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  1. It's a cream filled chocolate chopped in half.
  2. D8 Devy, you forgot the pimpslap! You must have the all important pimpslap (or punch on the nose) to establish authority!
  3. It's a penny with a DC egg on it.
  5. D8 First of all, it's the cave, not the CB. CB stands for caveborn. Second, you can find them on just about any page on DC. You can see your treats you've already collected on http://dragcave.net/trickortreat
  6. For the record, yes, there are more than 91 now. There were some people that were accidentally left out before that have since been added.
  7. It's about 1 every 10-15 minutes. The amount of time varies.
  8. Wrong. Only one person has a flying blue bucket. However, she did make a purple bucket for someone else.
  9. If you don't care about spoilers, just look at~Link Removed~
  10. No, it's fully carved. It bears the image of the beast. Uhhhh... I mean... what pumpkin?
  11. "Friend"... well, if that's what you want to call it... ;D
  12. That's not a worm, it's a broom. D8 Like the kind you play Quidditch on! EDIT: C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER
  13. ^^; It's not a mask actually. It's meant to be a sugar skull, like those seen on the Day of the Dead. Like these, only a dragon.
  14. That's what I would think too. I dunno. I didn't invent them. See?
  15. It's a luminary, aka a paper bag lantern.
  16. That too. But also because she made them.
  17. =_= Guys. Bernouli is not technically staff. But look at her scroll. You might notice she has a special custom pumpkin. This is because she made them. She's telling the truth. End of story.
  18. People, do you know why Bern has a speshul poompkin bukkit while you just have normal ones? Yes, that's right. It's because she's more speshul than you. But it's also because she made them. You should all thank her for your lovely poompkin bukkits and spam her inbox with requests for custom poompkin bukkits. |D
  19. Yes, you can, you're just far less likely to get an egg.
  20. Thanks for the update, and nice member title, TJ. *feeds the thread spam and sometimes a potato*
  21. If I were you I'd seriously consider investing in at least one more shallow. Or you could just keep doing what you're doing now for about 70 more days.
  22. It would be REALLY nice if we could choose to turn those off. They can be a big inconvenience at times, and if you're confident that no one will go into your account and do anything to your dragons, you could save a lot of time and hassle turning password protection off.