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  1. Yeah, having a bigger inbox would be really nice! >.< It fills up so fast!
  2. What's wrong with her? The name isn't all that bad...
  3. D= That's awful! Maybe you could release one and replace it with another more cooperative mate? Because I would KILL for the offspring of that pair.
  4. I have a frozen whiptail whose parents are named "Nicki Wolfblood" (mother) and "Duke Wolfblood" (father). I couldn't think of a name, so I looked to its parents' named for inspiration, which is why its name is "Drinks Wolfblood".
  5. In the anti-freezing thread one person said that they viewed freezing as taxidermy, so I responded by saying that when you freeze a hatchling it doesn't say "You kill and stuff your hatchling and step back to admire your handiwork." It says "You cast a spell on the hatchling that stops any aging." And Flame Rising responded to "You kill and stuff your hatchling etc. by saying So, in honor of the hilarious mental image, I now have a frozen geode hatchling with the name "Hat Rack". I'm very tempted to give it a description even though I've never bothered to describe any of my dragons before. And on a completely different topic, I saw a stone with parents that had absolutely hilarious names. I would kill for one of their eggs. Mother: "I CAN HAZ GEODE" Father: "DON'T RUSH ME WOMAN" I'd also kill for an egg from "Tonight We Dine In Hell" and "Tomorrow I'm Thinking Arby's". It's just so perfect!
  6. I would LOVE it if one of my grandchildren ended up on the Dexter scroll!!!! I ADORE Dexter, it's one of the best shows EVER!!!! And it would be a wonderful alternative to unnamed, or even worse(I just found out about this a few minutes ago) enafter being LiT getting KILLED when its owner's scroll is burned. T_T It makes me never want to trade again for fear of it happening again. That kind of thing really puts names you don't like in perspective. And I think I would actually kind of like to have one end up on the death scroll, it's amusing, and in my opinion it's much better than BilLy Joe 14, Sea Sponge, The Lagmonster Ate My Future, or pork chop sandwiches(all names of my dragons' offspring). Although I guess I'm really not one to talk when it comes to giving dragons horrible names. My most recent badly named dragon is a bred gold(normally I would be more careful when it comes to naming rares, but since her parents belong to me, I figure it's okay to scar her for life). I she'd been unnamed for a few days, and in a split second decision without thinking I named her "Golder But No Wiser". ^^; I'm sorry in advance to whoever gets he eggs once she breeds. Edit: Because I just realized it said "Golder But No Wise" instead of "Golder But No Wiser". ^^; You can't begin to imagine how relieved I am that it's a spelling error in this post, and not the dragon's name itself.
  7. 0_o I need to brush up on my French, unless that really means what I think it says. Is the sheep thing an inside joke, or am I just about to fail my French final? And a little more on topic, I just named a green stripe Grizabella The Glamour Dragon, because I have a Cats naming theme for my stripes. ^^; I really was trying to keep it serious, but Grizabella The Glamour Cat would have looked strange... so I ended up making it silly. ^^; And I almost forgot! I recently named a split Sometimes They Grow Up Too Fast, because he decided to mature before I got the chance to give him to his intended owner.
  8. I went on a naming spree today because even though I couldn't really think of any good names I could not stand the thought of seeing Unnamed all over my scroll for one more minute. I ended up giving names like "I'm sick of seeing unnamed", "Not a Water Balloon" and "Emergency Floatation Device"(the last two are obviously balloons). I even named one after its code cFWD "See Forward". I feel a little ashamed, but at the same time, I'm relieved to be rid of the long list of unnamed dragons I had before.