs act would be a really bad idea. For example weed is really strongly linked to schizophrenia and mental health difficulties, people claim that it is a safe drug with no side effects but studies have shown that recreational Cannabis use can lead to lung cancers etc even if the person never smoked tobacco and only smoked weed for a year or so at the weekend. The class A and B drugs should stay precisely as they are for example diamorphine (heroin) kills patients legally using it in palliative care and in serious pain conditions, to allow free access to this to everyone could easily result in higher death rates. Especially as it is only absorbed by injection that brings a whole new set of risks with it. As an aside Philpot it isn't possible to be addicted to ibuprofen
  12. Your best bet may be to just wear a sports bra (one of the very high impact ones for runners) as these tend to flatten chests a bit anyway and stop a lot of the movement. It would be the best option IMO and there is minimal chance for injury from something designed to support the breasts
  13. Just as an aside the flyer idea will probably not work well as it is posting your address randomly around town and in all honesty folk probably wont give you money. The best way wif you needed to raise money is to have a barn sale or cake bake or similar. With regards to vet meds a lot of human medication can be prescribed to animals, different animals can tolerate different human meds, just because your horse can tolerate medixation X does not mean your cat can. In the UK you can fill prescriptions for animal prescriptions at the human pharmacy so it is obviously a safe thing to do (with proper reasearch)
  14. It is worth giving all pets regular flea treatment as a preventative measure. As long as you follow the packaging and it says it can be used on dogs of that age I'd reccomend treating all your dogs not least because fleas can get into bedding etc and will bite you.
  15. Nobody puts Baby in the corner
  16. Genetically consanguineous parents can cause many genetic problems Let us assume two perfectly healthy siblings or first cousins decide to marry and have a child. However there is a very rare genetic defect that the famil are carriers of that due to being recessive doesn't show up in the last few generations. however every child those parents have, get a 1 in 4 chance of having the disorder and a 2/4 chance of being a carrier. see the patten below with x, y being the recessive bad gene and Y, X being the dominant good gene parent 1 xX parent 2 yY child: xy xY yX YX This is significantly more unlikely in parents who are genetically different parent a xX parent b YY child xY XY the child will now only carry the disease and not suffer from it. What if the gene for the disease is dominant and it only shows up in later life, therefore with parent 1 and 2 each child has a 3/4 chance of getting the defect gene and the disease whereas parents a and b are much less likely to pass the gene to a child. the thing is even first cousins will have similar enough genetics from one side of the family that there is an increased risk of abnormality
  17. I am 100% against the death penelty There is no point in the state saying do not murder and then engaging in murder itself, vigilante killings and crimes are illeagle in most places for a reason. i don't think we should go "oh you killed someone, well have a nice life" but revenge killing is never a good plan. I personnally belive that prisons should go back to the basics required for human rights, like this picture and that prisoners should do work or study during their sentences. The death penelty isn't a detterent, but some prisoners can be rehabilited and can repeant and lead a normal life after that. Those that aren't safe to be released r have commited truely horrendous crimes should remain incarcerated for life.
  18. As far as i understand it a brinicle is an icicle made of brine (salt water) when the sea starts to freeze only the pure water freezers, super concentrating the remaining sea water. just like air warmer water rises to the top and the cold saltier water sinks (this is what helps to drive ocean currents such as El Nino) if this sinking water is cold enough to freeze you get the ice of death approach where it freezes, just as icicles and waterfalls etc freeze on land. ETA is when you watch the video you notice the water that isn't see through that is the super concentrated stuff and just like on the desk at school, the more impurities and salt in water the lower the temperature needs to be to freeze (conversly this is why salt water boils quicker). the brine itself cannot freeze but the normal sea water around it can freeze and so the brinicle forms along the path of the current
  19. your guinea pig sounds pretty poorly and i am no expert on them so I can't offer you a solution. i would suggest that although you can hope it makes a full recovery prepare yourself that it may not.
  20. I am completly and 100% against animal testing for cosmetic and household uses, however I 100% support medical testing in animals. They are kept in huamne conditions one group of people play with them, feed them, brush them and walk them. One group give them the experimental drug and do the testing side of it. The cages are of a proper size for the animals and are clean/well maintained and there is a legal duty to give the animals good care and attention. The minimum testing is done and special permits have to be applied for you have to prove that it is necessary to use animal testing in your medical research and the steps you have taken to minimse the amount of testing needed. The animals are treated with kindness and once testing is finished they are not left alive to suffer any ill effects. With medication animal testing is unavoidable becuase while a drug may work perfectly in a petri dish, when put in the blood it may cause teratogenic effects or horrendous side effects. This is a whole body effect and can not be picked up unless it is in a body system, and at the end of the day no one is going to allow an untested medicine to be used on their mum/son/husband is we don't even know if it will kill them but not help their condition. Testing on deathrow type inmates is not an option because they tend not to be "clean" systems, they may have illnesses, drug abuse, other medications so we could not be 100% sure if they were giving a true reflection of the drugs abilities or not. Also the amount of horrendous deaths there would be would not be justifiable. We have used animals like mice, certain types of dogs and monkeys enough in the past that we know how they react in certain situations and how they compare to human systems. this is sadly the best way to do medical research
  21. I think it depends the smaller ones that don't deform the ear lobe too much aren't too bad in my opinion, however I personnally don't like the bigger ones and i think these are more likely to be stared at.
  22. I don't think I'd need to say anything in particular, I have a well paid job in an honest profession which will never see me out of work or on the dole *touch wood*, I have a beautiful loving boyfriend and am happy. Thats all I need to know really, I don't hate them for what they did so I would just try and show them that actually i did good and they ended up helping me get there.