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  1. I don't know if Bec added it to the credits yet, but it's not new, it was the 92nd treat, made by Shan.
  2. I got everything! >8D Ahahahahaha! Including a gendered frozen zombie hatchie, so now I have the full set.
  3. I just know there's a hidden meaning in that sentence. D8< Also, bawwww. ;A; Just over an hour and a half left of Halloween. It felt so short this year.
  4. Thanks! Oh wow, it looks rather like a baby bird, which isn't surprising considering how carrion bird-like the s2 hatchies look. EDIT: I have no idea what's wrong with the pretzels, you'd have to ask TJ.
  5. I was too busy hunting to see the streaking hatchies. D8 I guess I'll have to wait for mine to hatch to see the S1s.
  6. The chat is there right now. Some people are just having issues connecting to the IRC. I'd suggest trying to connect from a different server than you usually do, but a couple of people have tried that and have told me it hasn't worked. I think the only thing you can do at the moment is wait and try again periodically.
  7. I can't either. By the way, nice costume. ;D
  8. I can't wait to see what these dragons look like as adults, I really like how they look as hatchlings. Also, yay, my forum Halloween costume is done. 8D Can anyone guess what I'm dressed up as?
  9. X_X woooo. Done catching for people for the moment. Now I'm going to wipe the dry erase marker off my screen and eat my dinner.
  10. I'm pretty sure it's just today. That's how it's always been before for both Halloween and v-day. Only Christmas gets a multi day release.
  11. I'm so grateful for the six egg drops. x_x I spent hours trying to get eggs for my sister with no success, but I was able to get four of them for her in 20 minutes with the six egg drops.
  12. Somehow, even though I promised I wouldn't this time, I got talked into trick or treating for my sister. D| So even though I only have 8 left, I have OVER NINE THOUSAND left for my sister.
  13. *steals* I still haven't gotten that one yet, and I made it. It will probably be my 92nd one.
  14. Oh, really? You're the one being rude. Anyway, like I said, I wasn't talking to you. I was on topic because I was answering a question. Take your own advice and stop being off topic, and while you're at it, leave me alone, like I said, I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to Reb. This is none of your business. Bug off.
  15. =_= Was I quoting you? No. I wasn't talking to you at all. You have no idea what I'm referring to.
  16. No. TJ's sig is not based off of your dino. And neither is this. Unlike some people in this conversation, Marri doesn't need to stoop so low as to steal ideas and art from other people.
  17. Every time someone calls trick or treating "ToT" I get confused for a moment because I see ToT as a crying smiley with an open mouth.
  18. Pfft. Ads are for losers. D8< LRN2ADBLOCK.
  19. Celery has negative calories if you eat it raw without anything on it. Anything else, or are we done saying random statements that have nothing to do with the current topic?
  20. I don't think so. I think I would have noticed if I had gotten one of those.
  21. IT'S SO INTENSE! *shot* But seriously, it's artist credits.
  22. I believe they're talking about real eggs, as in sweetlings and pumpkin dragons.
  23. I swear I'm not lying, people. Dis said that's what it was herself.